Q787 Transcript

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(Note: This tape was transcribed by Freya Kory. The editors gratefully acknowledge her invaluable assistance.)

Jones: (starts mid-sentence) – they got that stuff, junk piled in one– the, the (stumbles over words) the far end of the piggery, you’ve got stuff just piled in there– All, all up– Just looks like somebody throwed junk in that one corner.

Female Voice: Wanda and Eve never been good–

Jones: What’s that? Wanda and Eve never been good housekeepers? Well then– Well, the inspection committee’s gonna have to teach people what good, organized procedure is.

Female Voice: It’s true. It’s true.

Voices in crowd: (too low)

Jones: In the first place, you shoulda told me there was no cattle there, and no hogs there. I wouldna have bothered to taken them, because it looked a much better from a distance than it did present. And if we hadn’t come back here and had good results in the medical field – and they saw all those Guyanese getting help– I’da– I’da– he’da– he wasn’t impressed. He was not impressed. I just have to tell it as it is. He was not impressed with that piggery.

Unidentified Male 1: The whole point is that sometimes the faster way is– is more than– more than– You know, most of the time, the faster way is the– is the sloppiest way, and if people would take time and stack stuff, like she said the wood and everything, and just do everything so it looks right when you get it done the first time, ‘cause things just get worse, they don’t get better. And I’m sure the place would look a lot better.

Female voice: That’s true.

Unidentified Male 1: That’s right. You never do know when somebody is gonna be coming.

Female voice: That’s true.

Jones: (Voice too low to hear beginning of sentence)– ’cause those newsmen, they say they were there on time. That’s a bad thing. You don’t mess with newsmen. You got ‘em there. You better use the sons of bitches. Although it won’t come out like you said it (sigh)– Yes, uh, Al–

Male in crowd: (unintelligible comment about “general manager”)

Jones: General manager? (Sighs) He’s uh, he’s in town tryin’ to get us a big naval vessel. I mean a big boat, 350 ton. So in the meantime, he wa– he, he in– uh, he wouldn’t have– it wouldn’t have been his responsibility, it uh– I don’t know. I said, I presume, it would be Guy’s [Guy Mitchell] responsibility. All of them. Uh, really, it’s all of your responsibility. You should all take it– and I’m holdin’ all of you responsible in the future. When you see that thing comin’, if you don’t see the uh, maintenance person, uh, the– the manager per– uh, uh, who’s in charge, you– we will hold all of you responsible. You don’t get that through the channels. And that should come directly to the radio office in the future. People like Christine [Talley]. When you see a mess like that, come right to that radio room and say Fa– Dad– Father, that is a mess down there. Write it up.

Crowd: (Murmurs)

Jones: But I mean, bring it to me– Bring it into letter, ‘cause that– See, if we woulda had a chance to clean that up– The pigs were swarmin’ with files, inspection– They shoulda been dug so that the uh, water was not ha– uh, as muddy and murky as it was on that occasion. There should have been a lot of, uh, ins– uh, killing of flies before the Russians got down there. Inspection knew the tour, or they shoulda asked about the tour. And, uh, insecticide people should have asked about the tour– (Pause) It’s all your responsibility to be concerned about that. Just like when I was faced Sunday night, sitting there at the table, talkin’ to the Russians, on the most sensitive question of all: Why did you come to the United States? And I’m trying to talk for black people, (Pause) alienated and how they woulda got into violence and got killed, and I’m talkin’, and there’s nobody there to talk but one. That is baaad news. Baaad news. Some of you left me high and dry there, and that was wrong. He looked around– he looked, he took a look– I, I think I came through it reasonably, but he– he took a look around and he went, what the hell is this, you know.You can just see, he’s a very observant person. I’m trying to tell how black people would’ve been killed in the streets, if they’d have come in there with guns like they’re doin’ and done all these harassing things, that we– we would have reacted, and there would have been a premature violence that would have been counter-revolutionary because there was no revolutionary ferment, there was no revolutionary coalition. There was no organization. So all woulda happened would been bloodbath, and we were probably being set up to create that bloodbath. But everybody needs to s– feel like this place belongs to you, ‘cause I don’t give a damn what they do to me. Not one damn. All I want is the final translation out of this miserable thing called life. But people just go on about your lives like this damn place don’t belong to you, and I’m supposed to keep it. I been keepin’ people for twenty-five years and more. For twenty-eight years, since I started the movement, I’ve been keepin’ people fulltime, and that’s why I resent this damn thing as some of you people want to get into these shackin’ situations, and no responsibility. Back to that point. I resent it because, you know, if a fuck was all that a person needed, I could maintain this organization by goin’ down five– four hours and I’d have mosta– of the people fucked that needed fucked. But that’s not what people need– They need s– they need talk, they need counsel, they need help, they need, uh, someone to hear them, to feel, to listen

