Q940 Transcript

Transcript prepared by Fielding M. McGehee III. If you use this material, please credit The Jonestown Institute. Thank you.

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Jones: –against uh–

Woman in crowd: (too soft)

Jones: Who is it? (Pause) What’s this (unintelligible word)? Who raised their hand?

Voices in crowd: (too soft)

Jones: Michaeleen Brady? Uh, I hope I can– What is it?

Voices in crowd: (too soft)

Jones: Every person that’s gotten up has been an anarchist thus far. I would like to’ve seen a– a true socialist get up. People who li– What is it?

Voices in crowd: (too soft)

Man 1: Well, come up front.

Jones: Well, you’re less of one. That’s why I like to hear you. I don’t– (stumbles over words) What is it, sister?

Young girl 1: Father, I felt it was too easy. A shooting is an instant death. That’s what I felt.

Jones: What is it? Who is this saying this?

Young girl 1: Me, Father.

Jones: All right. All right. Tha– That– That kind of an– All right. But that kind of ju– uh, reasoning I’m not ag– I’m not opposed to it. It doesn’t have to be. True. It doesn’t have to be. But she voted against it, because she thought it was an instant death. So I don’t need any explanation from her. Thank you. Yes, Ann (unintelligible word) senior, what?

Voice: (unintelligible)

Jones: Well, you’ve grown considerably, dear. Thank you.

Man: (unintelligible)

(Tape edit)

Woman 1: You wouldn’t come back. I was hoping–

Woman 2: (away from mike, unintelligible beginning under Woman 1) didn’t come back.

Man 2: From the first month you’ve been here, you haven’t caused nothing but trouble. I mean from the first month on.

Woman 2: (upset tone) Father, (unintelligible word) you even came over here, ‘cause we didn’t want you to come here. We wanted you in prison. Or stay with your fucking relatives anyway. You went out there (unintelligible word), we didn’t tell you to go with them. Father give you opportunity, you had a chance to go with them or come here. Then look at the fuck you do when you come here. (Pause)

Woman 3: (in crowd, unintelligible) –all kinda hell in the States, trying to get here. You gave them all kinda hell. (unintelligible word), and you come over here with the same mother-fuckin’ shit. Shootin’ you in the head’s too good for you. Shoot, you need to suffer, like Father suffer. Yeah, when I asked Kim if–

Jones: Yes.

Woman 3: –said he really liked, and I said, Kimmie, he liked them too long. I say, well, why is he? He said, well, I know why he is. I said, well, why is he? He say, I know why (unintelligible word) liked ‘em. I think shootin’ is too easy for you, you need to be punished, and you don’t know what punish is like, brother. You never had–

Jones: What is it, (unintelligible name)?

Voice: (unintelligible)

(Microphone turned on, feedback)

(tape edit)

Jones: –(unintelligible  beginning) for anything, uh, any defense, I– Unless you’ve got some other kind of recommended, uh, discipline. (Pause)

Voices in crowd: (too soft)

Jones: He said dying’s too easy. We have that, we have that. Any other dissent based on some other concept, I’ll– I want to listen to all input.

Girl 2: Yeah, Father, what I felt, uh, he should c– he sh– he should suffer so much pain, he have to crawl on his belly for weeks before– and he’d have to look at the people while he was suffering. And uh, the fact that shooting, uh, like everybody else say, was too fast, I thought he should suffer for weeks and weeks and crawl on his belly and looking at the people every time he looks up, he’d have to see the people. He’d had to suffer (unintelligible word)– and then be shot on top of it.

Jones: One person (overwhelms mike, unintelligible) we need the– the handcuffs.

(Tape edit)

Girl 3: I think uh, the uh– the pain that Father was, you know, in this, you know, this afternoon, uh–

Calls from crowd. Feedback

Jones: (unintelligible) I didn’t hear what you said.

Girl 3: Said I could understand–

Jones: What’s she saying, I did not copy what she said.

Voices in crowd: (too soft)

Jones: She could understand my pain? Never.

Girl 3: You were going through it–

Tape break-up

Jones: Peace. It’s just– I’m disagreeing with that point, I’m not uh, uh, silencing her,  I just disagree with that point, that is really ridiculous and ludicrous to say that you could understand my pain, when I have ceased to exist as a person and am willing to take the pain of all of you on for so many years. No way you could understand my pain. Now go on to the next point, and we’ll see if I can accept that.

