Letter from Teri O’Shea

Dear Ron Haulman,

My name is Teri O’Shea. I joined the Peoples Temple when I was 19 and remained there ’til age 26.  I fled the Temple 3 weeks before the massacre. Heretofore I have never come to the Evergreen Cemetery in Oakland.  Finally, after 32 years I have gathered the emotional strength to come to say goodbye to my brothers and sisters who died that day. It is time I stopped grieving and had some closure on that period of my life. I am so grateful that names have been put on the grave site at last.  I want to honor those who died on this very important memorial service. For my own well being, I need to be there when other survivors and families are there; this will give me the support I need to deal with this unthinkable loss. Those who died need the dignity of having there names at the grave site.

Ever since, I heard about this memorial, I have been saving money to come to this service. I live on food stamps and Social Security Disability and it was a hard job to save up the monies for this trip. I will be arriving on the 25th and my heart is set on being with the family I lost as well as those who survived. Please don’t turn me away.


Teri O’Shea