Parachuting into Jonestown

(Ed. note: Diego Harmon, a musician and artist, has composed a fifth piece of music based upon the events in Jonestown on November 18, 1978, and the two agonists from that day, Rev. Jim Jones and Congressman Leo Ryan. His music is all located on his page on Soundclick.)

“Rev. Jim Jones parachute in on us deluxe version” expresses the moments leading up to the deaths at Jonestown, when Jones states, “we better not have any of our children left when it’s over, because they’ll parachute in on us.” The statement is followed by a child saying “DaDa,” undoubtedly referring to Jonestown’s “Dad,” Jim Jones.

When Jones mentions being invaded by parachutes, I’m sure he was referring to paratroopers and not skydivers. This is interesting because there is television footage showing uniformed American soldiers collecting the Jonestown bodies after the deaths!

Did the U.S. Government instigate and target Jonestown and Jones through Congressman Ryan, and once Ryan was assassinated, justification to invade Jonestown was met! This is what my music explores. It expresses my belief that a monopolized media who – under the guise of free and true – cannot be trusted to provide the truth, and that Jonestown is one of countless examples of that.