Q749 Transcript

Transcript prepared by Fielding M. McGehee III. If you use this material, please credit The Jonestown Institute. Thank you.

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Jones: –he’s in this country, attempting to intrude into the adjacent countries. That was uh, even supported yesterday by the visit of the United States deputy ambassador that there is no truth to that. Heard reliably however uh– Heard reliably from border patrol people that there was a group of guerillas on uh, the border of this country attempting to do some kind of harassment or harm. The– It is important– It is important to keep uh, the support to this type of Fabian democratic cooperative government. Uh, it’s important to– that they know, and that people that we know uh– let themselves be known, let themselves be heard, that if there is this alleged internal or external subversion done by such agencies as the CIA, if it is true – we do not know, but that is the common apprehension here, and it’s in the press so much – let it be stopped. This government is following a course of non-alignment, democratic cooperative stance, and uh, su– support of free enterprise is permitted. Indeed, they’re nationalizing. That’s the wave of the future. Of course, they’re doing that. But if there is this continued uh, apprehension, you’re only going to force people by necessity to al– with alignment to those who are more radically inspired and to the left, who– who would uh, be in more– in contact with those uh, forces of to– to– totalitarian nature. Uh, please, let our friends there make it known, and to the la– uh, the large denomination that there should be comment made, that uh, this– this country– I read, and I contact many, and there is absolutely no truth. They are non-aligned. They are treat– Americans here – United States citizens – beautifully. They believe in a cooperative form of democratic government. They are nonaligned, and no way, in any way, do they have troops, Vietnamese – stupid, ridiculous charges – or Cuban uh, based here to uh, subvert other nations surrounding them. It’s absolutely false and they’re only by this– if there is indeed any attempt of any agency in the United States or otherwise to uh, attempt to subvert them internally or externally, you’re only going to succeed in driving the forces – whoever those people that might be (stumbles over words) attempting to subvert, you’re going to drive the– the government by necessity with deeper alliances with those who are of a more radical nature out of fear for their very survival. Do you read me? Over.

Woman 1 on radio: Yes, uh, (unintelligible) WB6-JHA calling WB6-MID (unintelligible), uh, clear this afternoon, channel life to bring back, if possible, listening in for research and also some sample of cassava root. This is important from (unintelligible). Do you read me?

(low conversation at Jonestown end, unintelligible)

Male: Well, ask.

Jones: Did you get–

Woman 1 on radio: Bring back if possible, cutlass beans for research and also sample of cassava, uh, root. Over.

Jones: We were– we were permitted– we were permitted, uh, af– affirmative, we were permitted by culot– Customs to do so last time, over.

Woman 1 on radio: That will be done, then, that’s uh, one important message. You got the message about the uh, newspaper article and uh, (Pause) uh, Teri [Buford] wants to give– get information from you uh, but I think some of it could be done by the other method, so– but I’ll get off in case uh, she wants to. Over. I’ll be listening and I’ll be copying, but I will– I’ll be standing by. Over.

Jones: Over. Uh, it is– it is very important that we know the radio station person who has the name of the– the director of that large radio station that wants interview. Over.

Woman 2 on radio: This is WB6-IU. I copy. We’ll go to get information, we’ll have it back in two minutes. Over.

Jones: This is WB6-MID dash 8R3, large agricultural mission connected with the denomination of two million members in United States of America, non-profit, working with the government here to feed and clothe and house hundreds of needy people. In contact with our headquarters stations of WB6-JHA and WB6-IEU. Continue.

Woman 2 on radio: This is WB6-IEU continuing. (unintelligible under conversation at Jonestown end and radio static) congratulation (unintelligible word) on his new appointment. It says he has (unintelligible word) editorial on the (unintelligible word) because of the work he has done (unintelligible) He says (unintelligible) overwhelming fun of any news editorial that she had ever had in the history of KFRC. She said that (unintelligible word), if anyone (unintelligible) was in needs of the people in the community, it was the bishop–

Male: Beautiful.

