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(Note: This tape was transcribed by Vicki Perry. The editors gratefully acknowledge her invaluable assistance.)

Jones: I’ve heard it said that God is coming for a church. I have heard you say that God is coming for a church without spot or wrinkle or any such thing. I have heard you say that you had to (Unintelligible word) peace and holiness, without which no man could see God. I’ve heard you make that declaration. I have heard you avidly support those testimonies, that you had to be a whole and a clean and an upright people, that you could not defraud your brother, that you could not engage in violence, that you must keep the holy commandments and not kill and not lie and not bear false witness, nor commit adultery in any sense with anything that’s false or fornicatious. I have heard you, out of the mouth of human hunger, declare such desires. Now the mouth of God hath revealed it. You must follow holiness, without which no man can meet or know their God. You must have a clean heart and an upright (unintelligible). There is no way that anything unclean will inherit the new order. You must clean yourself up from these old traditions, these exploited traditions that have held over from capitalism, you must let them drop like the dead weight of a carcass. I hope you will let them drop. Some of you still smoking and say you are born again. If you are born again, Christian socialists, you will not smoke.

Congregation: (Cheers)

Jones: If you are regenerated, you will not drink. If you have had a vision of this new Jerusalem, the city and builder whose maker is God addressing you here, in the first person. If you want to inherit the new earth, then you will free yourself from the limitations and the debilitating circumstances of the flesh. You will not allow your money to give aid and abet the cause of such terrible honky systems as the tobacco industry. I will not often speak about it, and I’ve not said a word about it for years, but I am saying a word about it tonight. Don’t bring your stench-ridden clothes in here. Free yourself of tobacco before you get here!

Congregation: (Cheers)

Archie Ijames: Yes, yes, yes. Thank you, God! That’s right. That’s right. That’s right.

Jones: That’s all right. You may have the freedom to walk too. But when you get in the jails, they’ll be no one but the (unintelligible word) God to become to you. When you stand before the courts and are oppressed by the system of man, there will be no one that will stand except one you are now appearing, now that you are looking at, now that you are viewing, that one will be your only one that will come. If you reject me when I speak the truth, you have rejected the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit!

Congregation: (Cheers and applause)

Ijames: That’s true! True! Very true!

Jones: No one humanly speaking knows where the body of Jesus is. But it says where the carcass is gathered together, there will the eagles be. Where the carcass is, there will the eagles be gathered together, is in your likeness in the King James translation. Where we find your people gaining strength, gaining health, gaining a social consciousness, gaining a consciousness of morality that they’ve never had before, gaining a consciousness of seniorhood that they have never witnessed in all their days. They’re actually becoming their brothers’ keeper. They’re going out into the prisons, into the highways and hedges and compelling people to be regenerated. We’re renewing people by this holy hope that is within the breast of those that are in this people’s mission.

Ijames: Yeah.

Jones: They have found their Redeemer. They have come in contact with that which man has forgone. Humanly speaking, you do not know where the body of Jesus is. Even Mary and Martha made that terrible mistake after he had been laid in the tomb. Those who had walked with him by the way did not know him, because coming back from the tomb, they were still looking for Goldilocks Jesus. They were still looking for the same one that they had called the carpenter’s son. But when they were walking back on the road from Emmaus, came down the road, they could not understand when the gardener was there consoling them, who was in their presence. They were telling the gardener how bad their life was, how miserable it was since they’d lost Jesus, how much they were looking forward to his return. And I notice someone in the (unintelligible) tonight, back in the back was talking about the return of the spirit of God. They all serve close to the spirit of God, and yet they do not know. God is not a follower. God is not a follower. But God is at hand!

Ijames: Thank you, Lord. Amen! (unintelligible) Yes he is! Right here!

Congregation: (Cheers and applause)

Jones: Peace. I had declared it through every century and through every dispensation, the Word is now thee. The Word is God. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. And your scriptures’ filled with the promise that the word is close to you. The word is (unintelligible). Even as close as the breath you breathe, and I was within breathing distance of one who said, she knew God! Said, if no one else here tonight knows God, she said, I know God! (unintelligible)– in the vicinity, God was as close as a touch of a finger. And she did not recognize. Hallelujah!

Ijames: Hey, my, my, my. (unintelligible word)!

