Remarks by Vickie Ijames Moore

Photo by Rex Morningstar

I’m so blessed to be here and to see all of you, knowing that each one of you are beautiful flowers. We know that flowers grow and that they bloom with the anticipation of the light of the sun, looking to the heavens for their life, and each one of you that came together, looking for love, looking for life, wanting to be a part of the truth, and they came together under this common decision, “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.” And that was my quest in life as I came together, even as a child at 15, my father Archie Ijames, which went to help develop the beginning of Jonestown, looking for truth, wanting love and unity, as so many have already said. But I thank God today that I realized that truth is never-ending, and as you search to know the truth, you go higher and higher. And today I recommend and encourage each one of you as you seek to know the truth, to know that no man knows it all, and to know that also you cannot put your trust in man. That happened throughout history. Even people who put their trust in different leaders, as you know, in the past. We know what happened in Germany, we know what happened throughout history where they put their trust in man. And it will fail you. But you have to put your trust in God. So I encourage each one of you to look to the truth, and the truth shall set you free. Thank God for this beautiful memorial, and thank God for all of you here today.