Letter from Liz Forman Schwartz

Dear Mr. Haulman,

My name is Liz Forman Schwartz, a former member of Peoples Temple from 1970-76. I realized at a certain point that Jim Jones was a very sick individual. I no longer wanted to be a part of the movement. He threatened to kill me if I should try to leave. I defected anyway. This was two and a half years before the massacre.

Many people think because of the media that most members committed suicide. The truth is there’s considerable evidence that almost every member—with few exceptions—was murdered. I carry a huge load of guilt because I brought in thirteen people, 10 of whom died in Guyana.

It’s grieved me greatly that we’ve never had these memorial stones in place until now. Several hundred of us survivors and defectors will be converging from many states and foreign countries for this momentous event. Already it is too late for those who can least afford the loss to change their travel plans. The emotional disappointment for many of us if this event is canceled will be profound.

I lost a companion, two stepsons, foster children and many dear dear friends in Guyana. I pray that we will be given this opportunity to remember and honor our loved ones, bringing us opportunity for closure and a new beginning.

Warmest thanks to you personally, Mr. Haulman.


Liz Forman Schwartz
217 6th Avenue
Venice, CA 90291-2601