Jones: Jesus Christ knew because he raised with the consciousness of the hundredfold degree. The hundredfold consciousness is available principle to everyone. It’s a free expression of divine universal law. You could have thirty percent of God, as most churches do. Or you could have sixty percent of God as some endeavor to do in the so-called Pentecostal and Latter Rain movements. Or you could move on, on beyond the sixty percent, in which forty percent of you are still dead, and only sixty percent alive. You could move on up to the consciousness of one hundred percent, where there is nothing but God. Every vacuum, every vacuum, every vacancy, every place in mind and materiality, you’re still with God’s presence. You’ve come to the consciousness where there is no space vacant of the presence of the Almighty God Socialism, where you recognize his (unintelligible), not only on a moment on a Sunday, but every time you’re in the presence of the people’s mission, you know God is abundant and ever-present.

Ijames: (unintelligible word) (Laughs) Thank you! Thank you!

Congregation: (Cheers and applause)

Jones: And although I’m with you always, even unto the end of the world, I declared it in the hundredfold of me in Nazareth, and it has not changed. He said then and he says today, I will not leave you, I will not forsake you. If he had gone anywhere, then he woulda been a liar. If he had left you, he woulda been a liar, but he said he said he was going nowhere. He said everything else may change, all things may pass away, but I will not change, I will not go anywhere. (Quietens) And so the confused Mary and Martha have summoned the atmosphere of people’s mission tonight. Still confused. Still looking for their savior, when their savior has always been with them. Always around. He may have a different shape, and a different form, a different sound of voice, his hair color might be slightly different, but the same God, the very same Jesus.

Congregation: (Cheers and applause)

Ijames: (sings in background)

Jones: I heard the (unintelligible) was making so much to do about the mythical God a while ago. I hear nothing from her now. I hear no expression from her now. Because she’s in the same confusion that Mary and Martha was. She’s looking for the same one that after all supped with him. They have washed his feet. They have dined with him. They have prepared his meals and prepared his bed. Mary and Martha would always know Jesus, they thought. And yet just a few hours after he was dead and buried in the tomb, just a few hours after he’d been removed from them, they did not know him. They did not recognize him. That’s the condition of you that call yourselves second coming millennialists. Adventists, you say, you’re looking forwards to the coming of Jesus. You are the least likely to find him. Because you will not recognize that God is always in the room.

Congregation: (Cheers and applause)

Ijames: Yes he is. (one line of singing)

Jones: Mary and Martha made the mistake that some are making in this atmosphere tonight. They walk with him but because he was not in the same bodily form – he had changed his outward appearance – but it was the same hundredfold, it was the same universal mind principle because as one graduates in school in the academic process, always someone moves up to take that level. And someone had the mantle upon them. Already Jesus Christ had a new mantle, a new bodily form, a new incarnation, and he was walking with them there by the garden, and Mary and Martha said, “This is the gardener.” (Voice builds) And your scripture tells you that they did not know the one they called the gardener was the very same Jesus, the very same God that they saw!

Ijames: Yeah!

Congregation: (Cheers and applause)

Jones: What would you see tonight? As one has said, what you see is what you’re gonna get.

Ijames: (Laughs) All right.

Jones: If you just see another form of gardeners denying the power, then you have nothing but institutional religion. But some– some– some look and have seen, some look and live, some have heard the voice of the one that was there when the morning star (unintelligible word) together. Some have heard the voice of the one that said the one that said let there be light!

Congregation: (Cheers and applause)

Jones: Some have heard the voice of the one that said let (unintelligible word) appear.

Congregation: (Cheers and applause)

Jones: Whatever you call their seeing, whatever you call the perception that has lifted them. I look upon the one down there that’s 97 years young, Sister Ever [Rejoicing]. She has seen God. She had a pure heart and she saw God. She came all the way from Philadelphia because she saw God in a bodily form. (Organ plays) Stand up, Sister Ever. Ninety-seven years young. Respiratory ailment, on the back. She was laying on the back of her back. Laying there ready to die. But she saw God. She had a pure heart. She had a pure heart and she saw God! And now, standing up here today, she’s 97 years young. What would you see tonight? What would you like to see? Do you want to see a man? A man is good to see when you need someone to help you fix your tire. A man is good to see when you need someone to help you work in your garden. A man is good to see when you need someone to help you climb and do some heavily difficult work. But when you somebody to look you– when you’re sick, when you need someone to heal you when you’re dying. As a sister last night with a cancer on her spine, and even though the prognosis of medical science was she couldn’t live, I said “I say!” I said “I say you shall live!”

