Q979 Transcript

Transcript prepared by Fielding M. McGehee III. If you use this material, please credit The Jonestown Institute. Thank you.

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Jones: (voice fades in) in every large city in the United States, they’re now down to a bare dozen, or a few dozen, (unintelligible word) I think. Some think that there’re more than 48 left in the country. It is a frightening situation to behold, but they’re not satisfied until they crush them into complete dust. Yes, yes, yes. So obviously we, with over 800 here and 300 back there, become prime target. There’ve been moves of all sorts of varieties, orchestrated by Mrs. Mertle [Deanne Mertle, aka Jeannie Mills]. They’ve contacted every one they can possibly think of contacting, Mr. [Tim] Stoen now in it to save his own ass, in spite of his surreptitious notes, saying that he still shares our goals. No, that’s not justification to save your own ass. No way can you justify saving your own ass. How could a man justify – who has no children, no one to take care of – how could he possibly justify trying to save himself from a few years of jail. (Pause) I’m sure some of you would share it with, and I’m sure some of you would do exactly what he did. But how would you do so, and how could you do so? How could anyone be so evil as to save themselves at others’ expense?

Scattered in crowd: Right.

Jones: And give information to the enemy, and try to orchestrate as he has, and putting up people– some people who woulda never made a move, like one lad’s mother here, without the backing of Tim Stoen (unintelligible word), to try to get the (unintelligible word), the cost of that airplane fare tomorrow. And now [Bobby] Stroud, and his girlfriend [Marcie Ann Simon] and, even the (unintelligible word) family been made by Stoen’s connection with the unintelligible name, sounds like “Mileah’s”) dad, being moved with that entire family, the Griffiths. Ridiculous. They can’t win it. Saying that they’re all uh, here against their will, and thus need conservatorship. He represents legal hassle, even though we’re winning. Can you imagine Mrs. [Mary] Griffith and the– her two boys [Emmett Griffith Jr. and Amondo Griffith] and uh, Mary, Amondo and uh, Emmett Senior, and he has a grandchild [Camella Griffith]– they have a grandchild now. Can you imagine that they’re all here against their will? How do you get anyone on an airplane against their will? And how do you change ports twice at least, and sometimes three times, and do that against someone’s will? Ridiculous. Said they were brought here against their will. That’s their charge, they were brought here against their will. And of course, someone keeps little things stirred up. But uh, one of our chaps is taking a walk through the neighborhood tonight. And I hope it doesn’t go any further (unintelligible word). I’m getting very weary with this kinda of shit. Hours and hours that I could spend going around, getting to know you and helping with projects and doing some physical work, and they’re just simply wearing me down to a frazzle with these goddamn vicious enemies, who want to cook up one thing after another. Each one of them have to be answered. Even though we win the case, we still have to pay for a lawyer for each one of these separate individual situations. And we have any number that can be next. And they make an open statement that they hope to bring us to our knees, cause disruption internally, take our money for legal defense so we won’t have it to eat, thus starve us and bring us to our knees. I think the time has come for us to decide to– For my own– my own reasoning, I have not gone clear over to the Soviet Union and asked Tass to come in and asked the Soviet delegation and try to get newspaper copy in every Soviet journal. But I am personally of an opinion to do so. I– I think some of you people are not prepared to take on a full uh, stand, and I always act somewhat as a barometer for what you are able to take. In my opi– opinion, it is high time that we dissociate ourselves from everything remotely in United States, and call ourselves what we are, pro-Soviet, and uh–

Crowd: Shouts and applause

Jones: –do it in public and do it in private.

Crowd: Applause.

(tape edit)

Jones: –Soviet, work on the situation. Hope you know what that means. Because we will certainly have a lot of enemies calling ourselves a pro-Soviet movement on the basis– on the continent of South America. But these people are not interested in negotiations or compromise. They’re not interested in living or let living. Even a communal name unnamed– a communal group unnamed. Not calling ourselves pro-Soviet or pro-Chinese is unsatisfactory to them. Anything in the name of communism, communal practice, cooperation, is a threat to them. Even if it’s 6000 miles away, they have to crush it. I’m sick of it. I don’t want to go down as some idealistic uh, communalist. I’d like it to be known personally, that I would still do what’s the best interest of the people. I would like it to be known personally that I have law– always been a communist, and always will be a communist.

