Letter from Remy Weber

Mr. Haulman and Evergreen Cemetery,

Through my work as a documentary filmmaker and television director I formed a relationship with Tim Carter.  Although Tim and I have been out of touch for several years, our time together, and his interview that we filmed, marks a very significant time in my life and how I see the world. He taught me a great deal about an individuals place in society, and the pain of living with history… especially when everybody seems to get the History wrong.

It is difficult living in today’s society: media, my industry, breeds enormous cynicism to overcome daily, and a relentless bombardment of celebrity, politics, and out right lies that serve to distract us from a healthy productive life.  The Jonestown Massacre, as its called, is a crucial marker in this country’s history — in the misconceptions of that tumultuous time, of what actually took place in Guyana, of how its misrepresented legacy continues to poison our history and language (a struggle for those around me who use terms such as "drink the Koolaid" etc).

I think any effort to help educate people about Jonestown  — and to remember the people who lost their lives — serves to bring much needed closure and dignity to one of America’s most misrepresented tragedies.

If there is anything further I can do to help realize your memorial I hope you will not hesitate to ask.

All best from NYC

Remy Weber