Girl 3: Uh, and uh, a– I can empathize with the way uh, Edie [Kutulas] felt, but I still feel that they should be punished for what they’ve done and– and uh, I didn’t feel that they should be shot.

Jones: Because you are– Well, what reason– What reason do you think that they should be punished? They could have destroyed our movement. If the conspirators how– found us out– If the conspirators trying to kidnap had been– come after us while these motherfuckers were out running loose, some of our children coulda been kidnapped today by the same (unintelligible word) who are out there trying to get at us. And you think that’s all we should recognize? Or is it in you, dear, that you’re hoping that you’ll be able to protect your own right to be anarchistic when you choose to be? That’s so often what I hear when people get on the floor. I don’t hear from them, uh, bashing out of compassion, I hear from a person who is used to trying to do doing their own thing when they want to in some ways – not maybe always, but in some ways – and they uh, get up here and identify with this, not knowing that this – if it had been it– on Sunday or Saturday when this shit broke loose, behind her when the baby was get– being delivered – if that had broke loose then, then we’da had to go after them, we coulda le– uh, some of our babies coulda been kidnapped.

Voices in crowd: Right.

Jones: Or killed. That’s the difference. If it’da happened any other day at the wrong time, that did– what they did would be far more terrible than you can know, ‘cause they put our whole personnel out on the fields, in the woods, in the tracks, to the roads, they ou– they caused us to have to put personnel all over this entire Northwest District. They had every vehicle tied up. If one of my people had had a heart attack today, I couldn’t– and the doctor had to have the emergency equipment that we have not yet gotten through, there woulda been no way they got through here. For all these hours, you have been responsible for anyone I’ve had to meditate– just hoping that we wouldn’t have any emergency, any hemorrhaging, any kind of emergency, ‘cause you tied up every means we had of getting people out. And you knew that. You knew down deep that there’d be a lot of concern– uh, ‘course, you couldn’t relate to concern, ‘cause you don’t have concern, but you knew organizational thinking, you knew that I would be forced to be concerned about you, because I have loved ones here. And you have a loved one back there, even though she did want to wash her hands of (unintelligible word), we did not know what her reaction would be. (Pause) So you knew organizationally, we would have to tie up everything we could to find you two. You knew that. You couldn’t help but be intelligent enough to know that. (Pause) So what do you– what kind of punishment would you recommend for these, Sister Tucker. (off mike) No, I didn’t ask you.

Alleane Tucker: Uh, if I may say, I think they was– you know, wasn’t watched the– you know, securely enough, you know, the reason they got away–

Jones: Well, why didn’t you watch them?

Tucker: –if I may say that.

Jones: That’s good enough. The brothers already mentioned that they weren’t watched secure enough. He trusted him. A black brother trusted a white brother, and the white brother spit on him.

Voices in crowd: (too soft)

Jones: What’s this? (Pause) What’s this?

Male 3: What’s that, Carl?

Male 4: He’s going to sleep.

Jones: Well, he better stay awake. Yes, yes yes yes. What a– What form of punishment would you suggest, Sister Tucker? What form of punishment? What form of punishment would you suggest?

Tucker: I don’t think of any uh, that would be sufficient, under circumstances.

Jones: Well, then, let’s think about it, (unintelligible word) ‘cause if­– if you were going to make a recommendation as a dissent in a democracy, you ought to offer us some solution. You are not willing to pa– impart some solution, then it’s obviously would be an anarchistic approach. What form of punishment do you suggest? You have to make some kind of recommendation to us.

Tucker: Uh, I think uh, uh, you should cut the other one’s hair off uh, uh–

Voices of angry disapproval from crowd

Jones: (Tsks) Take note of this conversation.

Tucker: First, cut his hair off, and uh, I– (cough) while I was thinking, you know, when they were–

Jones: Shh. Peace. That I would like to hear it.

Tucker: When they were– When they were, you know, I– you know, before you– before they were found this evening, I said, you know, they should be identified, and of course, what I was thinking was really hard, and so they should be uh, not allowed to have their clothing, but I said, you know– it would be probably would be too much. Uh– you know– so that they would be identified–

Jones: (unintelligible) death that they coulda caused if they had uh– if anyone here had had a stroke, if that’s too horrible to consider than making them naked?