Woman 2 on radio: –and she would like (unintelligible) planning to do to help the people in the community. Do you copy? Over.

Jones: We do copy. Good news. Keep the name of the person and uh, we– we will make the appro– propriate communications over any other information questions necessary. Over?

Woman 2 on radio: News director of KFRC wants an interview for his speech (unintelligible) until you return to intervene (unintelligible)–

Jones: It will be known uh, only after whether if I see if I speak to the deputy uh, prime minister [Ptolemy Reid] or someone in government about uh, further development of the agricultural mission that we can help the worthy purposes of this democratic govern– (tape edit) still cooperative, they were the last time. We just asked them when we brought in samples of various plantings and they uh, cooperated to the fullest degree. Over.

(tape edit)

Jones: – of the peace of the world, and certainly in the interest of the United States of America and its people. There are reports, rumors going around, that uh, there are supposed to be– (pause) that there are supposed to be Cuban troops and Vietnamese or other Communist troops in this country. That is a ridiculous lie. We have checked this out thoroughly, and that they’re here in uh, training, preparing to intrude into the sovereign adjacent countries. Even the deputy ambassador from United States of America visited our (Pause) agricultural mission yesterday and spoke highly of our program, and he said these rumors were absolutely unfounded. However, there seems to be great deal of reliable information that a group of guerillas were on the border of this country, attempting to do some kind of harm or harassment. This government is a cooperative democracy. Even as Mr. [Randolph] Hearst said in one of his columns throughout his uh, entire newspaper chain, United States of America will have to recognize the need to work with countries that have different philosophies from ours, as long as they’re peaceful. This is a very easy philosophy to work with. It’s a cooperative democracy. Free enterprise is allowed. Certainly, nationalization is taking place here, as in all countries, but there is absolutely no radicalization. The opposition here, their papers, their commentators, their propagandists, are strongly opposed to the government, and this government is following a Fabian democratic stance, and as I say, let us recognize the value of peace and détente in our world. They have good relations with all powers. They are indeed following a Third World course, but they want uh, trade and cooperation with all countries, and it is a common rumor here that there is CIA-inspired activity internally to subvert this government. If this is the case, if there’s any truth in this, then it’ll only succeed in driving the government by necessity closer to those uh, factions that are more radical and oriented to other superpowers out of the necessity of survival. I have spoken with the assistant uh, deputy prime minister. He’s always spoken well of America and how much his son enjoys schooling there, and spoken well of the American people. He’s a very good man, a kindly man, and a friend of all people, and it’s so important to have our denominational head and the denominational head of that very large denomination that’s a good friend of mine that has a million newspaper circulation, to get the news out to– to our friends in our church and their church who are governmental officials and high officials that this must be stopped, if there is intrusion in the sovereignty uh, and independence or this nation or any other nations. We read in the newspapers and the radio that there were 22 million dollars uh, allegedly spent by the CIA for the hiring of mercenaries. It was in Newsweek and Time or one or the other, or both, to subvert a popularly uh– popular government in uh, the African scene. Now this– if this had been channeled in self-help programs, help-helps– self-help service programs in such countries as Guyana and others, it would’ve gone a long way to win people over to constitutional democracy. Vietnam and Cambodia have taught us a terrible lesson that we cannot – and morally should not – attempt to police the entire world. Over. Did you copy?

Male on radio: This is WB6-JHA. We copy.

(tape edit)

Jones: (Low conversation, unintelligible)

Woman 1 on radio: (unintelligible) follow-up phone calls for response (unintelligible) affirmative, affirmative. And uh, attorney [Tim] Stoen, attorney is calling right now with a return call (unintelligible under conversation at Jonestown end). Over.

Radio static

Jones: Follow up on that uh, uh– that jamming. Yes, I understood, uh, this is– (Pause) this is WB6-MID dash 8R3, large agricultural mission, non-profit, with no other means of communication available to us in the heart of the jungle of South America, (pause) in communication with our headquarters station, WB6-IEU and WB6-JHA.

End of tape

Tape originally posted July 2011