Photos Courtesy of California Historical Society,
MSP 3800
    1. Jack Barron: Two Writings
      1. A Grandson’s Stories, by Tom Barron
      2. Jack Barron: Jonestown’s Engineer, by Don Beck
    2. Ruby Carroll – A Remembrance, by Don Beck
    3. Lexie Smith Davis, by Dorothy Brooks
    4. Remembering the Fields Family, by Bob Harrison
    5. The Angel Named Dawnyelle, by Laurie Davis
    6. The Uncounted Losses of Jonestown, by Janet Arnold
    7. My memories of Carol Cordell McCoy, by Judy McCreary
    8. Perspectives on Carolyn Layton
    9. As Long As There’s Life, There’s Hope, by Tim Engel
    10. Discovering Aunt Edith through Her Journals, by Miranda Smith
    11. Larry Schacht: Two Writings
      1. We loved each other when we were young, by Linda Hopkins Lowe Crutchfield
      2. Remembrance of Larry Schacht, by Sherrie Tatum
    12. “My Name Is David E.V. Smith, and I’m a Violent Revolutionary”, by Shawn Sutherland
    13. Judy Stahl, My First Love, by Eddie Patterson
    14. Better Known as Tobi
    15. Remembering Bob Stroud, by Daniel Detar
    16. A Tribute to Jonestown’s Singer, by Alicia Thompson