Letter from Keela Page

Hi Ron,

My father and I plan on attending the Jonestown Memorial ceremony on May 29. My father is the sole survivor in his family of the Jonestown tragedy. His mother, 3 sisters, and 2 brothers died there. We appreciate the efforts the committee has made to raise money to have this long overdue tribute to the victims of Jonestown. We would be greatly disappointed if all their hard work was in vain due to this ridiculous lawsuit. I disagree with Jim Jones’s name being on the wall, regardless of the decision on this matter, I’m still in favor of the upcoming ceremony and tribute. We feel bad enough that our families are buried in a mass grave with hundreds of people, we didn’t have an opportunity to give our families a funeral or say goodbye. Can we at least have the wall to mark their final resting place? Please consider the victims and families involved.

My family members :
Velma Darnes
Najahjuanda Darnes
Newhuanda Darnes
Ollie Darnes II
Searcy Darnes
Rhonda Page

Thank you,
Keela Page