Letter from Michael Klingman

Dear Mr. Ron Haulman,

As one who has difficulty talking about the tragic losses of so many of my friends and family all those years ago, I shall try to put into words how important it is to me that finally, after all these years, a memorial has been established to honor them.  First, let me say thank you to you and Evergreen cemetery for showing compassion to those survivors who remain and specifically those that have worked with you over the past year to create this simple, touching monument. 

In the past, I’ve not been up to attending the gatherings that have occurred at Evergreen to honor those who died that fateful November day in 1978.  But this year, I’ve put aside my pain and fears and have planned to fly from Indiana for the memorial.  I have my ticket.  Among those to be honored are my three step-children, Clarence, William and Todd, my daughter, April, and my wife, Martha.  Of course, the names of countless friends and associates will be honored too.  Friends taken away too quickly.  Friends I was never able to utter a goodbye.  Now I have that opportunity.  That is why I find it quite incomprehensible that after more than thirty years, another person, a preacher no less, is now trying to prevent us, the living, from honoring those we loved with a memorial we created.

May the Grace of God fall upon all those concerned, and touch their hearts, that this memorial proceed undisturbed.

Sincerely yours,

Michael Klingman