Q981 Transcript

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(Note: This tape was transcribed by Vicki Perry. The editors gratefully acknowledge her invaluable assistance.)

Jones: –wanted to discuss ways in which they could uh, do me in. Neville [Evelle] Younger. I can tell you that’s one reason you ought to be glad to be here, but I’d like to be here, ‘cause Neville Younger wouldn’t do me in. I’d do him in afore he did me in, I can tell you that.

Crowd: (Cheering, applause)

Jones: Peace. I’m sure tired of these mother fuckers. Attorney General of a state that’s supposed to be a republic– supposed to be one of the largest areas– uh, government areas in the world, I think only six or seven principalities or governments or sovereign states above California, and the Attorney General gathering together to have a meeting around me, and he isn’t quite satisfied that he can get something to nail me with, so he wants to call in somebody else a month later. (Pause) About my past. He didn’t even have anything about my present. I don’t know what the hell he got about my past he wants to nail me with. He wants to talk about uh, the Roses. Uh, that isn’t anything he can nail me with, ‘cause it’s not his jurisdiction. He has nothing to do with the Roses. If you don’t know anything about the Roses, that’s your problem. How many remember the Roses? Yeah, I thought some of you might remember the Roses. You don’t remember the Roses? You all are guilty, so you might as well know about the Roses.

Crowd: (murmurs)

Jones: You’re in. That makes you one of us.

Voices in crowd: Right.

Jones: And may– one of us made you go with us.

Voices in crowd: Right

Jones: You don’t know about the Ro– How many know about the Roses? You don’t know about the Roses. You never heard about the Roses? My God, I told it in front of the whole congregation, ‘cause it was one of those low cycles when it looked like the world had come to its end. And I wanted us to go down in history for the truth of what I really had been. Well, I think a few things didn’t get over to Vietnam that were headed that way. You surely now remember that. (Makes train noises) Choo-choo, whew-whew, whew-whew, choo-choo. Now how many remember the Roses?

Voices in crowd: (unintelligible)

Jones: You people kill me. I know some of you were there, and you don’t remember it? Spent a whole service talking about it. Well, he couldn’t be interested in that, ‘cause that’s not his jurisdiction. That’s the federal boys that be interested in that. They want to b– bomb little children. I just stopped several thousands of little children, mothers and grandmothers and grandfathers and so forth from being bombed into oblivion for being uh, guilty of no crime other than being of another political persuasion than the Yankee imperialist would accept. Primarily because they were another race, because people had turned socialist in Europe and they never drop napalm jellies on them, but when anybody that was uh, of another skin color, beginning to turn towards that direction, they drop napalm jellies and anti-personnel weapons – some of you forgotten those horrible days, I guess – weapons that would drop and splinter off and cut holes through them, make little– uh, just like slivers of razors that would sh– go through a thousand pieces in one body. Well, I stopped a little bit of that. And shortly thereafter, the Vietnam war turned down to a halt. But that’d be a federal matter. So what the fuck the local yokel wants, I do not know. And it has nothing to do with the present, something I’ve done in the past. Well, Jesus Christ, I can think of nothing I’ve done at all but that. Nothing he’d be interested in. That shows you the evil of America. Now instead of administering about what to do about young people on drugs, or what to do about old people being mugged every day in the streets, or unemployment, or all the vice and crime that affects those poor and impoverished, the working class, instead of meeting on that, he had the whole goddamned state session on what we can do to nail Jones. And didn’t have enough people there, so he’s calling it for next month. (Pause) That’s my reason to tell you right now– ‘cause I’d like to go back. I’d like to be back there, though I hate that country. I’d like to be back there, do me a few little uh– I’d make some Roses.

Voices in crowd: Right.