Female in crowd: That’s right–

Jones: –by God. And uh, then– then the assistance with children. And I want it very understood and clearly understood situation on this thing, one time and for all, how we’re going to conduct this situation, what are the limits of responsibility, who (draws out word) is going to be participant there at– We had a vote, but the vote– And I think– A lot of people think you voted against it, and so that gives you [the] right to do what the hell you want. We said that the majority would rule for six months

Male in crowd: That’s right.

Jones: –and all people would abide by that majority decision – I think it was six months – until it was reviewed.

Male in crowd: That’s right.

Jones: And so don’t try to think just ‘cause you voted against the system – and a lot of people were not there so we’ll take the vote again– And we want to understand exactly what’s gonna happen in a relationship. We’ll– we’ll vote this again. But if the people are going to stay here– What’s the matter? (speaks to someone off mike, unintelligible) (Back to mike) Yeah, well, I hope they don’t wait there too long, because, uh, those press, that press will leave– (Pause) The press’ idea?

Woman: I don’t know– (unintelligible)

Jones: The press’ idea? I want to know if it’s the press’ idea. It’s not the press’ idea. They’d have busy people. It’s uh, end of the day. Five o’clock– They ain’t gonna stay– (Pause) Press Democrat. Good. That’s good. They oughta arrive– (Pause) It’s ridiculous to be constantly besieged with these bastards, and it won’t come out right as it is– It won’t come out right– Yes? (Pause) (Resolved tone) All right. I’ve only gone on, it’s about ten minutes. (Pause) If you are having a relationship– (Pause) Are we living together? If not, if we’re going to have relationships that do not live together, I want clear definitions of what those relationships are gonna be. You have a child, you assume responsibility. If you don’t have a child, you get your ass in that nursery. If you’re a male and assume responsibility with children, you wash diapers (Pause) and you deal with children. This thing of go– wantin’ to use people, I wish to hell, you– you– this is what it boils down to: A lot of you guys want sex and no responsibility.

Crowd: Right.

Jones: Now, I have never had that opportunity, and I got more sex to deal with than any of you got to deal with. N– None of you have had the problem that I’ve had. I’ve never been able to have sex without responsibility.

Woman in crowd: (unintelligible)

Jones: What is it? (unintelligible aside) (Pause)

(Tape edit)

Jones: It has fallen into the Himalaya Mountains and promises to pour radiation debris that they have no way to calculate its lethal effect in the Ri– in the Ganges Ree– uh, River throughout India, and In– and all the Ganges River is used for drinking purposes, baptisms, bathing and all sorts of things. And drinking. (Pause) Three quarters of the population, yes, I was getting ready to say– I didn’t know that exact statistics, so it, uh, was a sensory device to be able to tell what was happening in China, and it was done without the Indian government’s approval. And now it’s collapsed and gone into the– It collapsed in the mountains and promises to – with the rain, with the melting of the snow – it said, radiation debris would be pouring into the Ganges River. You can be glad that you are where you’re at, and we want work to get our people here instead of infighting and shit, because it’s gonna be over, friends. It’s gonna be over.

