Q724 Transcript

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(Note: This tape was transcribed by Jennifer Gibbons. The editors gratefully acknowledge her invaluable assistance.)

Tape recorder movement for several moments.

Jonestown Man: Hello?

Ambient noise

Tape recorder movement.

Guyanese official: What’s going on? Morning. How you doing today?

Jonestown Man: Fine, fine. Listen. I went up as you instructed me to–

Guyanese official: Yeah. Doc Holt (unintelligible word.)

Jonestown Man: And Doc Holt said that there was nothing he could do, because he only registered from this side, and for (unintelligible under microphone movement) take this death certificate and give it to Norman Adams. And Norman is in uh–

Official: Georgetown.

Jonestown Man: Georgetown. He said just register the death with Norman Adams, ‘cause he’s the registrar on that side. So what we’ll do, I have the– I still have the copy that you signed.

Official: Um-hmm [Yes].

Jonestown Man: So I’ll just– You could keep this copy, and I’ll take this other one to Nor– when Norman gets in, we’ll just (Pause) (unintelligible word). All we’re doing is what–

Official: For uh– mail it to him?

Jonestown Man: Yeah, I just now talked to him. (Pause) So we’ll just go ahead and– and– and bury her, and then when Norman comes, we’ll just (voice trails off). And he said there was nothing he could do. And I also talked to the nurses there also.

(Long pause)

(Tape recorder movement.)

Official: Um. Don’t forget it. (unintelligible sentence)

Jonestown Man: Hmm?

Official: (unintelligible, sounds like “I learned a lot of [unintelligible word.]”)

Phone dialed.

Official: Hmm. That phone is out of their range.

Man 3: Can’t hear you. Should we try again.

Jonestown Man: Yeah, uh– and the one thing (unintelligible sentence)

Official: I’d like to avoid (unintelligible word.) Somebody must be doing it first.

Man 1: And um– Herbie.

Official: Or (unintelligible name)

Jonestown Man: Herbie Thomas.

Official: Yeah. Well, let’s all go through that.

Jonestown Man: Okay.

Official: And uh– (Pause)

Phone dialed.

Jonestown Man: I talked to the minister already too. I– I saw him, I was going up to the uh–

Official: When’s the date– when– when (unintelligible) died?

Jonestown Man: She died on the ninth. That was– That was yesterday, that was Friday. Friday morning.


Official: The eighth was– (unintelligible word) the day she died?

Jonestown Man: Well, it was between the eighth and the ninth. She went to bed on the– on the eighth, and she didn’t wake up on the ninth. (Pause) (unintelligible word) the ninth.

(Microphone moved)

Official: (unintelligible) Over. (Pause) (repeats, unintelligible) Over. (Pause) (repeats, unintelligible) Over. (Pause)

Phone line: (unintelligible)

Official: (repeats more forcefully, unintelligible) Over. (Pause)

Phone line: (unintelligible)

Official: Okay– Well, okay, over. I’m hearing you (unintelligible word), over.

Phone line: (unintelligible)

Official: (unintelligible) Thank you. Uh, would you ask uh– Could you get in person with– with me at the station by telephone. Will you call my telephone (unintelligible) over. (unintelligible) Over.


Official: (unintelligible)

Jonestown Man: Okay. I appreciate everything and–

Official: Okay.

Jonestown Man: Like– like I told– explained to you last night, we’ll bury her away from uh– ordinary (unintelligible word) burial spot.

Official: (unintelligible sentence)

Jonestown Man: Yeah. And I appreciate everything that you’ve done. Thank you very much.

Official: Oh, yes.

Jonestown Man: All right.

Official: Bye-bye.

Jonestown Man: I’ll tell (unintelligible name) you said hi.

Official: Oh yes, and um– did he not issue– uh, did he (unintelligible word) um, give you the regular form for legal deaths (unintelligible word.)

Jonestown Man: No. No, he said I had to get that from uh–

Official: Oh, Adams.

Jonestown Man: From Adams. So I guess everything’ll be all right. Thank you very much.

Official: Now uh– are you– the doctor here is (unintelligible)

Jonestown Man: He’s going in Monday, uh, and he talked to uh, Dr. Birk, or uh, uh– Byrd, Dr. Byrd. So he’ll be going into Georgetown Monday to finish his (unintelligible)

Official: Monday.

Jonestown Man: Yeah.

Official: Okay. (unintelligible) see what that is.

Jonestown Man: Okay. I appreciate your help, ‘cause I don’t think we woulda got this thing expediated if you hadna helped (unintelligible). It’s just a terrible thing. Thank you.

Official: Yes. (unintelligible) You have any– Oh yes, the doctor, the doctor (unintelligible).

Jonestown Man: All right.

Official: Okay, good.

Tape recorder movement for several moments.

End of tape.

Tape originally posted June 2010