Tucker: Yeah– I know, well, that’s why I was–

Jones: So many people are so conditioned on tommyrot anarchism and fascism, it’s– it’s– it’s–

Tucker: It wouldn’t–

Jones: What are you gonna do after they’re naked–

Tucker: It would be uh, easily identified, you know, should they–

Jones: Easily identified. Is that all you’re gonna do? All you’re gonna do for these people, running out all through this uh, whole company, thousands of dollars worth, you gonna let ‘em run naked? Then we have to look at their naked bodies then.

Tucker: The only re–

Jones: Peace. I have a– I do not– I– I have always been a social democrat in my refinement in the superego, but intellectually, I know it will not work. I know that there’s only one kinda thing that’ll work, a dictatorship of the proletariat in the hands of the persons or person that is most conscionable, that has sensitivity, that has compassion and has a sense of justice, because this is the kind of shit– uh, if that’s all you give this kind of infraction of our rules, to let him wander – these two – wander around here naked, you might as well just burn this place down tomorrow.

Crowd: (Cries out) Right.

Jones: You might as well burn it down. If these people walk away with no more ha– happening to them than to walk naked. We have appealed to them with reason, with reason, justice, and compassion. I put them in the hands of people that would let uh– psychologist that would let him air all of his difficulties, and never even intrude to find out what he personally said. Last night, when she said he was somebody capitalist, I just passed on by it, ‘cause– I mean– in front of it– in front of him, I said, well, time will teach him. I said, something will teach him. And something will. (Pause) ‘Cause based on that– that revelation last night, that I thought you’d be back here in my hands tonight. (Pause) What’re we gone do after they’re naked, sister? I’m interested?

Tucker: I didn’t come to any conclusions uh, you know, past this–

Jones: I said, what more punishment would you suggested after they were naked?


Tucker: I said I didn’t uh– you know, I didn’t think of any– uh, any further punishment af–

Jones: I am asking you to think of further discipline, now. Nakedness is not sufficient.

Tucker: Well, uh (laughs)– uh, uh, like, you– they say the cat-of-nine-tails, I think if you give ‘em uh, uh, a genuine good stirring with that, it’ll make ‘em think.

Jones: What is a good spurring, sister?

Tucker: Stirring, I said. Stir–

Jones: How many?

Male 3: How many?

Tucker: Uh, forty.

Jones: All right, I’ve gotta come in a 40. Uh– Forty’d put them to their knees. Forty cat-of-nine-tails, they– they’ll be– they’re carried– be carried out faint. (Pause) In a faint, they’ll be– they’ll be (stumbles over words) they’ll go unconscious with uh, forty whips of the cat-of-nine-tails.

Male 5: This is what was in the bag. It wasn’t (unintelligible word) brother. They found these in the bag.

Jones: Rubbers.

Voices in crowd: (too soft)

Jones: What little protection we have to keep from (unintelligible word) babies come in the world. You want to rob us. I was doing inventory about two o’clock this morning with Judy, and we had so little of these, and you– and you were– when’d you get these? (Mocking) Sir.

Brian Davis: I got ‘em from (unintelligible word)

Jones: When did you get ‘em?

Thom Bogue: He got ‘em from me and–

Jones: The lie– the night you lied and said you didn’t get anything out of there.

Davis: This morning.

Bogue: That’s– that’s when I got ‘em, Father.

Jones: On the road.

Voices in crowd: (too soft)

Jones: My God almighty. (Pause) You couldn’t fuck that much the rest of your life.

Voices in crowd: (too soft)

Male 6: You can’t fuck that much.

Male 7: (unintelligible  beginning) you lied. You said you was looking around in the nurse’s office. What was you looking for?

Jones: (unintelligible word) Listen to him, listen to him.

Male 7: Why did you lie before, when we had you up here?

Jones: I don’t have to– I don’t have to say a word to stop him from anything. He’d an older black man, if this country would justify for anything.

Male 7: Well, why’d you lie? Why’d you lie to Father?

Voices in crowd: (too soft)

Woman 4: You’re gonna answer him, (unintelligible)

Male 7: Why?

Jones: You better answer him. You better answer him, you better answer him, fool.

Voices in crowd: (too soft)

Male 7: You had all this planned then, didn’t you? Didn’t you have this planned? And you fucked (unintelligible word) my brother’s (unintelligible word) you resented it, didn’t you? Why are you resenting him?

Jones: Go right ahead, brother. Have your day.

Male 7: Why are you resenting him? Why? Why? Why are you resenting him?

