Letter from Blake Edwards

Dear Mr. Haulman,

When I visited the cemetery last year and saw the stone (which will remain as part of the memorial) one of my first thoughts was, “the number of people isn’t listed; what does that ~mean~ to someone who doesn’t understand Jonestown? More importantly, what does it say to those who do?” I do not profess possession of great insight into the Jonestown events, but I am painfully aware of the misperceptions and stigma attached to the group. Putting names to those people who died in Guyana–the bulk of the proposed memorial–will, I would believe, not only serve as a testament to those who passed away, but also potentially serve as a place of solace for those who lost loved ones there. Moreover, for those who are perhaps unaware of the event’s significance, this memorial will put a more tangible face (and perspective) on the events that transpired in 1978.

I am elated the Evergreen will be home to this memorial, and deeply regret that due to previous commitments I will not be present at the dedication. I do look forward to visiting the memorial when I am in CA later this summer.


Blake Edwards