Q926 Transcript

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(Note: This tape was transcribed by Seriina Covarrubias. The editors gratefully acknowledge her invaluable assistance.)

Jones: In the wheelchairs if you- if you got some readiness- got some readiness to stand. When you have readiness, to stand. There’s a spirit here, if you contacted and been listening to all my sayings, there’s a readiness, which you are able to perceive, which you are able to perceive. (Pause) Which is Rachel? (Pause) Rachel?

Rachel: Yes?

Jones: Hmm?

Rachel: Yes.

Jones: Something uh- mean something to you. You’re from Phoenix?

Rachel: Yes, that’s right.

Jones: (Pause) You’ve been told that you have a tumor on your brain.

Rachel: (Starts to cry) Yes, my God, God.

Jones: Hands clasped. The brain that’s- what has it done? Causing a deterioration in your muscles.

Rachel: Oh yes, yes.

Jones: Your legs, and you can’t walk-

Rachel: So true.

Jones: Progressively getting worse.

Rachel: Yes.

Jones: Just as I know that there’s a white linen tablecloth in your third drawer of your chest in Phoenix, and I’ve never met you in my life, as far as I know. I never met you, have I?

Rachel: Correct.

Jones: All right. Take your hands, and clasp, and believe. Believe. There’s a massive clot that has to be broken, has to be broken loose-

Rachel: (Breathes heavily and prays into the microphone)

Jones: -in a matter of a few minutes. You’ve got [a] bad headache.

Rachel: Yes, I do.

Jones: And you can’t walk.

Rachel: That’s right.

Jones: Well, let’s start with the headache.

Rachel: Thank you, thank you.

Jones: Ummm-mmmm-mmm. Spirit. Spirit of God.

Congregation: (Stirs)

Jones: Spirit of God. Spirit of God.

Rachel: Thank you, Jesus- (Deep inhale)

Jones: Thank the Father. You’re praying the father directly now. Say, the time will come when you’ll pray, “My father.” So just, just, just, just look up now and learn the language of the spheres. “Our Father, which art in Heaven.” He’s in his Heaven. (Claps once) Sister, I say that I can dissolve that cancer. I say that you can walk. The pain’s gone now, isn’t it?

Rachel: Yes, it is.

Jones: Well, then stand on your feet.

Congregation: (Applause and cheers)

Jones: Stand on your feet, stand on your feet. Get on up, get on up, get on, quickly.

Announcer: She is struggling now to rise.

Jones: Get up, get up, get up. Get up. Don’t- don’t touch her, brother, don’t touch her. Get up.

Announcer: She is struggling to rise.

Jones: Take that light off- take that light off of her. It’s distracting her faith. Take- now now now, up, up. Up, up.

Announcer: She’s coming up.

Jones: Up out of the wheel chair. On up, sister. I said that I took the pain, so I took the tumor that’s destroyed the brain, I took that that’s caused the stroke, I took that, I took the paralysis. Now stand up. It’s done if you’ll believe. Up!

Announcer: (Excited) She’s coming up. She’s up! She’s up!

Congregation: (Cheers)

Jones: Up!

Announcer: She’s now on her feet.

Jones: Up!

Announcer: She’s standing erect.

Jones: Up!

Announcer: She’s standing completely erect. She’s completely erect.

Congregation: (Cheers)

Jones: Up. Turn the light off of her. Up. (Unintelligible word) Look up, sister, keep your eyes focused on me, keep your eyes focused on me. (Pause) (Unintelligible word) Get on now, now. Now, now. Keep on moving, keep on moving, keep on moving, keep on moving.

Announcer: (Moderates tone) She is coming down the aisle now. Slowly.

Jones: Start moving. Keep on moving. (Pause) Keep on moving.

Announcer: In faith, she’s stepping forward.

Jones: Quickly, quickly. Got to do a quick work sister, got to do a quick work. Come on, come on.

Announcer: (Excited) Oh, there she goes.

Jones: Come on, come on. Come on, come on.

Announcer: She is now moving quickly.

Jones: Now. Now, go on, go on.

Announcer: She is now running on her own.

Jones: Go on. Straighten up. Straighten up.

Announcer: She is now running on her own.

Jones: Straighten up, all the way up, all the way up.

Announcer: She is running down the aisle. She’s now at the back of the auditorium running. She- out the back door.

Jones: Keep on, keep on. Yeah, she’s done, she’s done. Keep on, you stay where you are. Get out of my way. There’s somebody about to die. Get out of my way. (Unintelligible word under announcer)

Announcer: She went down the aisle and out the back door. She’s coming in the other door.

