Q928 Transcript

Transcript prepared by Fielding M. McGehee III. If you use this material, please credit The Jonestown Institute. Thank you.

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Choir singing.

Jones: Say. (Hums) Mmmm.  (Speaks) Yes? Yes? But to please reverence, perhaps you need to- to hear. Sometimes I think you need to hear what I hear. (Pause) Clasp your hands. (Pause) Then you’d know just a little bit maybe, of what I have to deal with. (Pause) Spirit that is speaking to me, I energize you. I give you energy now, to speak with a audible voice what I’m hearing in my ear. As you spoke in the original- to Paul, a voice came. As you appeared upon the Mount of Transfiguration, I say, Spirit, that’s in that lost world,speak with an audible voice. (Pause)

Distant singing.

Jones: Louder, my dear.

Distant singing.

Jones: Louder. Louder.

Distant singing, approaching

Crowd: Stirs, scattered applause.

Jones: Shh.

Distant singing.

Jones: (To congregation) You can open your eyes.


Jones: (To spirit) You’re speaking in Russian. You’re saying, forgive me. Be not angry. I forgive you. S- You’re in America in this incarnation. We’re in America. Speak English.

Distant singing.

Jones: Help me.

Distant singing.

Jones: Lenin? Yes. I understand.

Distant singing.

Jones: Look around, if you wish. Have mercy. Just reverence. Have mercy. You’re abetrayer of mine. You betrayed me.

Distant singing.

Jones: When did you betray me?

Distant singing.

Jones: What?

Distant singing.

Jones: In Galilee?

Distant singing.

Jones: I’m not sure it was distinguishable to them, but you’re saying you betrayed me in 1917?

Distant singing.

Jones: Yes. What do you wish me to do for you, child?

Distant singing.

Jones: You need a body.

Distant singing.

Jones: Clasp your hands. (Pause) As it was on the day when I gave a double portion of the Elisha spirit, a part of the spirit, there’s someone here that this soul belongs to. You’re not integrated, and that’s why you’re having trouble in your mind. I’ll not call you out. Close your eyes now, I ask you. (Pause) I speak the word, and perhaps when it comes- that spirit comes out of the ether plain, and comes into its body and integrates, there will be no doubt some gasping. So be very quiet. As I, Lenin, Jesus, Buddha, the Baab, God Almighty, (claps hands once) I free that spirit from the loneliness of that nether world and integrate it in its body here.

One voice: Hallelujah.

Linda Swaney: (Screams)


Jones: It’s integrated. You may be seated.

Crowd: Stirs. Scattered calls of “Thank you.”

End of tape

Tape originally posted June 2005

Originally posted on June 16th, 2013.

Last modified on February 24th, 2015.
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