Letter from Marques Wilson

Mr. Haulman;

My name is Marques Wilson, and my brother Ezekiel Wilson, Jr., "Junior", was killed in Jonestown. My other brother, Burrell Wilson, was not killed but was in Jonestown at the time and has never been the same. I write in strong support of the Jonestown Memorial and the plaques. Although I cannot attend the service on May 29, I will be visiting the area this Summer, and plan to make the location a regular family visitation site.

The Jonestown tragedy was something my family and I will never forget and the memorial efforts certainly pay due tribute to the lost and altered lives of so many special people, my brother among them. Anything you can do to help this effort continue to move forward would be greatly appreciated.

Marques Wilson
Union Pacific Railroad
1400 Douglas Street, 0710
Omaha, NE 68179