Q186 Summary

Summary prepared by Fielding M. McGehee III. If you use this material, please credit The Jonestown Institute. Thank you.

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 FBI Catalogue           Jones Speaking

 FBI preliminary tape identification note: Labeled in part “Aug 4”

 Date cues on tape:     Reference to Bakke decision of 23 June 78

 People named:

Public figures/National and international names:
Forbes Burnham, Prime Minister of Guyana [by reference]
Huey Newton, leader of Black Panther Party

Bible verses cited:      None


(Note: This tape was transcribed by Vicki Perry. The editors gratefully acknowledge her invaluable assistance.)

After reminding the Jonestown community that they are responsible for the content of the news, as well as for recent statements by Guyana Prime Minister Forbes Burnham and a commentary on a controversial U.S. Supreme Court reverse discrimination decision, Jim Jones begins to read the news of the day. After two brief items – on fighting between Israel and the PLO; and “a religious fanatic” in the Mormon Church – the tape fails with the introduction of a second, backwards track.

FBI Summary:

Date of transcription: 6/11/79

In connection with the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s investigation into the assassination of U.S. Congressman LEO J. RYAN at Port Kaituma, Guyana, South America, on November 18, 1978, a tape recording was obtained. This tape recording was located in Jonestown, Guyana, South America, and was turned over to U.S. Officials in Guyana and subsequently transported to the United States.

On May 25, 1979, Special Agent (name deleted) reviewed the tape numbered 1B69-12. This tape was found to contain the following:

A monologue by JIM JONES concerning current events which is going to be test material depending upon the interest shown to him (JONES).

JIM JONES begins talking about GARY THOMAS ROWE at approximately 1450 on the counter. JONES refers to ROWE as an FBI Agent. JONES also states that ROWE’s activities were covered up by the FBI.

Differences with FBI Summary:

As far as can be determined, the summary is accurate and meets the FBI’s purposes. The tape is damaged, and it cannot be determined whether Jones speaks of Gary Thomas Rowe. However, he speaks in other tapes of Rowe, an FBI informant who was present during a Ku Klux Klan killing of Viola Liuzzo, a civil rights worker, in 1965.

Tape originally posted March 2009