Jones: I’d give some people some Roses. But I don’t think it would– that would help my babies here, and so I go on doing what I’m learning to do: becoming a farmer. We’re all going to have to learn more about farming. We have to learn about this topsoil, the danger of misusing and abusing this topsoil. I’d be very careful how we use it, and everybody’s got to become a farmer, got to be familiar with it. Because this is a rich, rich land for many things, but we’ve got to protect our soil, and fertilize properly, know all the ways to fertilize, we ought to have our own compost uh, fields being set up and we ought to be getting more shell, we ought to have all we got. I don’t know how much shell we’ve got left. We ought to think about that a little bit later. Seashell. We ought to know how to make it. We ought to know how to do everything by every means possible. (Unintelligible word, sounds like “Prawn”) is a form of chicken feed. We ought to know how to do that. Things I’m beginning to learn, but we learn to do more. We need to learn how to sh– uh– chicken feed from shell. You people in the poultry department ought to be on to this, and we ought to be bringing information and reports every week. Progress report. Right here. Right on?

Crowd: Right.

Jones: I figure we can do more, and so I’m– I never was a farmer, Jesus Christ. I knew there was ground, and I knew that there was something more than that. Much more I didn’t know. I picked a lot of potatoes (unintelligible under tape distortion) with the ol’ pitch fork, a lot of potatoes. And I picked a lot of tomatoes, because we had to eat. And I picked a lot strawberries, but fuck, I got ‘em out, I didn’t get ‘em in.

Crowd: (murmurs)

Jones: So I didn’t know anything about that. But you folk, some of you knew a lot more about that than the rest of us, but I came down here and was willing to make a– be a– be a– be a farmer, for the benefit of those that I kne– knew needed me. But as far as looking back that mess, and I hear that people out there that talk about the music–

(tape plays at double speed for several moments, unintelligible, likely preceding session)

(tape plays at half speed for several moments, unintelligible, likely preceding session)

Jones: –and talk about the goddamned shit you ate and talk about where you been. I hope that’s been somewhat discontinued, ‘cause that should not be in the conversation. Anybody that has heard any of them talkin’ about that shit stand on their feet. They should write it, so we don’t take an all-night meeting to have to go into those little petty shit things. But anybody talking about that garbage bin, I never interest myself in that garbage bin. I hardly– I had to stop here and think, I don’t know the address of our church right now. It’s on Geary Boulevard, but I don’t know what the fuck add– the block it was in. Something. I don’t care. No, it don’t bother me. I’m forgetting that, I want to forget the rest of it. And I don’t know the mayor’s name of San Francisco. Don’t know the son of a bitch. Can’t even remember right now. I remember the one before him, the old crook [Joseph] Alioto, but I– [George] Moscone. Now I got it. Yes. (Unintelligible sentence) Thank you, darling. What’s Neal [Neal Welcome aka Neal Touchette]? Neal wants to piss? Is that what somebody else is waving his hand about? Okay, Neal. You can go pee-pee. In Guyanese, if you please. (Pause) What reasons uh, do you feel, in your mind and heart, because some of you seem to have a reluctance to say this is our socialist land, (Stumbles over words). Talk about rules and regulations. How’d you like go back there where they’re trying to nail you to the cross? Hah? If they weren’t nailing you, nailing somebody else. How would you like to be there? Some of you gripe about the fucking rules all the time.

Crowd: (murmurs)

Jones: Huey Newton now has been set up on conspiracy to murder. They didn’t– wasn’t satisfied they got him charged with the murder of a young teenager that never existed, they never have been able to find the corpus delecti. They don’t even know if she had a beginning or an end. They don’t even know the bitch. An invention of their capitalist mind. And that wasn’t enough to nail him on that, so now they got him nailed with conspiracy to murder off the witnesses. He wanted to go back too. He don’t now. (Pause) He’s trying to find a way out. But he– he had to go home to find it. He thought he gone find justice in the courts. A lot of you dumb ass liberals, you fuck face liberals and people who’ve had the academic backgrounds, and some of our people had law background like Tim Stoen. I think they’ll give us justice! Yeah, justice– they’re hunting him in five continents right now. Dumb ass white– if he’d been a little black, he wouldna wanted to went back to uh– for justice.