Congregation: (Cheers)

Jones: (Voice climbs throughout) If she had thought I was a man, she would’ve never got any help. But she knew she had heard the voice of God. She knew she’d heard the voice on (unintelligible). Come, here’s where to live! Here’s where to live (unintelligible). I’m taking the waters of my feeling. Come, and I will heal you. Come and I will (unintelligible). Come, and I will deliver you. Come, and I will bring you through! It’s the same Jesus. It’s the same God! (sings) (unintelligible) the very same Jesus, the very same God, who cares for the (unintelligible word) of man.

(tape edit)

Jones: –(unintelligible) degree, but the Ph.D., the ultimate degree, the doctor of philosophy of God, you have to localize in some Peoples Temple mission to find. You have to make yourself in a focal point in Peoples Temple to get the Ph.D. in deity. And you say, “I know God.” Yes, you may know God in an eighth-grade experience. Or you might even – some of ‘em who think you know God the most – might just be getting out of kindergarten. And some of you who think you know God, are certainly no further along than the third or the fourth grade. But there is a destiny to which I have come to manifest. And I would not be truthful if I told you otherwise. I have declared it, I have manifested, I have exonerated the hundredfold. And that is the philosophy. That’s the doctorate of the philosophy of God. The manifestation of the ultimate objectives and causality of God. The manifestation of the highest principle of truth and universal knowledge in God. This is the Ph.D. class. (voice climbs) If you like primer school, if you like the first grade, then you’ll have to go somewhere else. If you enjoy kindergarten, or nursery school, you won’t be happy here. If you enjoyed high school days, you’re going to be lost in this atmosphere. But if you enjoy higher learning, if you enjoy the academies of the highest, if you want to come to the summa moment of all that is (unintelligible word), if you want to find God personified in the highest first person, (voice drops) then I say come with me. Come sup with me. Come and bask in the sunlight of this divine ocean. Your offerings can wait, because God does not have to have an offering. God just has to be. That’s all God has to do.

Ijames: Hey, hey! Yeah!

Jones: (Voice climbs throughout) You know the actual consciousness of God is a little bit like the ocean. The closer you get to it, the better you feel. The more the breezes blow on you. And some of us in these industrial cities with all the pollution feel the need of getting close right out where the full tide blows. Out where the full tide roars. And that’s what we’re doing now. We’re close now. You’re close to the sea breeze. You’re close to the source. You are in the ultimate if you know God, if you’re able to recognize. But some of you call him a gardener. Now you better be careful, or you may just call him a man in a black robe. You better be careful, because you are in the actual conscious presence of the most high God. And if I went out to declare it, the stones would cry out.

Congregation: (Murmurs)

Jones: (Voice moderates) Stones would cry out better than some humans. (Pause) If you’re gonna get people to understand God, then you’re going to have to know and act like you’ve met God. You’re gonna have to express like you’ve met God.

Congregation: (Applause)

Jones: (unintelligible word) With or without your person, God will declare himself tonight. With or without your help and assistance, even with your opposition, God will be God.

Congregation: (Cheers and applause)

Ijames: Go ahead. Go ahead. Go ahead.

Jones: (Conversational) It’s important that you do take care of your responsibilities to serve mankind. God needs nothing. God comes without houses or lands, money or price. There’s no cost to God. He doesn’t come with any jewels or fine furs, he doesn’t come with any new cars or any new suits. God is the same as he was in the days of Nazareth. He came without money or price to save all that are lost. So God’s available to you without money or price, but you have to help those that have fallen with your monies, because that’s the way you work out your plan of salvation.

(tape edit)

(organ playing in background)

Jones: When all around you is nothing but quicksand, when all around you is nothing but a manure pile, then you should look lively, even at your lowest point.

Congregation: (Cheers and applause)

Ijames: Yeah! Oh yeah!

