Remarks by Craig Reubens

29446Hi. My name is Craig Reubens. I’m a general building contractor, and way back when, I was working on a project in San Francisco, working on the oldest house in San Francisco in fact, the Abner Phelps, 1111 Oak Street, and one of my bosses came to work and said, we got a new guy for you. It was a small crew, there were five of us, young – I was young then – and this guy was 55 years old. We were all white, and he was black. His name was Roosevelt W. Turner. His name is on– I presume on that plaque. And he was a great worker. I thought, wow, 55, that’s old. (Laughs) Not too old. He was a very good carpenter. However, he wound up leaving us early because he was in the very first wave, because he was a talented builder, he helped build the houses and the buildings in Jonestown. And of course, he never came back. That’s all.