Crowd: (murmurs)

Male voice in background: (unintelligible)

Jones: Just-us. That’s right. Uh, Richard Pryor says, all you go, when you s– go to the courtroom, you see “just us.” Just us. Just us black folk. Just us poor folk. They held a rally for Huey Newton the other day. There were 200 folk there. Two hundred people in the whole goddamned state of California. Two black folk. And our delegation was one-fourth of the entire group, and the two black folk were from our Temple. Wasn’t a black person standing up with uh– with Huey Newton in his trial. All the rest of them were white. Two hundred of them. And most of them doing it ‘cause they got a little money and they think they can afford to be different. Hmm. (Aside) Blessed quietness. (Back to mike) Tell me more about America, 1977, why you don’t want to go back there. Or, if you do, tell me why you want to go back there, so we can re-educate your value system. Jerry [Wilson], what about you tonight? They say you’ve been doing better, you want to go back to America?

Voices in background: (unintelligible)

Jones: Come on, Jerry, talk about it.

Voices in crowd: (unintelligible)

Jones: He don’t want to tell me the truth. (Pause)

Jerry: Nuclear war is uh– all the most who have the power will be the story– I just– I just want to go back when (unintelligible word) is taken over uh, by socialism.

Jones: Well– (Laughs)

Crowd: (laughing and talking)

Jones: When the nuclear wars come, and they blast everything to dust, and you can’t drink the water, and you won’t be able to breathe the air, and you going back after it’s been taken over by the socialists. What are you going to do? Your apartment will be blown to hell.

Jerry: All right. I always thought– I was– It was always in my impression that uh, that some of us would go back and help take over the States.

Jones: Well, it– it– after the radiation sets, you know, I will, but there won’t be anything alive. There’ll be damn little alive in the United States. In caves, they’ll come back out of caves, and most of them will be white, ‘cause us blacks will– all the ones that we didn’t get the freedom, will all be blown up, because they don’t give us no caves. They don’t give us no bomb shelter, so I’d be going back to help white folk. Now you want to give– make another case for me to go back there?

Jerry: Uh– yeah, well, that’s– that’s true, but most of the white people that’d be coming out would be a small minority, because there’d be rich people that’d be coming out so–

Jones: Okay. What’re we going to do with the land when we get it?

Jerry: We’d just–

Jones: Build you an apartment so you can, with the first month’s check, buy you a car and the next month’s check get you an apartment? I read– I read one of your notes, I think (Unintelligible word)– somewhere I got the impression your first check, you’re– you’re going to tell your mother that or something– your first check you’re going to get your car. Anybody help you understand that what you don’t do with the first check? You can’t buy a fucking car if you– a year. Uh, then– uh, then the wheel fall off. If you buy it with one year’s wages, the damn wheel’ll fall off.

Crowd: (Laughs)

Jones: But I think the first thing– the first check you were going to buy a car and the second check you were going to do something else. I don’t know what else. What’re we going to do with it, Jer, after we get it?

Jerry: Uh– Take it over and make it our own. Umm–

Jones: Have you ever heard about radiation, son?

Jerry: I have.

Jones: What are we going to do with it?

Jerry: I figured uh, we could just wait a while till the radiation cools down, then–

Jones: Well, I’ll tell ya, son, your balls will have done shrunk up by the time that happen.

Crowd: (Laughs)

Jones: About fifty years. (Pause) I’m not even talking about plutonium. Some of the worst by-products. I’m talking about the major effects, uh– so it’ll be safe to wander around. You– How old are you now?

Jerry: 18.

Jones: You’ll be 68 fucking years old. (Pause) And one’ll hang lower than the other, and your knees will be bent.

Crowd: (Laughs)

Jones: Uh– (Laughs) I like that, Jerry. You’re getting on your way to recovery when you can laugh about it. (Laughs) Jerry laughed on that. He broke out in a– in a laugh. He quit it quick, but he laughed for a moment. (Laughs) And you won’t be able to see, because you’ll be half blind, so how you going to drive that fucking car that you get on the first month’s pay?

