Q897 Transcript

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(Note: This tape was transcribed by Michael Bellefountaine. The editors gratefully acknowledge his invaluable assistance.)

(Note: This tape was one of the 53 tapes initially withheld from public disclosure.)

Side A

(Jones speaks over music)

Jones: Step down just slightly, step down away from the glass. Little things to build your faith, ’cause it’s important now. We’re dealing with some serious matters.

Woman 1: Oh, thank you, Father, thank you.

Jones: Hands clasped now.

Woman 1: Oh, thank you.

Jones: In 1971, two hundred and fifty dollars were spent out for an uncontested divorce.

Woman 1: That’s right.

Jones: You’ve not told me that, is that correct?

Woman 1: That’s right.


Jones: To the law form-law firm of George Pritz, Kaleb and Mills [phonetic].

Woman 1: (Emotional) That’s right, Father, that’s right.

Jones: Just little things, just little things.

Woman 1: (Crying) Oh, I know you know, Father. I know you know.

Congregation: Cheers and applause.

Jones: Hands clasped. I think you should come down closer to my aura. Another growth there, it would break your heart, (unintelligible)

Man’s voice: (Unintelligible)

Jones: Spirit. (Pause) Hands clasped. Nurses, go to her side (unintelligible.) You have any trouble here in your throat?

Woman 1: Yes sir, that’s right.

Jones: We are dealing with the old s- same monster. Spirit.

Woman 1: (Unintelligible)

Jones: Hands clasped. Furthermore, anything of the Grace United Methodist Church?

Woman 1: Yes.

Jones: Anything you have connected with it? Separate.

Woman 1: I have separated, Father, I –

Jones: This day I am making you whole. I want anything, any part uh, that might be in your home, any vibration of its literature, anything, remove yourself from it.

Woman 1: I will. Father.

Jones: All right, thank you. ‘Cause I am going to heal you now and save you from the worst death I know. Your throat being opened up and having a tracheotomy and having unable to speak.

Woman 1: (Weeps)

Jones: I’m going to take away the hoarseness that’s in the morning. Now you just begin to vomit and the cancer will unlodge.

Woman 1: (Weeps)

Congregation: Cheers and applause.

Jones: Spirit, spirit, spirit. Hands clasped, hands clasped. That’s all right. Just clap your hands. I think it’ll be better.

Congregation: Claps and sings, Jones joins singing.

This mountain shall be removed, This mountain shall be removed, By the Spirit-

Jones: Now just put your hand in there and vomit. Put your hand in. Keep on clapping. She’s putting her hand in her mouth. To loose it, to loose it. Spirit!

Congregation: Continued singing and clapping.

It’s not the (unintelligible word), It’s not the power, But by the spirit-

Jones: Now! Now! I feel it loosening, now it is, now it is. Now it comes. Let it come! Spit it out. There it is. All of it’s gone! Gone! All gone. There it is, the blood spilling out on the floor, and on the hands. There it is. Shhhh-

(music stops)

Jones: Now where it’s broken, where that tissue- the poison breaks, it’ll be an awful bad taste, so give her- There it is. Spit out all the blood, all over the hands and there on the floor. The cancer is out of her throat, the tumor’s healed. Came out of her body. That- that- Spit out here before all these thousands of people present, let’s praise the name of Jesus Christ.

Congregation: Sings and claps: –shall be removed-

(Tape edit.)

Woman 2: It’ll be hard to follow behind a testimony like that, but if I didn’t testify this morning, I think I’d come out of my skin. Oh, I- I just- You just have to bear with me, I’m so (unintelligible word) this morning. My Father, I want you to know that when I came here, I bragged, I even bragged to Father. I said, Father, I’m so glad I can come without asking for blessing, because I’m all right. I’m healthy, the doctors say I’m fine. Of course, I said, if there’s anything wrong, you know it. I don’t. But I said, I just love you so much, and I enjoy seeing the healings that you do for everybody else, but I’m fine. So when Father called me, I thought- I’d been having some financial difficulties and I thought, well, I’d worried him about it and he’s just going to help me take care of this. And then when he told me, he began by telling me about my divorce, and he called the name of the- of the legal firm. I knew there were four men on there, but to save my soul, if I’d to name more than one, I could not have. I didn’t remember but one, because I’d only be- come in contact with him. I went home and looked at the letterhead, and I showed it to everybody, Father had named every man, just as he was listed on that –

Congregation: Applauds

Woman 2: And just, just, just before that, I had said to a woman who sat beside me, I said, how could anybody doubt this man?

Congregation: Oh, yes. (Applause)

Woman 2: And shortly thereafter I heard my name called, the sweetest I had ever heard in my life. My God. And I don’t have to tell you whether I saw him as a man or a prophet. He healed me of a terrible cancer in my throat, so you know I saw him as God, my Savior.

Voices in background: Unintelligible.

End of tape

Tape originally posted April 2004