Male in crowd: That’s right–

Jones: The Soviet Union today denounced their concept of peaceful detente. They said that it will not– it has proven since the time of Premier Kresh– [Nikita] Khrushchev, that it has been unacceptable, said it has opened us to many charges of revisionism, but we are now back to the position where we have had to face that you cannot deal with capitalism, that the concept of gradualism and that change can come through democracy and that coexistence is possible between capitalism and socialism is in grave dispute in the Soviet government. Now, I may be quoting just slightly off, but that’s about it. Now, that’s bad news, too. (Pause) They’re on a war footing, honey. Don’t know what the hell’s going to come out of it all but that’s– I don’t know what else to say in the way of news. There’s so damn much news we just can’t keep up with all of it–

(Music from another track competes with conversation)

Jones: We will make significant impact ourselves, I had an opportunity to do something through this movement in Central America, and within a few days, I ought to be able to tell you something about it.

(Music stops. Burst of static)

Jones: So we don’t just sit here and idle our– I’m tired of this idling shit and talkin’ on news so we have, uh, devised certain uh– certain modus operandi that will hel– will help liberation in other places, at least to some degree.

Crowd: (Light applause)

Jones: Okay. I can’t think of any other damn news that is relevant.

(Drum/Latin Music plays on separate track)

Jones: (Starts in mid-sentence) –these uh, the ca– The Chinese seg– sector of the population of general in Vietnam is rebelling against, uh, People’s Republic of China’s renegade foreign policy, and the People’s Republic was forced in Peking to say that they will withdraw from the camp Ho-Chi [phonetic] and uh, the uh, Vietnamese border dispute, but they are demanding that USSR stay out of Vietnam, and does– the USSR didn’t even respond to them. They said they did not respond to them. But China still got her ass in Somalia, tryin’ to back and further intensify and gave pledges of support to the aggressive, fascist regime of Somalia. Now that’s a strange (draws out word) kind of goddamn communism. I know there’re people here that appreciate communism in Guyana– in China, but I don’t know how they can appreciate it any further than its domestic effects, because it has been, not and– lib– an international communism, it’s been a nationalistic communism. If we were here seated in this Jonestown community without any consideration for the medical people – and some of you get a little impatient, you’re not friendly, we have forty or fifty people, we don’t know how in the hell we’re going to afford it – but if you look at those precious, dear people waiting in medical lines, and we didn’t offer them some of our free assistance, I don’t know how we would live with ourselves. In spite of those CIA, that element that says in this government that we don’t do it. We go ahead and do it and fuck them!

Crowd: Cheers and applause

Jones: If we were to maintain ourselves alone– certainly you have to de– defend your base. That was Leninist philosophy. That was his philosophy as opposed to Trotskyite views. [Leon] Trotsky said export revolution before it’s even worked out in the Soviet Union. You’ve got to build your own base. You’ve got to deliver your own people, liberate them, sustain them, before you can extend help and assistance for liberation to other quarters. But if we in this particular time were to cut ourselves from giving assistance, our meals on Sunday, to these precious people who come in from outlaying areas, we would be guilty of the kind of policy that China is following. Although China’s policies of communism is not as pure as ours, because their ruling class still have very special interest. They have special uh, facilities, homes and luxuries and uh, travel allowances, that’s something you don’t see me take. If you see me taking any privilege, you bring it out here, and I will deal with it. I don’t know what it is– I don’t know what it is– I’m just damned near perfect as you can be. I know one thing: I do care and I do get myself involved and I sensitively listen and I don’t follow my ass.

(Music stops)

Woman in crowd: That’s right!

Jones: I don’t do that. I don’t allow that to happen. And I could. That’s what really disturbs me with someone like you. You think ‘cause you’re young and I’m old, that you– you– you’ve got the sex drive. You haven’t got any sex drive, and I keep repeatin’ it. You’ve got no sex drive, some of you two-minute wonders. You haven’t got any. You haven’t got a sex drive, and I’ve still got one, but I do not allow it, and it’s a strong one. I wish to hell it was just a simple sexual matter, you could just, instead of counseling, just go down. I could take care of people who needed to feel good about themselves, I could take care of thirty in a night. But I don’t think that’s what people need. I think they need something more than that. Maybe social acceptance begins there, but by God, it doesn’t end there.