Jerry: All right. I figure uh– I– I figure if– I figure if we go back and uh, probably kill off the white folks that uh– I mean–

Jones: You’re– you’re (Unintelligible word), Jer. (Laughs)

Crowd: (laughing and talking amongst themselves)

Jones: You’re my best teaching against going back, Jer, keep on.

Jerry: I– I figure– uh, I just– I just figure this way.

Jones: You figure this way, come on.

Jerry: Uh– uh– It– it would– it would be no sense in uh, just letting good land go to waste, you know– I figure–

Crowd: (Laughs)

Jerry: –we could use it.

Jones: (laughing hard, unintelligible under laughter) We got 27,000 acres. Why the hell won’t you (Unintelligible word) do something with this land? (Laughs)

Jerry: Well, I– I do– I– I’ve been– I’ve been working harder, so if I– I would like to contribute uh, to help develop this land.

Jones: (Unintelligible phrase) till you’re 68. We’ll let you go back.

Crowd: (Laughs)

Jerry: Uh–

Jones: (Laughs)

Jerry: But– but uh– in the meantime I figured uh, we could– it– it might uh– it wouldn’t– it wouldn’t really be nothing wrong, (Unintelligible word) I say we could set up little uh, c– colonies uh, in on–

Jones: You’re bound to drag us in this, aren’t you?

Crowd: (Laughs)

Jerry: Well, if– if uh– say if– if the Soviet Union or– the Soviets– the Soviet Union–

Jones: Yeah?

Jerry: –has waged a nuclear war–

Jones: They will. You can bet your ass on that.

Jerry: Well, if they– if they win it– either uh– uh– they’ll come in and take over, or I figure uh, the– the– the congregation here–

Jones: (Laughs)

Crowd: (Laughs)

Jones: Shit, Jerry. What you going to do with all the kids you and Penny [Kerns] will have by that time, when you go out and have kids?

Crowd: (laughing, cheers)

Jones: (Laughs)

Crowd: (laughing, unintelligible comments)

Jones: Jerry– Jerry, you ought to go on a stage. You’re going to make it. You’re going to make it as a comedian. You’re really good for us. Go ahead. You figure that that congregation’s gone do what?

Jerry: I– I– I figure the congregation here would uh– go back and run things and just, you know–

Jones: There’s eight hundred of us. That would mean one in every county.

Crowd: (Laughs)

Jones: (Laughs)

Jerry: Well, we could– what we could do is uh–

Jones: What we gone do?

Jerry: I don’t know– We could do like the– the early pioneers that just– Well, some– half– Well–

Jones: You better ask (unintelligible name) about a few Indians, that’s what we’ll do–

Jerry: –half– half– half of us stay here and the other half, like say go through a– a small state like uh, New Jersey or something like that, and uh–

Crowd: (Laughs)

Jones: (Laughs)

Jerry: –and make– and make– and what’s ever left of us–

Jones: You’re good for the soul, Jerry.

Jerry: –what’s ever left of us take– I mean, take it over, uh– ‘cause if– if we don’t– if we don’t– if we don’t take it over, the– the– the countries that won the war’ll probably come in–

Jones: Well, they’re Soviets. They’re socialists.

Jerry: –and take it over.

Jones: Well, let them do it. Jesus Christ. They got radiation shields and all that kind of stuff, and radiation counteracting medication. Hell, I ain’t fucking with that mess.

Crowd: (Laughs)

Jones: (Unintelligible phrase) You– you’ve got the United States in your– You got it all (Unintelligible word)–

Jerry: Uh– Well, I– I really– At the present time I– I really don’t want to go back– Only I–

Jones: Jerry–

Jerry: I want to go back for the reason uh, to uh, just to take it over, you know. But not– I mean, just– not me by myself, I mean–

Jones: You want– I know! (Laughs)

Crowd: (Laughs)

Jones: You want to take 799 more of us, I know, I heard you.

Jerry: I mean– just uh– just uh– just– I figured just take– take what– what’s left of us– take it over because the white– the people that will survive uh, they really won’t be enough to uh– to keep people out, you know, to fight–

Jones: No, they won’t. There won’t be enough to keep anybody out, but they– in toothless swaths of their long, stringy white hair coming down the sides of their faces, I don’t know whether they’re worth taking over.

