Progress Continues On Marshall Kilduff Screenplay

This past year has been one of tremendous progress for the currently Untitled Marshall Kilduff Project, previously known as American Prophet. My original screenplay – based on the investigations of Jim Jones and Peoples Temple by Marshall Kilduff and New West Magazine – is now in active motion picture development in Hollywood.

As far back as January 2009, as I began the process of rewriting, I was steadfast in my ultimate priority to maintain authenticity in presenting the Marshall Kilduff investigations as they unfolded and to preserve the first person perspective of his character as our way of unfolding the narrative.

I also continue to travel back and forth to San Francisco in order to stay true to these principles. I have revisited Mr. Kilduff; I continue to have important conversations with former Temple members and relatives; and I return to the California Historical Society to carry on my studies of the Peoples Temple archives. To me, nothing could be more important.

It remains my great joy and sincere honor to continue this work and carry on with cherished assistance from Mr. Kilduff, the Jonestown Institute, the California Historical Society and many true survivors. I look forward to reporting on the future progress of the project as the film continues taking steps forward.