Crowd: Right. (Applause)

Jones: Peace. Best being seated. How many want to take that stand, even it meant that missiles be aimed at us. (Pause) Anyone so opposed to that stance? (Pause) Well, that’s fine. You don’t need to stand, but it’s uh, good to– Anyone so opposed to that stance. (Pause) They call in the Soviet press and call in– and make an open alliance with the Soviet Union.

Crowd: Right. (Applause)

(tape edit)

Jones: We could get Winslow who was (unintelligible phrase) won with Judge Winslow, who tried to under– en– undermine his le– Lieutenant Governor Dymally, but he won with Lieutenant Governor Dymally, and said he said a hundred percent support. He would not believe anybody when they turned against us. That makes them an enemy of his. So that’s good news, I’d say, at this hour.

Crowd: (Applause)

Jones: Peace.

(tape edit)

Jones: –a great part of the battle and [John] Maher, he tried to do the same thing with Maher. He­– Stoen is really really something else. He’s really something else. But you have to get up early in the morning. I may be tired and weary with that– that goddamn squeakbox in there, but you have to get up early in the morning to get ahead of me when I’m protecting you.

Crowd: That’s right. (Scattered applause)

Unidentified male: (unintelligible) –we can’t trust anybody.

Jones: Hmm?

Male: I think that’s the sur– (tape edit)

Jones: –proves that you can trust nobody till all of our people are safe. Also, some of these flamboyant-styled educated folk overestimate their influence a little bit. He thought he could poison even Judge Winslow who was originally his friend, not mine. But he didn’t succeed. People don’t like sell-outs. They don’t like sell-outs. There’s something instinctive, they don’t like sell-outs. And Lieutenant Governor Dymally said he had uh– he had uh– he’s a hundred percent support and Maher said more than ever, ‘cause Maher didn’t like Stoen to begin with. He said. I didn’t realize he– we never discussed Stoen, he said he didn’t– lot of people didn’t trust Stoen outside. We found that a lot of people didn’t. His own attorney told us more than– well, I won’t go into that. He– Some of his attorney friends told us (unintelligible word). He didn’t come along– come across as Mr. Clean to some people. Maybe he will to the middle class, I don’t know, maybe he will to the good Christians, now that he’s found Jesus. (Pause) That’s what they’re all doing, uh, goddamn moral, and some kind of new awakening with Christ. I don’t trust these religious assholes. Shift yourself, please. And as you may have heard – I don’t know, if some of you did not hear – they tried to get the denomination to get down on us by saying that we were atheist. Can you imagine Tim Stoen, who once jumped on Eva Pugh for having pictures on her wall, or paintings on her wall, uh, just a little prayer epithets [epigrams] on her wall that she didn’t even know was there, wanting to get us put out of the denomination because we were atheist. Which we are. And we’ve done all these things to Bibles, spit on it, and pissed on it. I don’t recall ever pissing on it, but I will. I’ve shit on it now.

Crowd: Reacts

Jones: I– I– And what happened– Strangely enough, what happened was that he is being put out. And we have not. That proves that uh, religion is the prostitution of all centuries, I guess. Our few dollars a year that we give in donations, they need so badly that they’ll keep atheists in their ranks. Or perhaps it’s because the bishop had an affair with Pat Grunnet, and afraid we’ll all go back and talk about it. I don’t know what it is. But we don’t give a shit, as long as we stay in. You say, why stay in? Keeps us from having to pay any taxes on any of our money. It would be terrible to get throwed out of the denomination right now. All of our annual income this year could be taxable. And that’d be forty to fifty percent. So he tried to get us taxed for our money. Very nice people, some of these people are. Mrs. Mertle even sued the denomination – two million members – she even sued it in her false suit against us for spanking her child [Linda Mertle] when she ordered it, and Ruby, who she sued in the process and the church, she sued the denomination, thinking that that would cause them so much pressure financially that they would throw us out. But for some reason, we– we are kept in, and Reverend Stoen – he was one of the ordained ministers next to me, and his– his ordination will be dropped in the next few days.