Crowd: That’s right–

(Latin music starts again)

Jones: It doesn’t end there. ‘Cause some of you guys think that you– you’re too much. You think all with your prick– you walk around with your prick that it’s greatly desired. And you lose that way– you lose that way. Absolutely you lose that way. You want a quick fuck? I don’t– I don’t want you– I– I can’t imagine wantin’ to fuck just a body. I hope there’s more to it here. I hope that these– these kinds of uh, programs that we’re, uh, involving ourselves in, we see taking place in the ca– community, uh, superficial relationships, breaking down of the family– I think that you cannot extend the larger family unless you extend the smaller family. If you don’t have a unit somewhere to br– to measure caring and sharing, I don’t believe that this– that we can ever extend this on a larger basis. Now if you really want a free fuck, I think it ought to be, uh, extended to more than just a casual meeting. Then get a house, and let every man’s wife be open season. (Pause) All women– and then you have to follow– you have to follow, except those who don’t want any participation in it, but that will not be the man’s decision. I think you women need to cool some of this shit. I think you need to say, the next time you fuckers start this shit, I am going around and fuck anybody I please in the entire, goddamned community.

Crowd: Applause

(Tape distortion)

Jones: And nobody better do it without my permission. You need to get liberated from this shit. We’ve been asked to take in some children (unintelligible under other track) ‘cause some of you women can’t get emancipated. You can’t do it. You think there too many men, you’re giving them this cocky-ass attitude. I’ll bring in some people who’ve been through revolution that’ll be far more humble, be humble in their role because they know what it is to nearly die and nearly destroyed by the fascists in Chile and were tortured some of them, and I’ll– I’ll bring them in, ‘cause we’re not going to have this kind of shit. You men are gettin’ a cocky-ass attitude. I said a (Draws out phrase) cocky-ass attitude, and you sisters ought not be so hard-up when– they– you talk about these goddamned fucks, we go through them all the time, these two or three minute fuck. Shit! You ought to go– you ought to get you a sugar cane, go down and g– get some sugar cane and cut it, and then make it sweet on top of it–

Marceline Jones: Right. Or a banana.

Jones: And you can move it much faster than two minutes, I’m sure–

Crowd: Laughs

(Someone tests recording equipment, perhaps over a separate track, with periodic interruptions of “testing 1, 2”)

Marceline: I’d– I’d like to say this: If a (unintelligible word) woman gets liberated from her man – I’m talking about in a relationship – I mean, makes them hold the line and be other than chauvinistic, and the rest of you, if you’d quit standin’ on the sidelines, w– with your arms wide open so he can walk right into ‘em, we might get some of these men grown up.

Crowd: (Laughter, then applause)

Jones: (Agitated tone) I’m gonna tell ya, you better, because we got mercenaries out there. This goddamned press can’t even answer the mercenaries. They won’t even deal with them. They’ve nothing to say because they in– they’re involved in it, they’ve consulted with it, the press has heard it privately and it’s a– it’s a threat to cru– commit a criminal violation, to kidnap and to invade a sovereign territory. And that’s how bad off America is, that the press will consult with these motherfuckers and not report them to the proper authorities. It’s criminal! It’s a criminal act of conspiracy to talk about coming in to a– a sovereign territory or anyplace and taking, by force, to kill, dead or alive, and take them back by mercenaries – mercenaries, everyone knows that mercenary means murderer – and if you don’t get this thing under control and get your heads down to zero, where I’m at, some of you fuckers, it carries over, I’m tellin’ ya. I’m telling you, and I’ve fucked people for seven hours for this cause, but I’m going to tell you, if you don’t keep yourself at an operation zero in your sex life, it’ll affect all your other judgments!

Voices in crowd: That’s right!

Jones: If you think somebody needs you, and is attracted to your prick, and I– I’ll tell ya, I wouldn’t talk, if some of you motherfuckers with two or three minutes, I would shut up!

Voices in crowd: That’s right!

Jones: (Agitated) And you dumb bitches that go for two or three minutes, you’re as– you’re sadistic, ‘cause you don’t even get warmed up and you’re the ones that’s gonna get the pregnancy because we’re runnin’ out of pills! You’re gonna get pregnant by somebody that won’t give a shit, that won’t diaper the child, will never even look at the child and pass it up every goddamned Sunday!