Voices in crowd: (too soft)

Male 7: You been– you been cock-eyed, (unintelligible) day before yesterday, and you wouldn’t say a word to him. No, you wouldn’t, you were not, you were (unintelligible)

Voices in crowd: (too soft)

Male 7: Why are you– why are you (unintelligible) and you said no. Why? Why you didn’t say him?

Voices in crowd: (too soft)

Woman 5: Don’t you go to him hostile.

Jones: You– you use black brothers and sisters will put up with your shit– put up with your shit, uh, it’s only by my beckoning that they be kind to people like you.

Woman 5: That’s the truth.

Voices in crowd: (too soft)

Male 8: You feel the strength in him?

Jones: He could break your body.

Male 7: Every day we could– would you come in through there and you just walk over people. Wh– What you tell her, you show her, you’s cocky as you can be. And I told her you was gettin’ special treatment, to let you alone.

Jones: You have been a failure and a heartbreak. Is there’s any move in you, you should let it be known before we move a movement entirely on the side of violence to bring change. If there’s anything honest that can come out of your minds, you better let it out tonight, ‘cause you’re forever esta– establishing a course in this movement. (Pause) You cost everyone here, the majority, except a few anarchists, to disbelieve that reason prevails. To disbelieve that an ap– appeal to your higher senses causes anything more than to be schni– uh, spit in, our faces spit upon, and walk over as our precious black brother’s saying, was your cocky ass. (Pause) Don’t you know that anybody that touches this place finally gets judgment, all their arrogant attitudes don’t make any difference who?

Voices in crowd: That’s right.

Jones: To be (unintelligible word) any other foundation but socialist principle, you come down, you have accidents, you’ll be sick, you’ll die, and not easy.

Voices in crowd: Right.

Jones: No one’s ever ever uttered anything blasphemous against me, they didn’t pay for it.

Crowd: Right.

Jones: Now open up your mouth and see if you can get any reason, ‘cause there’s a m– a horrible night ahead of us for you.

Bogue: What I– what I did today was totally fucked-up on my part, and then to put you through all this hell and to put all the other comrades through all this hell just to hustle my crazy ass, and I think I should–

Woman 6: (unintelligible) –white honky ass.

Bogue: –and I think I should-

Voices in crowd: (too soft)

Jones: Well, now– (Pause)

Woman 6: –what you said, the people back here worrying about, you said, you don’t even care about (unintelligible)

Bogue: I think I should get my ass kicked royally tonight. I mean, worse– uh, worse–

Voices in crowd: (too soft)

Bogue: Worse than what it was the other night. And to have to work all night tonight, all night tomorrow, and– and–

Crowd: Angry voices


(tape edit)

Bogue: –‘cause I like to be anarchistic, and I was just, you know, doing it for my own ass, and I wasn’t thinking about anything else, and I never have, and– and for– for uh, my discipline for fucking, I would think I should uh, like, uh, go through some torture or something for uh– un– until– until I just uh, black out altogether, or longer.

Man 9: How about a good really hard day’s work, which you never do? How about one of those?

Jones: Yeah, yeah. Hmm.

Man 9: I mean a really good hard day. Instead he’s standing around, cocking around, and standing around looking. A good hard day. I’d like to have you. I could get a day out of you. Both of you.

Jones: They’re preparing handcuffs. That’s a cinch. Uh, there nobody prepared to do iut– trust anybody without handcuffs. Not when you do this thing to us. Not when you do this thing to us.

Voices in crowd: (too soft)

(tape edit)

Voices in crowd: (too soft)

Jones: Eileen’s enigma to me. What’re you laugh– What’re you smiling about, uh, Eileen?

Woman 7: You put your hands down.

Jones: Shh. Yes, will you put your hands down? There are rules that maintain an organization, and the rules are put your hands by your side. This is elementary as eating on time, if you’re to keep an organization. You anarchists never will learn that rules are meant to protect you. If not you, the children and the older people. You cannot break a rule uh, at your will. I have a great deal of difficulty communicating that to people I love. (Pause) You cannot break rules. Or everybody else around you will break rules.

Tucker: Uh, when you said uh, about the putting the handcuffs on him, uh, it brought to my mind that I thought of chains, uh, you know, when– when uh, you was asking this evening what did I think, I thought of chains, but I thought it would be too harsh, you know.

(tape edit)

Crowd: Angry voices

(tape edit)

Jones: –this stuff was stolen.