Crowd: Applause

(tape edit)

Jones: –(unintelligible word). I didn’t ask that his ordination be dropped. They just said if he’s not– are you saying he’s not with you? And then they said, no, he’s obviously not with us. They said, then we’ll be dropping his ordination. So, we shall see what future holds. It doesn’t make any difference whether you– whether people like it or not, you need to stand up for what’s right.

Crowd: Right.

Jones: It makes no difference whether Lieutenant Governor Dymally likes us – and he does, (unintelligible phrase) uh, whether uh, Mr. Maher of Delancey Street or any of that– Willie Brown, by the way, is another who sent his warmest regards, and gonna come in fact in a few months. And all these people Stoen tried to damage, and so did Mertle and Cobbs [Jim Cobb and Terry Cobb]. Uh, all these people they tried to– they tried to damage our relationship, but they didn’t succeed. They’ve all had the full story on John [Victor Stoen] and uh, think it’s uh, very beautiful. In fact, the head of the denomination called up and gave us special praise, he said, this makes me regard your leader very highly. He said, I have known these people in all of my denomination who’ve had children, and they would lie and desert their responsibilities, and never acknowledge it, and never do a thing to take care of the– the children they’ve brought in the earth. He said, here he risks his reputation and censure by the press and colleagues and lu– loss of followers and finances to stand by his son, he said I want you to commend him and tell him he has my full support.

Crowd: Applause and cries

Jones: I would not’ve suspected that. I would not’ve suspected that kind of response. And they don’t know anything about why I did what I did with Grace [Stoen], which was not for a fuck, like some of you people do. They don’t even have the story yet. It’s not been told. Not been told. All they know in the press is that I have a child. They didn’t know that I did it to save the woman from harming this cause and harming Tim and in fact destroying us. We wouldn’t have anything today, if I had not done what I did do, after consulting with all the board and consulting with Marceline [Jones], if I hadn’t done what I did do today, you wouldn’t’ve had any chance for freedom. Because she was on her way to tearing this place up years ago. And Tim was too weak to stand. He said he couldn’t stand without her, said he wanted me to do something to keep her. And I kept her at least six long years. And that was a hell of a goddamn pain in the ass. And the people don’t even know that I did it for that reason. They don’t know the beauty of the conviction and commitment to the total cause behind the picture, and they’re still standing behind us. That’s amazing, that some of these people are standing behind us. ‘Course, Dymally said, I know conspiracy is crushing everybody that stands for black rights and freedom in this country. He said I know you’re the victim of conspiracy. And he said, don’t need to uh, worry, you’ve got my one hundred percent support. And anybody that turns against you becomes my enemy. And that’s very good news. I think you ought to be grateful for that. That’s very good news.

Crowd: Applause

Jones: Peace. He’s been one of our consistent links to keep at bay some of the more right wing elements of the so– of the centrist elements of the– of this ruling party, and he’s caused the government to come firmly over to our side, by his strong letters of support. I think I read the letter to you. How many remember me reading the letter? It was a very, very strong unqualified letter of support. And to think that Stoen would try to destroy that. (Pause) I’m beginning to feel a passion to uh, pray for people.

Crowd: Laughter.

Jones: If you understand.

Crowd: Laughter and chatter.

Jones: (Voice ises throughout) What gets me is not what they do– do to me. It’s the fact that they knowingly would take the food away from babies and seniors and medicines away from people in this very community of wha– over 800 people, that they would knowingly try to destroy. Goddamn ‘em, I’d like to kill ‘em when I think about it.

Crowd: Applause

Jones: I mean, I could take my own hands and break their bones.

Crowd: Applause

Jones: (Angry, tight tone) Motherfuckers. Peace. (tape edit) Can’t walk away and keep their goddamn mouth shut. Save their goddamn ass, and then (unintelligible word) get him for nothing, they didn’t get it– they didn’t have to do it. They were in no danger. They got up just to have their goddamn name in the newspaper. Dirty sons-a-bitches. If you don’t hate a class enemy, then there’s something wrong with you, and some of you don’t have enough– you don’t really have enough disdain for class enemies. Anybody what would knowingly go about and conspire to try to starve and deprive people of medical care and cut off our money, why they don’t deserve anything but our hate.