Crowd: Applauds

Jones: And I’m gonna come down on you bitches. If you lay your ass down, you better know you’re gonna get it!

Marceline: (competes with Jones) I– I agree–

Jones: (Agitated) Because you hold the key! You’re the oppressed class! You’re the oppressed class! I’ll finish in just a minute– You are the oppressed class! It would not for the white man to organize the black people. If we’da waited on the white man to organize us, blacks and Indians, we never woulda got our shit together. We had to take it in our own ranks and militantly come together and come over here, and if you women are waitin’ for you oppressor to give you deliverance, and goddammit, you’re gonna have to get delivered, you’re an oppressed class and you’re gonna have to take your deliverance!

Crowd: Applauds, cheers

Jones: (Calms slightly) Now we talk about free fucks later. We’ll talk about that. You want an international, communal fuck? Then okay, it goes both ways. Sisters can take care of more men than– than men can take care of women, I can assure you.

Men in audience: That’s right. That’s right.

Marceline: I– I would like to propose right now, though, that the woman (Pause) who is standing and waiting on the sidelines for the man that is going to be untrue or whatever is– whatever word you wanna use, to the person that they’re committed to at that moment, the woman that opens her arms and her legs to that man, will get the same discipline as the man who went to her!

Voices in crowd: (Cheers and applause)

Jones: (calms throughout) In the first place, the press can say nothing about these mercenaries ‘cause they’re on their way– Now wha– You guys, if you don’t keep down humble– (crunches ice) Shit. I don’t know what you think you– why– why you can’t– you can’t see. If you don’t keep humble in your sex life, male or female, it will carry over to everything. Be cynical about everything that comes down your path. That’s the only way I’ve been able to protect you. I don’t believe anybody’s statement. I investigate everybody’s statement. Nothing that comes across my path do I take for granted. If I had, I’da long since got the goddamned biggest head in this place, ‘cause half the church, at one point or another, would try to blow smoke up my ass and tell me they wanted to fuck with me. But I wouldn’t let that shit get to my head.

Voice in crowd: That’s right.

Jones: I always go ‘round with a cynicism. And if you guys, you brothers, you who’ve been trained, women have not been put in that position, you’ve been trained to fight – the women are gonna get trained to fight – but if you don’t get your ass together, I’m tellin’ you, you don’t– I’m not tryin’ to penalize you. But if you don’t know where the hell you are in your sex life, you’re not gonna know anything else about yourself.

Voices in crowd: That’s right.

Jones: Nothing. And if you want to take this gamble of gettin’ a baby and gettin’ the hostility, you oughta have some of this shit. You can’t fuck good enough to not get the hostility you’ll get when it’s over.

Voices in crowd: That’s right.

Jones: You better be sure what you’re openin’, you want– (pause) ‘Cause it– you’re not gettin’ away with sex. The woman is seeking you for some kind of damn image thing, ‘cause a woman is sexually driven, she cannot get her orgasm in no few minutes. No way– So somethin’ else that the– you women are doin’ with this sex business– and why is it that you have to do it here? I don’t understand it. (pause) I don’t know why you want to take such a chance– What kinda fuck is worth it? What’re you gonna do when the pills run out? These pills are horribly expensive. I don’t know what the pharmacist can tell us, but it’s very, very– they’re very low. So what’s gonna happen then? You brothers gonna have to use rubbers, and that’ll take care of half of our jobs– ‘Cause we’re gonna penalize everybody that uh, gets pregnant. We can’t afford pregnancies now. We owe more than that to our people. What we gonna do if we got 50 pregnant women when the war comes?

Voices in crowd: That’s right.

Jones: We ought not to be, uh, afraid of fighting. The Cubans had to fight.

Man in Crowd: That’s right.

Jones: United States had to fight the goddamned British, and everybody’s been fightin’, the Indians and the blacks, we’ve always been on our back– haunches, facing enemies, common enemies ever since the goddamned western civilization began. Now we are not out of war. And you women better not get yourself knocked up without clearance.

Voices in crowd: That’s right.