Jones: Get out of the way. Go on. She’s healed. They’re paralyzed over here.

Announcer: (Unintelligible under Jones) down the aisle, coming forward. A living testimony, the power of the works of our man.

Man 2: Keep on (unintelligible) keep on (unintelligible).

Announcer: (Voice calms) She’s walking easily now, as she’s slowed to a walk. She walks easily. (Pause) The congregation is on its feet (Unintelligible word). Join them now as they praise the magnificence of the living God, whose power is now made manifest.

(Music gets louder, and clapping becomes rhythmic)

Jones: All right, she- her heart’s beating now, her heart’s beating. She was there, she was there in the- she was there in the wheelchair. I mean there in the bathroom, laying on the floor, dead, no heart, but she’s beating now. Hey, God Almighty. Two at the same time. You see, some people know their God. I had to get to back on my (unintelligible), because there’s a woman dead, dying in on the bathroom. But the minute I got to her, the nurses said- There she is, back, alive. Wonderful. Heart’s all right. She’ll be out in a minute, she’s back there. That’s why I said I got to get you healed. (Pause)

Congregation: (Rhythmic clapping and singing)

Voice in crowd: Oh, God!

Jones: Keep on going, sister. There’s the woman paralyzed. Keep on going. So glad. So glad, something to shout about.

Voice in crowd: Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

Announcer: She’s just passed here again.

Jones: (Unintelligible word under announcer) She was paralyzed and now she lives. Hey, God!

Announcer: (Excited) I believe she’s on her fourth lap around the congregation now. She’s a- running again. (Pause) She is really testing the healing.

Congregation: (Rhythmic clapping and singing)

Woman in crowd: Hey, God, Almighty God!

Jones: (Sings) Almighty God, Almighty God, Almighty God, Almighty God-

(Tape fades out)

Jones: (Calmly) Rupis Washington. (Softly) Cripple man. My God, how you must have suffered.

Announcer: (Calmly) He is so crippled that he cannot stand unassisted.

Jones: More difficult to get up, so uh, if- if we are able to reach this, and you’re to break that thing totally, that’s why I moved from the- the- it’s easier to cure an ear than it is to cure this man. He’s crippled and paralyzed there.

Announcer: (Solemn) Even with assistance, he cannot stand.

Jones: Paralyzed. Your pelvis was broken, isn’t it?

Washington: Yeah. (Cries softly throughout healing)

Jones: Eighteen years ago in a (Pause) accident.

Washington: Oh, yeah.

Jones: Let’s see if I can build your faith.

Washington: Oh, my God.

Jones: Saint Timothy Baptist- you were born in Louisiana.

Washington: Yes.

Jones: But this accident happened in uh, uh, Mississippi.

Washington: Yes.

Jones: By an old granary.

Washington: Oh, yes.

Jones: All right. Hands clasped.

Washington: My God.

Jones: You were visiting your in-laws in Mississippi, and when you went to go to the store with your youngest baby in your arms, a white racist went across the wrong side of the road-

Washington: Oh, yes.

Jones: -and struck you down on purpose-

Washington: Yes.

Jones: -and fled the scene of the accident.

Washington: Oh, my God, yes.

Jones: Hands clasped. Your baby Evet [phonetic], sixteen months old, was killed instantly.

Washington: Yes, yes. Oh, my God, yes.

Jones: I can see her now in a blue dress-

Washington: Yes, oh, my God.

Jones: -and white bows, white bows.

Washington: Yes.

Jones: Your pelvic bones broken.

Washington: Yes.

Jones: Your legs crushed.

Washington: Yes.

Jones: You suffered the agony of the damned since that day.

Washington: Oh, yes.

Jones: But I have come

Washington: Oh, my God.

Jones: -in the spirit of my Father.

Washington: Oh.

Jones: He says these things shall you do and greater, because I go to the Father.

Washington: Yes.

Jones: I have come in the Godship degree for just such people as you.

Washington: Yes.

Jones: The Gospel is upon me to preach to those that are poor, and those that are oppressed.

Washington: Oh, my God.

Jones: Doctor – who’s been a very good doctor and friend to you – Shepherd said you would have to have this condition until you died.

Washington: Yes.

Jones: But you- you, uh- you got a hold of a pamphlet

Washington: Yes.

Jones: -with my name on it and-

Washington: Oh, yes.

Jones: -you thought in your mind-

Washington: Yes.

