Letter from Laurie Davis

Dear Mr. Haulman,

I am corresponding with regard to the Jonestown Memorial and its dedication that I am confident WILL TAKE PLACE on Sunday, May 29th.

I am not a survivor, or a family member of any who perished that day in 1978.  In fact, I was "brought into the fold" only 2 short years ago.  But the passion I feel for this story and the true, heartfelt feelings for those who died, as well as those who have survived, has made me feel like I am one of their own, and it is because of this feeling that I write to you today.

I can think of no better way to memorialize and recognize the men, women and children who are in their final resting place. It breaks my heart to know that someone who is also a part of this special family is blocking the very thing she herself has tried to do for so long. I can only imagine the feelings of frustration the family members and survivors are enduring.  And all because of the addition of one name on this wonderful tribute.

There is a young girl buried there, Dawnyelle Fitch, who has an extremely special place in my heart. I never knew her personally, but seeing photos of her (and the other children) represents to me the innocence of Jonestown. On a personal level, I want to be able to make the trip to California (I live in Texas), pay my respects to all who are there, and visit a while with that little girl. Being able to see her name on that memorial will make the trip that much more personal and memorable.

In my view, every single one of us put on this Earth are God’s children. No matter what we are, what we do or how we do it, each one of us was created out of God’s love. Yes, Jim Jones was the mastermind behind the horrible events that unfolded on that November day, but it would be the wrong thing to do to NOT include his name on the memorial. God does not exclude anyone of His children, nor should we.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  Again, I know that you, and the people behind this much needed and long over-due memorial, will prevail.

Laurie Davis 
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