Letter from Juanell Smart

Dear Mr. Haulman;

My name is Juanell ‘Nell’ Smart. I am the mother of Tinetra Fain, Alfred Smart, Scott Smart, and Teri Smart – I am also the daughter of Enola ‘Kay’ Nelson and the niece of James McElvane, all of whom are to be memorialized on May 29, 2011 at Evergreen.

How heartless of this woman, Jynona Norwood, to try and stop the families who have lost children, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and other relative and friends from memorializing them. Does she not realize that she is causing us all needlessly added pain. We have all waited so many years to provided a since of dignity to our dead by the simple listing of their names at the site where so many of the unidentified have been buried (which includes two of my children). We want to acknowledge to the world that they were loved, they did exist and they were not discarded as so much useless trash.

Ms. Norwood has had over twenty years and received donations from many of us to build her memorial wall. If we have to wait for her to raise twice as much money to complete her project, I and others will probably not be alive to see that our families and friends are properly honored. Some have already passed on.

I trust that Evergreen will prevail.


Juanell Smart