Crowd: Right. Applause

Jones: And you must make a pledge with yourself that you’ve got enough commitment that no way with they ever get by with this shit. If we go on and build in peace and don’t have any problem, fine. But if they hinder our progress and hurt any of our people, you must count the number.

Crowd: Calls and applause

(tape edit)

Jones: –(unintelligible word) some days and some nights I’ve thought that caused me to step over the– the– the transition with the kind of goddamn hate and treachery that they were pulling against you. You can’t imagine, unless you’re setting on the other end of that radio, how to code and symbolize and try to strategize to fight motherfuckers when they’ve got the upper hand and you– you’re 6000 miles and they’re over there, walking up and down the streets, meeting people face to face, and you’ve gotta say things just right behind a radio. At times, I’ve thought I’d have a stroke and go over the– I had to lay down this afternoon. I– I wouldn’t give two cents for my life. Then I thought of how much I love you and I willed and got up. The damn radio wouldn’t work, nobody could get it to work, and I got up and laid my hand on the damned thing and it worked. So somehow, someway, keeps on keeping on, and somehow, someway, we will keep on keeping on, and somehow we can’t lose, because if there’s five of us left, we can take care of the sons-a-bitches.

Crowd: Calls and applause

(tape edit)

Jones: So let’s keep our shit together here. Stanley Clayton. (tape edit) (Angry tone) They think it’s the second chapter of the (unintelligible word) (Pause) (unintelligible word) so goddamn pissed, I– I want to stutter, I’m so impressed with it, say, people in here don’t know shit. They don’t care about shit. Only thing they worry about is that Father could knock me dead. And I can too, goddamn ‘em. I’ll knock ‘em dead if they try to destroy this organization. (tape edit) –use for it, and listen. Say, I can’t really, I don’t have time to read [Karl] Marx. I don’t have time to get (unintelligible word) introduction to socialism. You elitist sons-a-bitches, you can listen at least. Can’t read, I didn’t learn to read, you could listen, everybody can listen. I break down that news so you can listen, if you want to listen. And all you can talk about is (unintelligible word), I’d like to go down and beat the shit out of that woman right now, I’d like like to beat the shit out of that woman, talking about Turkey and Kate and laying there sick, and wondering why she’s sick. Piss on her. I hope– I hope she develops a cancer on both lungs. That– Oh, no, don’t– not long, but if I did, she’d have it. I’d have to call her right back right then. The bitch’s dying. She’s spitting up blood. I hold my hostilities. But I do have an anger for her, ‘cause she’s been trouble ever since I– she been here. She got a whiny little feminine voice (mocking tone, baby talk). You know who I’m talking about by the way she talks. (Pause) So should they. I (stumbles over words, unintelligible in high voice)– go back to the house thinking, I’d like to kill you, bitch. (Pause) (Cries out) And fuck with me, and I will. (Pause) (Voice drops to intense anger) Goddamn people talking about turkey, when I don’t even know whether I’m gonna be alive the next day, and I don’t give a fuck about that, but that means something to my children, it means something to my grandchildren, and a lot of these people are my children who I’ve taken by adoption. Makes me goddamn pissed that I don’t know their future, I can’t even die in peace. (mocking tone, baby talk) I do, I– I just miss my chicken. I miss my baked– by my– my cake and my pie, and back homer, I had so many nice things. (normal tone) I hope you rot. I’ll be glad when they bury you, you fucker.