Jones: In these past weeks and months, who has been attempted to be prosecuted? Who has attempted– the oppositions that have been inflicted upon this cause have been greater than any other cause, because– just is it so, always. They come to kill God, thinking they do God a service. In the name of their false gods, it is said in the last days, they would even kill God– kill and thinking they do God a service. That’s a strange–

(tape edit)

(woman singing in background)

Jones: I look at some of you that slept in the same garden. Your face interchanges. Your face changes. You’ve been sleeping for a long time. You slept in the same garden. Only three-foot hall– three foot was that wall then. Now you sitting in comfortable seats, it’s easier. But more is responsible to you now because you knew more and you had– you have more knowledge. So you have to fight to keep awake. Some of you can participate when you’re participating for vain, selfish reasons. When you’re competing as a capitalist then you w– you participate. I’m consternated that some can sing only when they’ve got some competition from the world. Some can enthusiastically enjoy their salvation only when somebody else is around, so that they can show that they are more capable in their performance. The directors cannot get any assistance until there’s some kind of catfish in the tank. There was a scrawny tank catfish, I must declare. (Pause) But now the catfish is gone and all of you are (Unintelligible word, sounds like “thin” or “dead”).

Woman in crowd: That’s right.

Congregation: (applause)

Jones: After a while, the world’s going to be on fire, children. Because this great salvation’s going to stir up such confusion, but all the wrong systems that you saw in the films are going to come down.

Congregation: (Cheers and applause)

Jones: They’re going to come down! I promise, oh, no. Oh, no, no, no. You didn’t hear me! They’re going to come down on their head. They’re going to crush you down to the earth so that you’ll come out as a refiner’s– in the refiner’s fire. You’ll be purified. ‘Cause truth crushed down to the earth will rise again. But it takes that processing. It takes that terrible, grueling process to bring out the fine emeralds that are in these hewn stone and– and callous rocks.

Ijames: Oh, yeah!

Jones: I welcome the day! I hope because if we’re being– that every national bearer, every flag, every creed, all credos and all political systems, they’ll fall. But I’m glad for the day when something gets loose on you. I saw you react to our little catfish. The scrawniest catfish I’ve seen in a long while. I saw you getting starved, and I was grateful indeed for that scrawny catfish. But I’d be more grateful that they turned the capitalist press– the Hearst on us again. I’ll be more grateful when the police state comes after your savior. I’ll be more grateful when they come with wicked hands again to take me as they took the Christ of old and show them again. I’ll be more grateful because I don’t like the slow death that I see around here. People sleeping (unintelligible) of the right idea.

Congregation: (Cheers and applause)

Ijames: Yes, yes!

Jones: It’s my opinion that some of you then will know what you’re made of. Some of you then will recognize whether you are a Saul, whether you are a Paul or a Saul, or whether you are a Peter, a rock, or whether you are just a shallow wind. Some of you then will know– you’ll not know now, you don’t know by singing. That’s just child’s play. That’s minnows in a little ripple stream. That’s just easy going, down easy mill stream. You can’t know this thing by how well you sing.

Woman in crowd: That’s right.

Jones: You can’t know this thing by how well you perform in your duties out there, but when persecutions come, when prosecutions come, when oppositions come from every hand. I welcome their coming. For then I will be able to save you from your miserable self.

Congregation: (Murmurs) That’s right.

Jones: (Ministerial cadence) I welcome their coming, I say come quickly. Come the four winds, the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Come, ride hard on the heads of this, the chosen ones. Ride hard on them! Ride over them. See whether they’ll stand up and defend their faith. See what they’re made of. Ride along, four horseman of the apocalypse! I call you forth! I call you forth from the east, from the west and the north and the south. Come in! Sweep in over this Temple and sever and divide and scatter! As the four winds does the feathers. (Quiet) Scattered. I have chosen it to be. I command the uh– beginning, the (unintelligible word) of persecutions. I command this day in mid-May, to bring us no more plenty. We’ve had weeks of plenty, and has done nothing for us. I now say come, winds of persecution. Ow! Come oppositions! Rail in upon us. Shake this house! Come all you that are lost in that interim world, that do not want me to be saved, yet do not want these to be saved, and yet know that you could only be saved by our being saved. (unintelligible) with your work. You want a chance to be saved? All the lost voices of the interim stage. Come out now!

Congregation: (Reacts)

Jones: (Calls out) Incarnate yourself! Shake this people! Try them by fire! We saw the pestilences! We saw the famines. We saw the (unintelligible word) of revolution! Open up all the (unintelligible word)! Pour them out!

