Letter from Don Gosney

Mr. Haulman,

At the request of Fielding McGehee I am emailing you to let you know of my thoughts with regards to his memorial at Evergreen Cemetery

I applaud the work that Fielding has done over the years but I cannot support any memorial that includes the name of Jim Jones on it.

If I were to attend this service my emotions might overtake me and the very least that I might do would be to spit on his name.

To place his name on a plaque honoring all of those that he murdered or tried to murder—including my nephew and my brother—would be like adding Adolph Hitler’s name to any plaques at Auschwitz.  To suggest that Jim Jones was a victim, too, is a travesty and defies logic.

I could go on at length about why his name should not be included but this isn’t your issue.  It’s not that I’m supportive of any other memorial that may or may not be placed at this site because the truth is that I really don’t care about the memorials.  

If a memorial is to be placed there, though, it should not be one that includes the name of this apostate of Satan.

Don Gosney
929 Lassen Street
Richmond, CA  94805-1030