British Filmmaker Looks Past Horror of Last Day

I am a British film maker who has successfully made several feature films made and released in the US.

For years I have been pursuing the idea of making a feature film about Jonestown, a story which I believe has never really been told. Everything I have seen has interpreted it in one way, as a macabre massacre. The focus on the brutality of Peoples Temple’s last day – aside from being tasteless – leaves us nothing to hang onto about the people who died.

I want to create a film that follows a fictional character who joins Peoples Temple after losing a family member. As the character is introduced to Peoples Temple, we see the different points of view from different people and their opinions on the group. I wish to show one person’s uncertain view on the Temple and whether it was a good place, a healthy place, a dangerous place, or a combination of them all.

While any film about Jonestown must include November 18th 1978 as an important and pivotal part of the story, that doesn’t mean it must be a horror film. Indeed, by taking away the morbid fascination with it, we can humanize the events and see what lies underneath.

If anyone has any questions, I will be happy to answer them. Any information towards my extensive research will be much obliged. Please include “JONESTOWN” in the subject line of any emails.

Thank you.

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