Letter from Claire Janaro

Dear Mr. Haulman,

Thirty-two years ago, when I was 39, I lost my two children, Daren and Mauri, in the Jonestown Massacre. I am now 72, and have prayed that the day would come that their lives be given the dignity of having their names at their place of eternal rest. I am a widow now. My husband, Richard, died a few years ago and never lived to see the names of his children honored this way. My mother and in-laws, now gone, were deprived of their only grandchildren.

Is it really such a lot to ask that my children be given the same recognition in their death that is afforded to most all Americans?  What crime did these two innocent children commit to be denied their names at this mass grave?

I have never recovered from this horrific event. Each day I hold onto life with a thread, not knowing if another day would come or if I would succumb to the grief and guilt that are now my constant companions. Before I die, I want the world to acknowledge the lives of my children.

I don’t care if Jim Jones’ name is on the memorial or not.  I do want my children to be honored at long last.

Please let me know if I can help you keep this memorial service going.

Thank you,

Claire Janaro