Jones: -I can’t lose, but by trying this-

Washington: Oh, yes.

Jones: -Jim Jones.

Congregation: (Cheers)

Washington: Yes, yes, yes. Oh, my God. Oh, yes.

Jones: Now you’ve found also that on your spine-

Washington: Yes.

Jones: -is a spinal cancer, a tumor.

Washington: Yes, yes.

Jones: So that you will not be able to ever gain your footing again.

Washington: Oh- Oh yes, yes.

Jones: Don’t think that there’s nothing impossible with God, nothing impossible with God.

Washington: Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Jones: In your attic in Tacoma, there is a small blue metal chest in the far corner.

Washington: Yes.

Jones: A chest that’s hidden by papers.

Washington: Yes.

Jones: Inside the chest is a picture of your brother William-

Washington: Oh, yes.

Jones: -he lives in Louisiana.

Washington: Yes, yes, yes.

Jones: In the photo William has on a red shirt-

Washington: Yes-

Jones: -standing on a green car.

Washington: Oh, my God.

Jones: Now, man, I’ve said enough to know that only God can know the thoughts of your mind-

Voice in crowd: Only God.

Washington: Yes, yes.

Jones: -and know the intents of your heart. Stand up, stand up, stand up, stand up.

Announcer: With two canes he is- he is rising slowly.

Jones: It’s all right. I’d prefer you didn’t help him. Stand up, stand up.

Announcer: He is rising slowly. (More excited) He is coming up. (Pause) He’s up.

Jones: Stand up.

Announcer: He is now standing.

Jones: Stay out of his way. Stay out of the way of the anointing, stay out of the way of the anointing. Stay out of the way of this apostolic anointing, this pure God anointing as it was on the day of Pentecost. Now, my brother-

Announcer: The congregation has risen to its feet.

Jones: -if you will receive that your thought was correct, and only God can know your thoughts, and I shall at this moment reach out by my spoken word and touch the tumor on the back of your spine. Straighten it up, straighten it up.

Congregation: (Cheers)

Announcer: (Excited) He has straightened- He has straightened his body. He has straightened his body, he is entirely straight. He is straight, he has straightened his body.

Jones: Now come forward. Now come forward, now come forward. Come forward, come forward, come forward, come forward.

Announcer: He is coming forward.

Jones: Drop your cane, drop your cane, drop your cane. Come forward-

Announcer: -dropped his cane. He is coming forward.

Jones: -come forward, come forward, come forward, come forward. In the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus.

Congregation: (Cheers)

Announcer: He ran!

Congregation: (Cheers)

Announcer: He’s running, he’s running all over the congregation. He’s running.

Jones: Nothing-

(“God, Almighty God,” sung to the tune of “This is the Song that never ends”)

Jones: (Sings) For he is God, Almighty God. (calls out) God, Almighty God.

Woman: God, Almighty God.

Jones: (Sings) Almighty God, I know he’s God, Almighty God. I know he’s God, I know he’s God. I know he’s God, Almighty God, Almighty God, Almighty God. I know he’s God, Almighty God.

Announcer: He’s still running around the congregation. Years as a crippled, now he runs. He is running around the hall.

Jones: No one told me about her. I just healed her heart. When you want to move now, move by faith. (Sings) I know he’s God, Almighty God. I know he’s God, Almighty God.

Announcer: He continues to run.

Jones: (Sings) I know he’s God. (Unintelligible word) God. I know he’s God, Almighty God, Almighty God. (Stops singing) You want to walk?

Woman: God, Almighty God.

Jones: You want to come forward. (Unintelligible word) (Sings) God, Almighty God. If you see God in me, now’s the time to do it. (Sings) I know he’s God, I know he’s God Almighty, God Almighty God Almighty God, Almighty God. I know he’s God, Almighty God. I know he’s God.

Woman: I know he’s God. I know he’s God Almighty, God Almighty, God Almighty.

Congregation: (Sings) God Almighty God. I know he’s God Almighty God. I know he’s God, I know he’s God.

Jones: There’s three people (Unintelligible word) left their crutches. Three people that left their crutches.

Congregation: (Sings) God, Almighty God, Almighty God.

Jones: (Sings) I know he’s God, Almighty God.

Announcer: There’s a procession of canes and crutches moving around the auditorium now. A procession of canes and crutches being held aloft for all to see. Testimony of the healing power of Almighty God which is moving now through this atmosphere, through these people to bring deliverance of all manner of affliction.

(Singing continues)

(Tape fades out)

Tape originally posted June 2005