Articles and Commentaries on Jonestown Tapes

Jonestown and My Morbid Curiosity by Anonymous (2010)

Lost Utopia by David Arnett (2010)

Voices from the Past, by Richmond Arquette (2009)

The Jonestown Tapes: Reel-to-Reel by David Berdass (2010)

Peoples Temple – An Ideological Voyage by Stephen Brown (2007)

Those Who Do Not Remember the Past Are Condemned to Repeat It by Jaime Caron (2010)

Jonestown Tapes Reveal Disturbing Contradictions by Tina Columbus (2007)

Questioning Jonestown, Questioning Faith by Dean Coughlan (2006)

The Jonestown Tapes: History or Propaganda? by Magne Godberg (2005)

What drives me to do this by Richard Gubbels (2010)

Jonestown: The Perception of Mass Suicide with Hysteria by Clyde H. Hedgcoth, Jr., M.Ed. (2004)

Reclaiming Jonestown’s Inheritance, by Brad Jackson (2009)

Tapes Challenge Popular Perceptions of Jonestown by Mohammed Karim (2005)

Using the Peoples Temple Audiotapes as a Primary Source by Kristian Klippenstein (2010)

Jim Jones as Orator, by David M. Matthews (2009)

Tapes Provide Glimpse into Jim Jones, by Tammi Murray (2008)

Listening to Jonestown by Ben Ogg (2010)

Improving the sounds of Jonestown: The project by Ben Ogg (2010)

Study of Peoples Temple Leads to Understanding of National Identity by Julio Otazo (2007)

Searching for One Thing, Finding Another by Jon Perry (2009)

Reality Check by Vicki Perry (2007)

Walk a mile in those shoes by Michael Reidy (2010)

Peoples Temple: An Outsider’s Perspective, by Aaron Rinearson (2008)

A lesson for us all by Paul Schmutzok (2007)

Articles by Norm Scott

Judging Less, Understanding More by Kate Sekules (2004)

The Music of Jonestown: The Power and the Glory by Malcolm Tent (2004)

Moment of Curiosity Leads to Profound Questions by Rene Van Dam (2006)

What do you hear in these sounds? by Amanda Veazey (2010)

A Search for the Real Jim Jones by Stephen Whitener (2004)

Exploring a Primary Resource by Lesley Williams (2004)

Battling the Many-Headed Monster by Mark Williams (2010)