Letter from Jeff Keilholtz

Mr. Haulman:

I implore you: do NOT allow impending — or the threat of impending — legal action delay or stop the establishment of the newly proposed Jonestown Memorial. Learning about Peoples’ Temple and Jonestown becomes harder and harder each passing year as revisionist history all but erases this very important movement and episode in our nation’s history. I am friends and acquaintances with Fielding McGehee, several reporters who spent years covering Peoples Temple and Jonestown, several survivors and relatives of survivors. A memorial to the GOOD people who perished at Jonestown is long overdue. Prohibiting a memorial — or attempting to — only adds to the legacy of revisionist history and vilification of the men, women and children who died on November 18, 1978. Do not contribute to that.

This memorial is for the deceased. For their families. For the nation. For future generations.

I am in total support of this memorial… countless others are too. Do the right thing: build the memorial. And build now.

Thank you!

Most Sincerely,

Jeff Keilholtz
627 Schley Ave.
Frederick, MD 21702