Letter from Michael Haag, Ph.D.

Dear Mr. Haulman;

My name is Michael Haag and my wife Patti was a member of Jim Jones’ Peoples Temple. I have been attending memorial services at Evergreen Cemetery for many years to honor Patti and those members of the Peoples Temple who died in Jonestown so long ago. In 1995 I contributed money to Reverend Jynona Norwood to help build a memorial at the cemetery listing the names of those who died in Jonestown. Many other people have contributed money to her over the years as well, but no memorial has ever been erected. Now a new group has taken up the challenge and proposes to build a memorial at Evergreen that will be there for all to see and to remember the many wonderful and courageous people who died in Jonestown. However, I understand that Jynona is attempting to block this memorial from being built for reasons of her own that are unfathomable to me. I think it is time, after more than thirty years, for a memorial to be built, and I welcome the support of Evergreen Cemetery in making this happen now. I fully support the new group that is spearheading this effort, and I hope with all my heart that they and you are successful. I plan to be at Evergreen this year on May 29th and on November 18th each year for many years to come. I look forward to the feeling of comfort at seeing a real memorial there honoring the lives of those who died in the Peoples Temple. I urge you to support this effort and to resist any efforts to further delay a memorial at Evergreen Cemetery.

Michael Haag, Ph.D.