Voices in crowd: (too soft)

Jones: Take the watch off. Take it off. There’s a kid that gave his new watch, uh, (unintelligible word)– Let him have it. (Pause) yes, Katherine [Domineck]. See you been up fairly long standing there, you trying to speak for eighty– 87 years, what is you– what is it you would like to say, Katherine?

Domineck: I think they ought to be separated. I don’t think they ought to be together anymore.

Jones: Separated. Elementary, darling.

Domineck: Yes sir.

Jones: Or maybe they should be uh, bound together in eternal friendship.

Voices in crowd: Right.

(tape edit)

Jones: –she was finished, though. Don’t underestimate Domineck. (tape edit) –we’ll get it out of you, friend.

Male 10: What do you got here? What else you got here to (unintelligible word) All right.

Davis: I was find out what I was doing, and everything I wanted to take, I was putting in my– my knapsack or gunny bag.

(tape edit)

Jones: –anything short of that. I don’t care.

Male 11: Where did you hide the rest of the stuff? You left in a hastily, you wasn’t ready to go. Where did you hide the rest of the stuff?

Davis: (too soft)

Male 11: How long you been planning this with him, uh, Brian?

Male 12: One day. He said three days. Ever since he was up here before, he said you was working with him on this. And he’s shaking his head now.

Voices in crowd: (too soft)

(tape edit)

Jones: –I think not ought to be used for breaking the hell out of ‘em, and everybody that b– breaks those cups ought to be held responsible. Those cost two dollars US, those soup cups.

Voices in crowd: (too soft)

(tape edit)

Jones: What’s that you said, brother?

Male 11: They should do ‘em like they do in the Navy, hang ‘em from the yardarm by their thumbs overnight. (Pause)

Voices in crowd: (too soft)

Jones: W– Who are the– Those are wor– the sneaky kind.

Voices in crowd: (too soft)

Male 13: Who said no?

Jones: Who said no? Somebody (unintelligible word)– (tape edit) quick to want people disciplined firmly and spanked hard for uh, drinking water when they shouldn’t drink it. In their mind.

Voices in crowd: (too soft)

(tape edit)

Jones: –aluminum for us, he’s– he traded aluminum against us one time, now you’re taking our preventatives. You think that these idiots around here are not socialist, the few that are out there barefoot? (unintelligible word) people have not born by a revolution? Do you think that they’re going to bother about a fuckin’ condom? Assholes like you don’t– that they– All you sell them to is another asshole. People who care, uh, uh, uh, are here, that will put on the rubbers. They’re not gonna buy rubbers out there, idiot. What the hell they care if they get people knocked up out in the woods. (under breath) Dumb ass.

Male 14: Marie Lawrence uh– Marie– Marie Lawrence just said that she saw, was it Brian? (tape edit) [Levatus] McKinnis saw Brian? Brian make five trips back and forth to the bush last night, and I’m just wondering if he let– if he stash shit out there.

Voices in crowd: (too soft)

Jones: You better speak up. McKinnis shoulda had this in the office by now.

Voices in crowd: (too soft)

Jones: That’s right. I said to bring it to me immediately. What were you doing in the bush five times last night?

Davis: It wasn’t– It wasn’t the bush, it was the dump truck, and I was just putting our stuff out there until we got ready to leave.

Voices in crowd: (too soft)

Davis: That– that’s it. All– All that we took.

Male 15: All you had was in the bag.

Voices in crowd: (too soft)

(tape edit)

Bogue: I went to the warehouse and I asked for two boxes of matches, and she brought two packs, and I took two packs in– instead of telling that I took– that I just wanted two small boxes.

Woman 8: (unintelligible) have no matches, they were rubbers. And yeah, you do have it, actually, you better stop lying.

Voices in crowd: (too soft)

Jones: You goddamn liars, as you know, that that’s why (unintelligible word) people want to deal with them nicely. If people gone out of here–

Male 16: Why’d you lie to me? Why’d you lie to me when I asked you did you have matches?

(voice too soft)

Woman 9: Answer him.

Male 16: Yes, you lied. Why did you lie?

Crowd: Angry voices.

(Tape edit)

Bogue: Yes, they did.

Voices in crowd: (too soft)

Jones: Let us see what– (Tape edit)

Davis: Yes, Father.

Jones: Well, I’m– I’m encouraged by that. Why did you think you’d miss your family more than your Father, who will give your life for you. There’s no picture of your Father.

Woman 10: We want you dead.