Crowd: Calls and applause

Jones: I won’t think on it, but I’ll be glad. (tape edit) –bitch. I you don’t know who I’m talking about, you are dumb. (Pause) Her name ain’t Wyoming. (Pause) That goddamn now, if you don’t know who I’m talking about, you sure as fuck must be deaf, dumb and blind. (Pause) You’re one of the states of the union, and you stink, bitch. (Pause) Goddamn nasty mouth people can never, never say anything sweet. Always bellyaching and always got a goddamn nasty word. Um-hmm [Yes]. Think about it, you think about it. (Pause) (mocking tone) So sedate and so nice. So pompous. (normal tone) I’ve dropped over one pompous bitch. I don’t care how many wigs you got, I can drop you over with fifty wigs. (unintelligible phrase) It wouldn‘t do for me to get hostile. And I’d wipe this fuckin’ organization half out tomorrow night. (Pause) You got no right to feel bad, I’ve been abused badly. Tim Stoen– and the idea of putting my through that shit. The idea of putting me through that shit. That’s what he put me through: shit. So much it puked on him. Goddamn, I’d like to cut his throat. Miserable low goddamn prick, standing up like Mr. Straight. (mocking tone) I’m on a collision course with the man I respected most in my life. (normal, but tight voice) Yeah, the man he respected most of his life, so much he made me go through that miserable shit. (Pause) He on a collision course with me, he– I hope– I hope he don’t get over here. (short laugh) Comes to Georgetown, his ass is grass.

Crowd: That’s right. (Applause)

Jones: He says he’s gone come over here. On a big vendetta now, big crusade to save his ass, then send me notes, think that’s gonna buy me off. These fuckers gone miscalculate me, ‘cause I’m getting’ madder. You can all tell, I’m gettin’ madder by the day. (Pause) Mis– just miscal– (voice fades). Miscalculate. You always think, well, send me little note, send me a note, drop me a note in the door, throw the door– the note in the door, San Francisco Temple, says, you know (unintelligible phrase) all you been, then get up and try to save his little white-pasty sick broken ass. Goddamn greasy rol– rolly-polly pudgy bear, who in the fuck would want to fuck it. An alligator wouldn’t want to fuck it. And I had to mess with it. I’d liked to’ve messed with him, I’d like to fuck him with a goddamn dagger. (Pause) Now, what do you have to say about your hostility, (unintelligible word), ‘cause he’s not the only case. I had 16 sons-a-bitches in one day to save this organization. Pricks. That’s the only way I could stop him. You say, you understand all this. You don’t? Well, he was up wal– running up and down the uh, Santa Rosa streets while he was our trustee and the assistant district attorney of Mendocino County, dressed up like a goddamn woman. What the fuck did you do? (mocking tone) He said, I’m not a homosexual, I’m a transvestite. (unintelligible exclamation). (normal tone) I’d rather have a homosexual, shit. Homosexual know what the hell they’re doing, they can do it in their bed, but a transvestite, I can’t deal with that shit. Running up and down the streets. Fuck, what would ha– what would happen to this organization if he been run up and down the streets? Hmm? If they’da found the assistant district attorney dressed up like a woman. And some of us know, goddamnit it, the old– old government board, you remember this shit. (Pause) Lovely. (mocking tone) He say, I’m not a– I– I just have a desire to be in women’s clothing. (Normal tone) Say, honey, I’d much rather you had a desire to get fucked in the ass, ‘cause you can get fucked in the ass in the night. This woman clothing shit can be bad– bad news. (Pause) (unintelligible word) if you want to wear ‘em, you wear ‘em. Just don’t– don’t– don’t abuse it. Be sure they’re all right when they get on the next day. Uh, having a bad bit of business, him running up and down the streets of Santa Rosa. And he did it every night for a whole goddamn (unintelligible word), running up and down the streets of Santa Rosa in the women’s clothing. Lovely. That’s the uh, Tim Stoen that some of you (unintelligible word) love, you thought I thought so much of him. Shit. He was an attorney. You had to deal with the fucker. I’m not an attorney, I’m doctor, lawyer, everything else, but sometime you need specialist. And I had him, what the hell you gonna do with him. And I had him, didn’t I? Whole lotta folk we got, to put up with him, don’t we?

Scattered in crowd: Right.

Jones: Somebody made some comment about that today, I don’t know who in the hell said it? (Pause) (unintelligible word), it’s not important. So you feel bad about your life out there. I hope you don’t feel too bad about your life, ‘cause your life hasn’t been half as bad as some others.

End of tape.

Tape originally posted May 2013