Congregation: (Cheers)

Jones: I say, come capitalism with all your mighty demoniac power. Make your last stand, and get it over with. We welcome you. (Pause)

Congregation: (Cheers and applause)

Jones: Best not clap. Best not clap. You don’t know what your Father just did.

Congregation: (Murmurs)

Ijames: Oh, my! I’m with you!

Jones: (Pause) (Conversational) Best not clap. If you love God, then you can clap. (Pause)

Congregation: (sustained applause)

Jones: (Hums) I looked over the youngster tonight singing under the influence of capitalist competition. And I saw that young boy in just a m– moment, time ahead. Just (Unintelligible) by the fall. I saw that young boy indulging in the worst sensual greed. I looked across the faces of some that I have witnessed in some point in time and space recently, and I saw them indulge in every kind of vice and crime. And what I found the people’s heart beating loudly for their approach. And some– some here, who also have a desire to taste of that iniquity, the mother of harlots, capitalism. You have a desire to suck at her breast. So I say, (unintelligible, sounds like “Houston”), thee of God.

Woman in crowd: Amen!

Jones: Houston said that they would truly know their God. Bring all the apocalypse, bring everything that has ever been threatened. Bring the four horsemen with all their evil and all of their test in powers. Bring them, so that this, these, the chosen ones, can come forth, out of the midst of the ones that are called. Some are called – so many – but only few are chosen.

Congregation: (Responds)

Jones: I look over these ranks and I know many of you are called, but few of you – only a few of you, only a few of you – are chosen. Do you know I know right now the ones who are called, and the ones who are chosen?

Congregation: (Responds)

Jones: Do you know that I can look at you as it were, a magnet and a magnifying glass. I draw you to me and I can look at you through a microscopic lens. I’m full of discernment and I know the chosen from the called. I can look over this assembly and some of your faces are ashen gray, and some of you have the redding– the– the– the readiness of the difference– the difference– the differential of being called. I can see the difference tonight. It shows to my eye. Some others may see it, but I can see it.

Congregation: (Murmurs)

Jones: Every place my eye goes, if you follow my eye, and look at the face, you’ll know the difference between the called and the chosen. Look all through this house, that are in close proximity. Tonight I’ve been looking close because I have that work to do, an investigative work. Hands clasped. The unity of mind and purpose. This consciousness can bring joy, if you allow (unintelligible) to perfect you. Beyond degree and cause you to feel the fullest expression of (unintelligible) love and joy of divine Pentecostal socialism. You can know the love and joy as you’ve never known it. Love and joy above all the tears and the fears of capitalist mortality. It’s something if you really know this principle. If you don’t know it, you are on a vast sea, a stormy sea. One day you’ll have to know it. I hope that the persecutions of the next days will bring you into consciousness quickly.

(tape edit)

Jones: The holy socialist universal order in which there could be no loyalties to flags, colors, or creeds. And I will, whether you cooperate or not, cause every knee to bow and every tongue to confess.

Congregation: (Calls out)

Ijames: Yes, he will.

Jones: I don’t matter, it matters not, what you do with your own person at this moment. Just as long as you’re harmonious. (Pause) Hands clasped. (Pause) Some things that I’m trying to do for the welfare of the human race, are very crystal clear. I have made about thirty– thirty beautiful prophetic experiences tonight and marked them down – thirty-two, to be exact – in which people have been protected from all kinds of threats, diseases and several of them, seven deaths. (unintelligible). There’s something a little obscured here, perhaps it was because your mind was not attuned as it should’ve been, because where you look for help, that’s where you get help. Your mind and attention, your love and devotion have to be placed on the fundamental, which I am. Jesus said, this is why he was crucified, because of what I’m doing tonight.

Voice in crowd: Yeah!

Jones: Jesus was crucified because of what I am doing tonight. Jesus said, you are gods. He said who be the man that (unintelligible word) himself God, and they killed him, but he said it is written you all are gods. I’m the firstborn of many brethren. These things shall you do and greater. He said greater shall come after me, because I have gone to the Father. So I’m experiencing and demonstrating, I’m exonerating, and beautifying and exhibiting that which Jesus died on the cross for. To hinder me would be spitting in the name of Jesus.

Ijames: Yes.

