Letter from Karen A. Smith-Jackson

Hi Ron,

My name is Karen A. Smith-Jackson. My paternal grandmother, Bertha Charles Smith was a victim of the Jonestown tragedy.

I don’t quite understand how/why someone would NOT want to memorialize the innocent victims of one the most horrific events that has occurred in our lifetime. I have heard that some people were ashamed of their family members or friends that became involved with The Temple. But, does that justify NOT having a lasting tribute to them? I should think not! Regardless as to how and why they participated with The Temple, they still were an unsuspecting victim and as such, they deserve dignity.

I am unable to attend the services as I live on the other side of the country, however, I support the memorial 100%. I think it would be lovely to have something permanent as recognition for the suffering they have endured and bring some closure to those of us who lost loved ones!


Karen A. Smith-Jackson