Crowd: (Scattered laughter)

Jones: Their balls all radiated away and sunk up in ‘em.

Crowd: (Scattered laughter)

Jones: You got to r– you got to the– the satisfaction will be that they’ll all be melted away, and a lot of good people will be melted with them. Those honkies that we hate, and ought to, those oppressors are all going to be wiped out. There’ll be damn few of them, and they have to stay in their caves forever. What’re they going to come out to?

Jerry: Uh, I– I figure they’ll come out to uh–

Jones: Yeah, here’s a– here’s a radiologist– Yeah, let him tell you a little better. He’s a what– charge of x-ray.

Radiologist: Jerry, I want to ask you something. Do you know what radiation burn is? Have you ever seen it? It’s a sore that never heals. There’s no healing for it, even though your body would finally die from it. (unintelligible) if they drop a bomb, but it depends on which type of bomb they drop. The least one is fifty years. The longest one is sixteen hundred years. (unintelligible) this– this is what you’re going to farm. It’s going to be nothing but like that.

Jones: Dirt.

Radiologist: Dirt. It’s going to look like that.

Jones: Will nothing grow.

Radiologist: Nothing will grow on it.

Jones: Except cockroaches.

Radiologist: That’s right.

Jones: (unintelligible)

Radiologist: If you– Yeah, if you’ve ever seen radiation burn, you wouldn’t even talk about it.

Jones: After nuclear war, all that you have is dirt and cockroaches big as a bulldog. You gone take them over, Jer?

Jerry: Uh– (unintelligible phrase)

Jones: (Laughs)

Crowd: (Laughs)

Jerry: If– if– if that’s the case– if that’s the case uh, I– I wouldn’t– I wouldn’t do it, but I was just– I was– uh, I was just thinking of the uh– the collective. What I– I was– What I– What I thought about–

Jones: That’s all right, son.

Jerry: –because I figured like, if we took it over, we could uh, export certain things back here to–

Jones: Like cockroaches–

Crowd: (Laughs)

Jerry: –Uh, to– to help us– like uh, things– like certain farms– I– I didn’t– like, certain things that’ll grow here. And uh, certain things– (unintelligible)

Jones: (unintelligible) – I knew we going to get to this– What is it you miss, Jer? (Laughs)

Jerry: Uh– I uh– I– I really– I really– I really uh– my head’s– my head’s been opened up a little bit.

Jones: Ah, you’re good, in fact of the matter, I think you’ve made tremendous recovery. You wouldn’t be able to laugh at yourself. You’re doing really well, son. We just– We’re just having a little fun together. You’re doing real well.

Jerry: My head’s opened up a little bit. I– I see uh– I see now, but I uh– I don’t want to go back now, you know. I don’t want to go back now.

Jones: Uh-hmm.

Jerry: At first I did, you know. But uh, I– The reason I wanted to go back– uh–

Jones: (Sings) When I met Penny/ She changed me– (Laughs)

Crowd: (Laughs)

(tape edit)

Jones: (Unintelligible) the plight of the working man is, and the position of it and the privilege of it. Now if it’s– if it’s half well off, we’ll go back there – you bet your ass – because that’s where we came from. But as– as he described, it’s a very low, low chance that it’s going to be the kind of place that we find anything but cockroaches and mud. And rain with the grains, it’ll rain radiation that’ll peel your skin off. If you get out in the sun, you can only be out for 30 minutes a day for several– several months after a nuclear holocaust has passed by 25 to 50 years. That don’t sound like living to me. We’re in a place where there’s natural protection against it. There’s no radiation coming our way. The wind currents have been kind to us. There’s none of it’s fallen in this jungle. And we’ve got all the room in the world to go further south if we want to and settle any place we want to. ‘Cause all this so-called governmental bureaucratic shithead systems will be completely overthrown and dropped. We can go wherever we want to. And 800 strong, make a hell of an army. You saw– and we oughta review a mighty, mighty, mighty (Unintelligible word, sounds like “orphan”). We oughta review that film Only One Blade of Grass. You saw what about 25 did, as they worked their way up to the best land that there was left. Eight hundred of us working ourselves together– and that’s why we ought to get our wrinkles ironed out, our difficulties, so we can be one people, because we can go goddamned near anyplace we want to go. You’re right there. We could go damn near anyplace we want to go, if we’re 800 strong. But some fucker thinks he can do it better with 25, and he can split off this and that, then we’ll be in trouble. But 800 against anybody is a formidable foe. Formidable. I don’t think some of ‘em relate to that. And thank you, son, I was just using you as kind of a reference point, and I– I appreciate the growth I’ve seen in these last few days. I’m very proud. Thank you.

