Q875, Supplemental Transcript

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Q875 Sound Files Master List • Created and Edited by Josef Dieckman, 10 November 2007

These sound files are from the Q875 cassette taken from Jonestown by the FBI. The following descriptions are brief, as I have chosen not to add some details about things like creaking chairs, slamming doors, and sneezing women. My descriptions only serve to show what I find of interest within these samples. All “whole” Parts (1, 2, 3, and 4) were sampled with little to no audio manipulation. All subparts have some enhancements of varying forms and degrees.

I highly advise that anyone who really wants to listen to these samples should use high quality headphones!!!! You will not hear some of this stuff by simply turning up your computer’s speakers.

Part 1: This is the first recording on side one.

Significant audio: After the reporter says that a MEDEVAC aircraft flew out of Timehri, a male voice is heard.

Clipped and enhanced.In my opinion, the voice says something that sounds like, “Ear-uh-jon” Perhaps he is “correcting” the reporter and naming a different location somewhere in Guyana or neighboring country. Efforts are underway to explore this possibility.

Part 2: This is the second recording from side one.

Significant audio: During the “Tom Reston” audio, a low rumbling can be heard in the background and both a male and a female voice can be heard.

Part2Sub1: Clipped and enhanced.In my opinion, after listening with headphones to a highly EQ’ed (for optimal sound manipulation) sample, the low rumbling is that of a dog. You have to really “dial in” the sound, but I believe anyone with the right equipment and some patience will hear the dog as well. As such, I believe the male voice is responding to the dog when he says, “Shu-up” (Shut up), which he does twice as the dog continues to make noise. Exactly what the female is saying, I do not know. However, in my opinion, she has a very “concerned” sound to her voice, and a “familiar” one as well….as if she was also speaking to the dog, perhaps saying its name in an effort to quiet the animal.

Part 3: This is the third recording from side one.

Significant audio:Toward the end of the clip, a male voice can be heard either speaking to the sneezing female, someone else in the room, or maybe even a hand held radio.

Part3Sub1:Clipped and enhanced.The male voice is heard starting a sentence, stops, then starts his sentence again. In my opinion, after much careful listening, he is saying, “Send the detail……..Send the detailers right up.”

Part 4: This is the first and only recording from Side 2 of the tape.

Significant audio: This is perhaps the most “important” part of Q875…..the “clues” within this segment are many. Throughout the clip, many male voices are heard engaging in conversation, even giggling. Toward the end, a man with a slight Guyanese accent can be heard as well.

Part4Sub1: Clipped and enhanced. A male voice is heard saying, “Keep it quiet” followed by someone saying, “Shhh…..shhhhh.”

Part4Sub2: Clipped and enhanced.Same as Part4Sub1, but with more sound removal.

Part4Sub3: Clipped and enhanced.Very difficult to make out. There is a male speaking, but I can only guess he says something that includes the words, “…..in a while…..” After another male voice says, “Yah.”  A fainter male voice comes in. My first real impression of this part of the clip (years ago) was that the male heard speaking said, “He’s in Georgetown with Richard.” However, after many hours of listening and manipulating the audio, my opinion now is that he is saying, “See, Jones thought a breech occurred……”

What follows is some noise, other unintelligible speech, and then a different male voice saying, what I believe to be, “I thought you said you believed that (mess, man?)….”

Part4Sub4: Clipped and enhanced.This is a clipped sample of the “I thought you said….” part.

Part4Sub5: Clipped and enhanced.Toward the end of the Part 4 recording, after much unintelligible chatter, a man with a slight Guyanese accent is heard saying, “He was the, uh, executor of the, uh, settlement in Costa Rica, right? He’s the (“a” ?) bigwig.”

In my opinion, even if this tape can be “cracked” and all conversation can be determined, without validation from the persons responsible for making the tape, the REAL mystery about Q875 may never be revealed. From what I gather, there is NO solid identification of the people on this tape. People can speculate who the voices sound like, but even then it is only speculation.

* * * * *

(Note: This portion of the transcript was compiled by Josef Dieckman on 26 September 2003)

The following dialogue was compiled from audio tape Q875, side 2, from the section labeled as “Several moments of another, unrelated story. Voices at recording end, unintelligible. Doors open and close.”

I have, to the best of my ability, assigned numbers to the speakers in an effort to keep track of who is speaking. However, some previously labeled speakers may be identified as “unmatched” simply because I cannot, within reason, match a later piece of dialogue to an earlier one. There is more than one “unmatched” speaker… and not all “unmatched” lines are attributed to one speaker. All speakers are male.

The dialogue picks up after the news broadcast about a Malaysian boat full of refugees begins.

Male 1: Especially (unintelligible)

Male 2: (Unintelligible)-[sounds like, “but you know what?”]


Male 3: (Unintelligible)

Male 4: Yeah.

Male 2: He’s in Georgetown with Richard (unintelligible) right (unintelligible)-[sounds like, “now”], (unintelligible)-[sounds like, “unless”]

Door slam

Male 2: (Unintelligible)

Door squeak

Unmatched: [interrupting] I thought you said he (unintelligible) [laughs]

Unmatched: (unintelligible)

Unmatched: Who was it?

Male 5: He was the (unintelligible)

Unmatched: (unintelligible)-[sounds like “huh?”]

Male 5: He was the, uh, executor of the, uh, settlement in Costa Rica, right? He’s the big wig.

Unmatched: (Unintelligible) [laughs]

Unmatched: [laughs] (unintelligible)-[sounds like, “the thing is”] (unintelligible)

Radio noise, moving dial

Male 4: (unintelligible) [tape cuts off]