Jones: I’m tellin’ you, if you’re gonna have a baby, it better be planned. It’s been miracle after miracle that all these babies came over here with all kinds of conditions inside the m– mother’s s– system, all kinds of shit because the US medicine don’t give a fuck about poor white or black, and it’s been a miracle every one of these babies has been born healthy.

Crowd: That’s right.

Jones: A miracle. And we are not, at this time with mercenaries maybe out there now– we have no goddamned business of gettin’ some woman pregnant so she can’t go out. And have to be pampered, she can’t move, and there’s a lot of bullshit in that too. And a lot– and maybe that’s why some of these women are gettin’ pregnant, brothers, so be careful. And I’m gonna pull a stop to that shit, because in the Soviet Union and in China, they work up to the eighth goddamned month and they do a productive work, and it’s all bullshit that you have to go around bein’ pampered at three weeks.

Crowd: That’s right! (Applause)

Jones: What the hell you gonna (unintelligible word).We’re gonna have to make it more difficult. I think there must be somethin’ goin’ on here, because, uh, uh, if it was made as difficult as it should be in a war period, we wouldn’t have so many people wantin’ to get pregnant. And they (unintelligible word) your ass, a lot of ma– why women have got the feeling that all they are is a baby factory. That’s one of the old holdovers of the un-emancipated female. And I don’t know why– It’s just as– It’s just as bad, woman – you be– goddamned women better hear me – it’s just as bad. Don’t you ever criticize a black person for sayin’ yessuh, no sir, because as you go along with that concept, you are just as bad as Stepin Fetchit, you are just as much an Uncle Tom and Aunt Jane as any one of those suckers, when you go along bein’ a baby factory, doin’ all the damn housework, doin’ all the goddamned diaper work, takin’ care of the baby and lettin’ mister strut-ass walk up and down the aisles, talk at four people at the same time.

Scattered voices in crowd: That’s right.

Jones: And fuckin’ none of them, and gettin’ all the glory.

Scattered voices in crowd: That’s right! (Applause)

Marceline: I– I think one of the problems might be that, uh, we do have this Lamaze method, and our women have been very strong through childbirth. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt. For you women that are lookin’ on and you men that are lookin’ on, it hurts to have a baby. We talk about having babies, not without pain, but without drugs. And anyone here that’s had one since they’ve been here, Lamaze or whatever, it hurts. So just because you don’t hear the screams and all that, and you see ‘em being stoic and gettin’ up and walkin’ away from the delivery room table, I want you to know it hurts. Okay?

Scattered voices in crowd: That’s right! Right!


Jones: Ain’t this the miserable goddamned shits. I uh, I uh, I– miserable goddamned shits. I don’t know what to do with these people. (Sighs) I don’t know what they– (Srumbles over words) I’m gone be hon– honest with you, brothers will be good when you emancipate ‘em, but I– if you don’t emancipate ‘em, they ain’t worth shit. And you’re not gonna get them emancipated till they do. Now I gotta bring another man down here ‘cause he can’t figure out, he got, get on the fuckin’– We got a crisis, the mercenaries gotta get on to talk to two women at the same time and, uh, you dumb bitches, you dumb.

Female voice in crowd: That’s right–

Jones: You dumb bitches. (Pause) One of my main leaders [Hue Fortson], one of my main leaders back there, why you fuck with him, women? Why do you fuck with these men when they got– Then they can’t decide who they want? And they want to talk to both of them right in the middle of a crisis. I just love these kinda people. Right in the fuckin’ midst of commentary, gotta– Now I got no one, I got no black leader now– ‘cause he’s gone apeshit. (Pause) (Sighs) (Stumbles over words)– Back, back on to you– Uh, where is this sister? Where is this sister? Where is this sister was with him?

Woman: (Too soft)

Jones: No, no, no, no, no, no. I’m talkin’ about this sister with Ro– with Hue Fortson.

Voices: (Off mike, too low)

Jones: Now I hope you know what you’ve created. I hope to hell you know what you created.


Young woman: (mike cuts in) –Hue Fortson, I wasn’t even– uh, I had just came to the cause.

