Letter from Dorothy L. Brooks

Mr. Haulman,

I am writing in support of your efforts to have a memorial and Memorial Service on May 29th for those people (including my aunt, Lexie Davis) who died in Jonestown. I would have loved to be at the dedication, but I am unable to attend.

I have no tangible evidence that my Aunt lived or died on earth. She was separated from her husband many years (more than 20) before leaving for Jonestown. We never met him. But after her death, his survivors usurped my mother’s position as her only living heir. Since she moved out of an apartment and moved so far away to Guyana none of her possessions reached us, her only nephews and nieces. We have few pictures. No possessions. We have few memories of her infrequent visits or of our visits to her.

So, having a PLACE, where our Aunt’s name is spoken or written means that she has a place on earth where her memory is kept alive. That is important to me. That importance INCREASES as I age and begin to wonder about my own legacy.  It is important to remember that the people of Jonestown were not just participants in a tragedy. They had connections. Their lives had merit, and they were part of families. They have family members who want OTHERS to know that unrestrained attempts to create on earth what can only be created in heaven is all vanity.

I STRONGLY support the dedication of this memorial. If you would like to contact me for additional details, I can be contacted as follows:

Dorothy L Brooks
1126 Alexandria Ave
Garland, TX 75040