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(Note: This tape was transcribed by Vicki Perry. The editors gratefully acknowledge her invaluable assistance.)

(Side A)

(Begins with poorly-recorded Russian language lessons for five minutes)

Jones: –content themselves with doing only that in Chile. They murdered [Gen. Carlos Prats] the chief of the Army, a great man who refused to stage a coup d’etat – a military takeover – and later on, using [Augusto] Pinochet and other members of the military, attacked Le Mimblon– La– La Moneda palace with US airplanes and CIA aid, and killed– murdered [Salvador] Allende and several of his allies in– uh, comrades in cold blood, and they took over power and launched in to an or– orgy of murder that has drowned Chile in nothing but a bloodbath. It’s the worst fascist nation on the earth today. Stand by just for a moment. (Tape edit)

–wrote a book in praise of [Adolf] Hitler’s Nazism, when he was a teacher at a military school. He’s using all of its methods. There are scores of reports of his crimes, but in spite of the tens of thousands killed, along with Allende by USA tax dollars through the CIA, the thousands more who are missing and those held in the dungeons, the people of (Tape fadeout) and are very revolutionary still, and democratic forces are (Unintelligible word) – that means increasing – every day, everywhere. They have not been intimidated. They have denounced Pinochet’s crimes on the screens that movie projectors will give them messages while people are watching the movies, all kinds of beautiful things. [They] Write on the walls that they want a socialist government and they say they were going to hang the killer of Allende, that means Pinochet, so Chile is not very secure. So Chile, like Cuba, will be victorious and the Chilean people will crush fascism as it’s beginning to be crushed in Brazil.

Uruguay was considered – as Chile was – one of the Latin American countries with the strongest democratic tradition to overcome, but when the s– people begin to take action to overcome the economic crisis which the country faced, imperialism from USA again called on the CIA murderers and Mafia and its local flunkeys in Uruguay in South America, many of them ex-Nazis from Hitler’s Germany, to do away with that great country and its democratic tradition. And fascism was instituted. In Uruguay, one-sixth of the population is in a torture chamber, in prison, by the fascist government now. As in Chile, policemen with Nazi mentalities roam the streets as if carrying out military operations. They used hoods to conceal their identity, because they know that Chile cannot last long. They arrest men and women, and even children, but they hide their faces from photographers– photographers. In Uruguay, Brazil, and Chile, the most sophisticated methods of torture have been used. Brazil not using them presently. Sometimes whole families join the long lines to seek information about their parents, wives or children who’ve been missing for years. Thousands of Chileans, Uruguayans and other Latin Americans have been forced to leave their country, but there have been several cases in which the agents of these fascist dictatorships have murdered people in other country– o– other countries. For example, General Prats and his wife [Sofia Cuthbert] from Chile was murdered in Argentina. The bloody arm of the murderer Pinochet, who was put in power by the seven million dollars personally handed to him by Secretary of State, U– USA, [Henry] Kissinger. Pinochet’s bloody arm, DINA, the secret police, the intelligent services, whose name has now been changed, reaches out everywhere as it did in USA and killed a man we’ve met with and I prophesied to him never to go away from there. Letelier– Orlando Letelier, who was the minister of defense of s– su– uh, Chile’s free socialist government before it was overthrown by our tax dollars. The manhunt in the fascist countries knows no bounds. Fascism lives on in many countries. No continent is spared its attack because its methods be they (unintelligible under tape fade) and more or less direct are used in every capitalist country, where monopolies feel their power is in jeopardy– jeopardy, and their power’s in jeopardy everywhere these days. Whereupon the fascist enlists local traitors who are willing to serve them, based on the most primitive and criminal barbarism. We’ve seen that from our own traitors, how they’ve been picked up by the CIA. They have no soul. They are class enemies and we shall never forget that, if we have any conscience.

In other capitalist countries, there are as yet small groups awaiting the opportunity to serve the imperialist monopolies that support and promote them and they– that operate in those countries, freely. The clearest example is the upsurge of Nazism in USA and West Germany, where the fascist call for a revanchist policy of nationalist Nazi policy, a nationalist government – Nazi, in other words – and support the Nazi expansionism of Third Reich era, as in West Germany. They openly brag about being the inheritors of Hitler’s Third Reich. Fascism in its new form in which it is no longer– in which it is no longer able to use its covers of socialism to try to trick the workers. Syndicalism or people’s communila– communality. That’s what they’ve done in the past, but the people are wise to it, says the commentary of socialism these days. Or, nationalism. Joshua N– Nkomo didn’t fall for it, when Ian Smith tried to appeal to his nationalism which defends the interests of (unintelligible word). People can only win the support of criminals, besides the whole– the world situation is not as favorable as it was during the prewar period. However, since imperialism will not resign itself to dying, we cannot predict what forms of violent dictatorship it will resort to if the decision to throw parliamentary methods overboard is made, although it is clear that regardless of the form, fascist character – or characteristics – will be p– present. Open plunder of the working class. Contempt for culture. The law and legality. We’re seeing that in Washington, with Senate Bill 1437 and a number of other bills. Taking the land away from the Indians and giving state national law. State of siege power to each stated– in the so-called United States. Yes, violence and murder and incitement to war and atomic doom will be what the fascist will no doubt bring about. This will not happen if imperialism and fascism – its degenerate offspring – are opposed and exposed. All those who advocate social (unintelligible phrase under tape fade) in peace. Whether they are socialist, communist, or social democrat, it is clear that every step forward taken by the peoples on the path to liberation reduces chances of fascist victory. But we must remember that as long as imperialism exists, the fascist threat will always be with us. Thus no real democrat, or socialist revolutionary, and especially the young people of the world can let down his guard. We must continue the Marxist-Leninist struggle.

That ends the commentary on fascism, and I think if you’ll review that, you’ll be able to understand it. Now I want you to play the tape on how we are to meet guests. That’s very, very, very important, but you will be tested over the content and substance of this (Unintelligible word) so get to know it. Teresa [King] will simplify it, but you have to have a background of fascism to really be a true socialist, and I’ve given you a total background. I couldn’t’ve given you more. Much love.

(Tape edit)

Male: Dad? Dad? Hello? Dad? Hello?

(Long pause)

(Music played towards the end of the tape. Tape distortion makes music and words hard to discern)

End of Side A


Side B

(A portion of Side B contains music – possibly the Jonestown Express – and people talking, including after songs. Tape distortion makes music and words hard to discern)

Tape originally posted June 2010