Jones: I see–

Young woman: –and he explained– he– he told me that– him and his–

Jones: It was probably of– of– officially authorized– or– or what? What’d he tell you?

Young woman: He told me that him and his wife were no long– you know.

Jones: You women! That’s the first thing they tell you!

Crowd: (Murmurs)

Jones: It’s been cleared by me, or it’s all right, or they’re separated until she gets– until she comes home–

Young woman: (unintelligible)

Rhonda Fortson: You didn’t come and ask me– You didn’t ask. You didn’t want to know the answer.

Voices in crowd: That’s right–

Rhonda: You didn’t ask me. I knew that he was going to your house, and I talked to him about that.

Jones: Well, we got a mess now– Here he come– We’ll have to bring his ass in here. He was pretty good in the pulpit. A lot of folk that can be good in the pulpit, but ain’t worth shit in their routine, when women don’t give them some help

Woman in crowd: Did you break it off when you found out he was married?

Young woman: I knew he was married, but he told me that him and his wife was not together.

Woman in crowd: And you believed it.

Jones: Oh, you women! How many times we heard this? You’re new, all right, but what is it? You don’t want him? So I’m gonna have to tell him some damn thing. (Pause) Gotta talk to– Right in the middle of a goddamned crisis! Gotta talk to somebody. Right in the middle– And it don’t make no difference if we’re talkin’ to 85 news people and the whole fuckin’ radio band. Goin’ apeshit! Gotta talk. Call long distance to talk collect at sixteen bucks for three minutes.

Crowd: (Cries out)

Jones: He hasn’t got a dime! He hasn’t got a penny! I’m payin’ it. (Pause) Baby, sweet darling, been here for months, you–

Male in crowd: (too low)

Jones: Yeah, that shows there’s– there’s a point, uh, you’ve made a point. He’s got his goddamned balls on his mind, he took that fuckin’ petition on the front steps and he asked me why (stammers over words)– If he hadn’t taken it, I wouldna had to– they wanted me to address myself to a goddamned petition I’ve never even seen! He took it, but wa– nobody knows where it is! (Pause) ‘Cause he’s got his mind on his balls, and you, sister, you’re new. How new are you?

Young woman: I uh, came to the cause in October of last year.

Jones: (calms) Okay. October of last year–

Young woman: October– this past October– This just past October.

Jones: A year ago last– While I was here– while I was here–

Young woman: Yes.

Jones: While I was gone.

Young woman: Yes.

Jones: Yeah. Then. All right, (stumbles over words), okay, that– that puts lots of things in perspective.

Marceline: (off mike) I only want to– I only want to say (unintelligible) she probably didn’t realize (on mike) that, uh–

Jones: That’s probably the only one that he could find, though. You know that, darlin’? He picked somebody that– that was new. He picked somebody was new ‘cause they wouldna have fall for that shit.

Marceline: There were hours that I didn’t know where he was. I got to where he checked in when he left, and he checked in when he came in, after I raised quite a lot of hell with Hue. But I knew well where he was, he was with you–

Jones: You see what you’re doin? You see what you women do? It’s the– it’s the same old story. Same old story, we’ve been through it fifty times. Fifty goddamned times we’ve been or– been through it. Why don’t you women be strong? They will be true to you, and they will– you will make them strong, because they have been weakened by the fact that they’ve been pampered.

Crowd: (Murmurs)

Jones: Strong doesn’t mean just chew ass every second. But I’m talkin’ about being strong. Give some intellectual content and substance. (Pause) Don’t just look moony-eyed. They’ll leave you– (stumbles over words), they’ll move from one moony-eyed to the next.

Voices in crowd: That’s right!

Jones: Now he wants to see if he hasn’t shit in Rhonda’s nest. ‘Cause he worried– Hue worried about that Rhonda’s gonna know about this. She already knows about it ‘cause he call– callin’ for you. Now I can’t control that. I wouldn’t let her be hurt. But it’s too late! He’s already called, callin’ for you. I, I didn’t bring it out on you, because you said you were new, but you’re gonna have to deal with the damn thing now, so I’m glad that you are here since last Oc[tober]–

End of tape

Tape originally posted March 2009