Jones: It’d be to stone the cross, because the cross made such a work possible, as the manifestation of a fathership degree that is now with you. Your hands are clasped. Someone who– that is not so attuned, perhaps, that I have not caught the full impact of their chart, that I need to protect them. Someone who may have sometime known of a dog, a dog by the name of, I think, Hobo or Oboe. Hobo that was killed by a dog named Jojo. (Pause) It’s important for you to think through your mind and peruse your mind closely now, because it can be the difference between life and death. Look a way back. (Pause) A long way back. (Pause) G– Who is this? (Pause) Spirit of socialism, holy, holy, holy.

(whispering, very quietly in background, unintelligible)

Jones: What is your name, please?

Martha Jones: Martha Jones.

Jones: Martha Jones. Who’s Tom?

Martha Jones: My nephew.

Jones: You’ve never told anyone here of this. Never told me.

Martha Jones: (Unintelligible)

Jones: Dog. Jojo. (Unintelligible under Jones) was your dog.

Martha Jones: Yes.

Jones: Hobo.

Martha Jones: That’s right.

Jones: You’ve not told a living soul that.

Martha Jones: No, I haven’t.

Jones: And I do not know you.

Martha Jones: No, you don’t.

Jones: But I do know you because I am the infinite intelligence.

Ijames: Yeah! God Almighty! Right on!

Congregation: (Cheers and applause)

Jones: I would say tonight, sisters, it’s not always that we speak in some emphatic and declarative tense. The imperative, the absolute tense of God, the first person, is now addressing you. If you cannot stand the heaviness of this holy doctrine, I would slip out. I’d slip out. Because to touch this, would be like touching the Ark of the Covenant from the days of the major prophets. Anyone who did, dropped dead. To touch this holy revelation now would bring death to you. I’m vindicating what I say. If you prove what you say, then in the empirical school of scientific evidence in the study of– of all knowledge, in sound inquiry, you are to accept that which is proven. This is a stranger to me, yet I tell her about the fall of a sparrow, her dog. That’s as the fall of the sparrow. God, the infinite mind, is aware of the fall of the hairs on your head.

Congregation: (Murmurs)

Jones: And the loss of a dog, yea, so many years ago, for that was a long time ago, but the Spirit is here to meet your need now. Hands clasped. Because of that simple little thing. (glossolalia). Who is Annette?

Martha Jones: That was my twin. (Pause)

Jones: You have twins.

Martha Jones: Yes.

Jones: Annette, and I hear something– like Ninny or Nina, I–

Martha Jones: Neenie is my baby.

Jones: Neenie. Jeanette and Annette. Born on the 30th day of October.

Martha Jones: Uh-hmm.

Congregation: (Scattered clapping)

Martha Jones: (whispered) I know you, God!

Jones: I– I– are they with you? (Pause) Where are they? Hands clasped. Because it’s important, their lives must be protected by this Holy Spirit now. They’re standing in line, all of those children.

Martha Jones: (whispered) I know that. I know you, God.

Jones: You knew it, and that’s why it happens. Spirits. (Pause) Hands clasped. (Pause) One of the children was wondering where Hobo, the shepherd dog–

Martha Jones: Yes.

Jones: –seemed to die of pneumonia.

Martha Jones: Yeah. (unintelligible) (cries)

Jones: But the reason he died is because of the attack of Jojo.

Martha Jones: (crying harder)

Jones: So I want to clear all minds, ‘cause I knew there was (unintelligible). It’s important now, because the one that discerns the thoughts and know the intents in your heart is looking at you.

Congregation: (Murmurs)

Jones: The one that Hebrews 4:12 said when he came in his fullness and his glory. Said then the word was made flesh through the discerned thoughts and knows the intentions of the heart, he would separate bone from marrow, and we saw it like last evening, when the tumors were taken out off the woman’s spine and she walked perfectly whole. Or we see that it like this sister that’s in the Temple right now that has a new hip socket, when she was back after the holy revelation–

Martha Jones: (whispers) Oh, God.

Jones: –right in this atmosphere tonight. I will see it like the one that’s standing here before us, a precious singer, had all of her bones broken, and I mended those bones and took steel rods out of her body, as she waves her hands. It’s important to know who’s addressing you now, because I have to save the whole house.

Jones: Spirits (Unintelligible word) the mind of God. Debra Lynn. Who’s this?

Martha Jones: That’s my other born. (cries)

Jones: On we go, on we go. Down the line. I’m now in the absolute affirmative on the life of our children. I’m saving every one of them in that line. Hands clasped.