Jerry: Thank you, Dad.

Crowd: (Light applause)

Jones: Anybody know right now why you don’t want to go? To come back in a fit of rage and get her. And they calculated that she was expendable. They have absolute proof that they were willing to expend her, to have her killed, knowing that full well that somebody in my movement might– would want to kill her for all she’s done to me. And she’s too stupid not to realize that. One man has already turned evidence against us, has come to him. It’s come to him. We have reliable information through Dennis Banks and his friend Lee [Lehman] Brightman, he’s moving furniture back and forth from door to door, to window to window, his stupid (unintelligible) was going to assassinate me. They’re going to finally assassinate me. Because he realizes what he did to us, that’s [David] Conn, the man you saw on TV, ’s gone madder than uh, the March Hare. He’s crazier than a– than a loon. He hasn’t got his marbles yet. You remember Conn that got on behind him? The– the Treasury agent behind him? Well, he’s crazy now. You– I mean he’s moving furniture. Shoves furniture from door to door, and window to window, ‘cause he said Peoples Temple gonna get me. And he ought to’ve thought of that before he started it.

Crowd: Right.

Jones: ‘Cause the Treasury Department thought of it. They had– they knew– they knew how ferocious we were. They knew that blessed one of them that used uh– all them Cobb [Conn] murderers, all of them, ought to have enough sense to know that if there’s one of us left alive, they would never get by with their shit.

Crowd: Right. (Applause)

Jones: Peace. Some of ‘em– some of ‘em are setting there thinking, well, I got by all this time so it’s nothing. But old Mr. Conn’s got his shit together better than the rest of ‘em, because he’s thinking well, hell, that don’t mean nothing. Be just like ‘em to wait a long time. He knows Jim Jones better than some others. Hmm?

Crowd: Right.

Jones: If I pulled some shit on him today, and nothing happened tomorrow. Nothing happened next week. You ain’t out of trouble. Jim Jones got a mem– a memory like an elephant. And if he hasn’t, he has several followers that do have.

Crowd: (cheers)

Jones: Peace. When those fuckers really want to worry is when all the calm has begun to settle. When everything is out of the papers and all of it’s ended. That’s when they gotta worry. ‘Cause somebody– some of my people I can predict, they’ll remember.

Crowd: (Scattered) Right.

Jones: I’ve had people back there writing me, said you healed me when I was dying, you saved my child that was dying, you got my young person– uh, youngster out of jail. You did this, you did that. Just tell me, what– just put a word in the newspaper, and I’ll do anything you ask me to do. Well, I haven’t done it, but you think there’re people going to set there and let this shit go by?

Crowd: (in unison) No!

Jones: No. Some of them couldn’t come because they got husbands that they feel– that they want to save, but they really got more guilt and that makes– that guilt makes them want to do something to try to prove something. Now I mean nothing– I’m organizing. I’m not organizing, because I don’t give a shit about these people. Those enemies. Let them– Living will be their own reward. The longer they w– they live, the more their minds gone torture their goddamned ass, ‘cause they’ve got nothing to live for and they’ve got no purposes to survive for. We have. We got our children to keep us going every day and keep our head straight. Got to keep your head straight. If you haven’t got any reason to live, just look at children, that’ll give you a reason to live. (Aside) Wake up that lad there, Ben, over there. No, let’s don’t do this. (Normal tone) Okay. You see what I’m saying? So I say let ‘em live in their own stew. They’re going to– that stew’s b– bad enough. And all they can do night and day is try to fight– figure out more shit to do on us. And knowing that full well they’re going to get bored and tired and not be able to stir up enough shit and finally they’ll stir up too much. And they’ll get a hold of the wrong person. Hmm?

