Letter from Michael Touchette

Dear Mr. Haulman;

Let me introduce myself, my name is Michael Touchette and I am survivor of Jonestown.

I was in the first group of six workers that went to Guyana in 1974 and I was there till the end.

I lost ten family members in Jonestown and I know that some of them are buried in Evergreen Cemetery. 

Over the years I have always wanted to visit the grave site and I finally had the chance about two years ago. It was a very moving, emotional experience for me, one that I still feel the effect of.

It meant a lot to me to see the plaque that identified the grave site of the ones how died in Jonestown, but to imagine a Memorial with all the names of our Loved ones, including Jim Jones, is some thing that I feel is badly needed. To me it makes the grave site more personal.

If if is humanly possible I will be there May 29.

Thank You for your time

Michael Touchette