Martha Jones: (crying, unintelligible)

Congregation: (Cheers and applause)

Ijames: Thank you, God! Thank you, God! Thank you, God. Thank you, God.

Jones: All I ask you to do, all I’d ask you to do in Palo Alto is to change something. Just change something in your home that would be devoured with flames. There are two large round, gold relief sculpture-type plaques.

Martha Jones: Yes sir!

Jones: A man’s hand.

Martha Jones: Yes sir!

Jones: A man’s head.

Martha Jones: Yes sir!

Jones: In the bottom one– by you– he’s looking to the left as you look at it.

Martha Jones: That’s right!

Jones: All right, as you see it in your mind. You move that, and that will save your house and your (unintelligible).

Martha Jones: Yes.

Jones: And when you move that plaque, I will take the last of the (unintelligible) to find the (unintelligible) in God!

Martha Jones: (screaming)

Jones: (cries out, unintelligible)

Congregation: (Enthusiastic applause, eventually quietens to singing)

(tape edit)

Jones: Never do that (tape edit)– I must urge of you, one last time, because you’ve never heard me speak about the four horsemen of the apocalypse, and they’re going to ride high. They’re going to gallop as a stallion. And I want you to defend yourself from unnecessary defeat. I urge upon you tonight that you do right by this holy cause. Some of you never do right, and some of you will perhaps help make up for some others that have not done right, and great will be your reward. But I’m asking you, this house has already begun to see it. Already tonight, a message brought to me. Already one has been struck down, just fifteen minutes after I spoke my sermon. Now what I can do depends upon your faith, and some who are immediately affected in this room. But now your moment comes. Will you– will you not rob God. You know what I have to do. You know Operation Hope. You know what lays ahead the first of June. You know how important that second day is. So let us respond wholeheartedly now. You know the children’s home, the senior citizen homes, all those lovely facilities where we take care of people. And you can see evidently that I’m not like other preachers, I don’t have watches or rings, or own cars or suits. Nothing but used choir robes.

(tape edit)

Jones: –(unintelligible) to pass the cancer. Said so glad, my God. Why can’t you calmly that someone could come from the Catholic faith, where they’re called priest, father. Why can’t you come, who have been so long with me! How long? How long you been?

(man and woman sing “I know you are our God”)

(tape edit)

Jones: (unintelligible) –pay for what you’ve got. Spirit, Spirit, Spirit, Spirit. (glossolalia)

(man and woman sing “I know you are our God”)

(tape edit)

Jones: (unintelligible) –vow. We wait. Our altar’s open. If I were you, I would be in a standing position at this moment. I would highly recommend it, for your very health’s sake. You think you’re tired. I can advise you it’ll be better for embolisms to move in some bodies here, to keep the blood flowing. You’ll not be hurt by standing. Now if I say that– and no one’s ever died in my whole presence. Not one. Seriously, when the woman fell stone dead, and the church was packed in Los Angeles, our Temple there, I said, do not be alarmed, for she fell like stone, didn’t she? How many saw? She fell like stone, without breath, without heart, without blood pressure. Dead. But I said, do not be alarmed, why? Because no one up until now, in all these scores of years, have ever died in my presence. No one that has not– if they died, they resurrected immediately. I mean by that, they have never remained dead. So that’s good enough for you to take hope when you stand to your feet. I’m asking, if you want to belong to the only true church. [You] Say, I belong to a church. If you’re satisfied, then I will release you to your own level of consciousness. But if you want to be in the true church, the church of your savior, Jesus Christ, the church, the general assembly of the church of the firstborn, to innumerable company of angels, to the spirits of just men and women that are being made perfect in this, the only egalitarian camp, the only holy Pentecostal socialist camp. Would you come? The altars are open. They’re not always open. Would you like to tonight? For this is your day. This is the Ark of the Covenant. This is the holy seal. This is the Christ. Will you come? Will you come? (Clears throat) The church is open for just a few more minutes. Last night, the altars were filled. Tonight, the messages have been heavier. Do you want to (unintelligible). Do you want? Do you want to unite with the church? For Christ is here, the head of the church.

Ijames: Oh, yes, he is.

Jones: Will you come? Down to the altar, just stand before you go back to make your application for the passport to life. We co–

(End of tape)

Tape originally posted December 2009