Voice in crowd: Right.

Jones: They’ve been tempted to mess with uh, Chris Lewis. Chris Lewis is a shithead, I know how much of a shithead he is, but when it comes to me, he’ll go too far, and he just as soon as kill his own mother. I ain’t kidding you, last night, he just said he kill his own mother.

Crowd: (murmurs)

Jones: Fuck with him too far, and he’ll– because he remembers one thing I did for him. And he’s no– he’s an anarchist, so he don’t organize his life, but he’s– he’ll push too far. Everybody better hope I live long. Some of those people will react if I don’t.

Woman’s voice in crowd: That’s right.

Crowd: (talking amongst themselves)

Jones: Whole lot of folk I got out of jail you don’t even know about. So they– they’re going to get their own reward. They’re suffering every day right now because they don’t have anything to live for. Every day we know what we’re doing, like Jerry. When he’s got somethin’ to do, gets up and has a purpose. Look how different he looks. Cleaned up, head on straight, talking with sense, even able to laugh for the first time I’ve ever seen him laugh.

Crowd: (Scattered) Right.

Jones: That’s one of the indications of those who are disturbed. They cannot laugh. (Pause) If you can’t laugh, you better go look in the mirror until you can laugh. ‘Cause if we can’t laugh at ourselves we are (short laugh) in bad shape. He told us the reason why not to go back. Want to throw somebody in jail. What other prophet has to speak? Yes.

(tape edit)

Jones: (unintelligible). And his affirmative action program, and he’s dropped that. And what was the worst thing I saw he did the other day? Come out against the– come out for Bakke decision which is against black people. And he came out with something worse. Oh. To get uh– To get all– we’re– we’re dropping out of the United Nations– uh– the International Workers Organization, and there’s talk about dropping out of UNESCO. ‘Cause it’s going communist. Let them beating the damn (unintelligible word) to go out. Bad business, bad business, yes. The president’s bowing to pressure, bowing to pressure. I don’t like living around bigots. (Pause) Yes?

Woman’s voice in crowd: (unintelligible)

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Jones: (unintelligible word) No wonder. I got too close to him, I guess that’s why he’s lost his mind. We– we– This man talked– They said (unintelligible), talking about stretching the skins of black people. They’ll skin black people. Stretch them. When the–the revolution come. Their revolution. Make lamp shades out of black people, and Indians. God damned people– I’m– I’m– I’m surprised that some of you ever look back. I don’t even– I don’t remember– I don’t even hardly remember what the goddamned place looks like. It’s getting pushed farther and further and further, and sometimes I– I see (unintelligible) born in that God damned mess. Some of you ought to be– remem– remem– forget California.

Crowd: Right.

Jones: You ought to be able to forget it, dammit. I’m saying you ought to be able to forget it. I– I don’t remember it. I don’t want to remember nothing of it. Just sell it. And by the way, our church was sold. I– they want– they wanted to pay a hundred fifty thousand dollars for the church in Redwood Valley, and I said oh, no. Said by five o’clock, if you don’t take it, we won’t buy– I said oh, no. You ain’t buying, we’re not selling that way. I said if I– (Stumbles over words) You want to buy it? It’s a hundred seventy five thousand dollars, cash. They won’t buy it. Well, that did it. They bought it for exactly what I told them they had to buy it for.

Crowd: (Applause)

Jones: It’s all right. It’s all right.

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(Classical music begins, track reversed)

(End of Side A)


(Side B)

(classical music, taped from a radio station, track reversed)

Tape originally posted June 2010