Voices in crowd: (too soft)

(Tape edit)

Jones: –(unintelligible  beginning) there was some intercepted in the town by government that were negative. One sister came to me and apolog ized without realizing. So we’ll have to dictate letters now. We’ll have to add to your commission some of the former that were in the uh, correspondence uh, for life until we uh, get our mailing list here. Get all that– uh, take all those things out, they’re not gettin’ those– they’re not (unintelligible word) private uh, po– possession. Give me that– Give me that uh, direction thing. The compass. (Tape edit) I do. Yes, sister. (Tape edit) –and it’s a big operation to maintain them. Thank you. (Tape edit) –me trouble. Everybody here knows who’s causing me trouble, and I don’t like this kinda life. Can’t reason to people, gotta talk to them like an animal. (Pause) Tie them up. [What] Kinda damn business is this? (Pause) You gentlemen better not cause any more, ‘cause it– I’m– I’m– if they had to run out of here, I had to stop people running out of here to take things in their own hands. You don’t know how close you came tonight. No, you don’t know. Not– A lot of you settin’ there don’t know how close you came. Uh, some people you infuriated them beyond anything. White men taking advantage of the black people. (Pause) Come on, man, get your damn shoe in there and get over there. (Pause) Go on, tie it, tie it, tie it, tie it, tie it.

Woman 11: You never say “Thank you, Father,” do you, you goddamn bastard.

Jones: Yes, Jack. (tape edit) –bowel movements, and once other (stumbles over words) you (unintelligible word) cost a great deal, as he said, to cut down on the expense, but some of you just don’t use any sense, and when you put your hand to your– your backside, you’re– that’s where you contaminate yourself. It’ll go through the bowel and– when you set around on something, you pick up something, and you put it to your mouth later, and then that’s where you got real trouble. You may be seated. Yes.

Voice in crowd: (too soft)

Jones: Uh, you set out to work, (unintelligible word) tomorrow, then uh– tomorrow they’ll be out cutting wood. They’ll be out– There’s a big, big, big tree, they’ll be cutting up wood for you way out. So they’ll be assigned to that. (tape edit)


Part II:

Jones: –‘cause time’s gonna teach you a hard lesson, too.

Male: (unintelligible  beginning) I’d just like to say, (pause) about that

Jones: What is it?

Male: I’d just like to say about that (unintelligible), the only intellectual (unintelligible)

Jones and male talk over each other

Male: I just– I wasn’t really referring uh, to– I wasn’t referring– I wasn’t referring to the group that I felt that I was smarter than anyone else. I just– I just meant that I was referring to people of– that are familiar with arts (unintelligible) sort of kind of uh, intellectual background, but I– I really don’t uh, consider myself as an intellectual.

Jones: Um-hmm [Yes].

Male: So I really– I just use that word, but I really was referring to– to the group.

Jones: You’ve been living in (unintelligible) but you won’t be very well for a while. And I hope that you uh, learn, because I have to exert my power with a sense of justice and will. (Pause) When you finish with brother– when you finish and are better, when you finish, then we want to decide where he’s to be placed under regular work, so you can learn a little bit about followthrough. (Pause) Anyone wish to take this (stumbles over words) this responsibility? Who is it back there? Marie? You think you can handle this, too? Hmm?

Marie: (too soft)

(tape edit)

Jones: –in between.

Crowd: Right.

Jones: I’ll bring you close to it. You’ll know what it is, before next Peoples Rally. Because you have stepped too far. (Pause) And when he (unintelligible word) out of the proverbs, it’s time you got your head into some Marx and Lenin thinking, and begin to quote to us some famous quotations of revolutionaries. Even Malcolm [X] did not know the causative factors of the problem. Nor the solution. It’s time you knew what Marx and Lenin and all of those thoughts, comparable thinkers have to say, about present conditions. And I expect him to do his study and his homework in the introduction to socialism. I expect you to do it. And when you are back in good health, I expect you to be on the job and doing your task, when you are back in good health.

Voices in crowd: (too soft)

M14: Uh– Thank you, Father. Thank you, Father.

Jones: Rise and let’s sing, “United Forever” [national anthem of Soviet Union, modified] (tape edit)

(sings) United forever in friendship and labor
A mighty people shall ever endure
The great socialist union shall live through the ages
A dream of a people, their fortress secure
Long live (unintelligible) fatherland
Was built by (unintelligible) mighty hand
Long live her people united and free
Long live this communist dream
(speaks) Having trouble holding your arm up, brother?

End of tape

Tape originally posted May 2013