Notes on .pdf Files Available Online

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There are many resources about Jonestown and Peoples Temple online for download as “pdf” files.  Most of the FOIA materials received from the FBI are in this “pdf” format, a file type than can be used with Windows, Macintosh and Linux operating systems.

The .pdf files on this website have been cropped and cleaned up for better viewing. Most of the original scans made by the FBI were of poor quality, crooked, and out of focus. Some included only parts of pages.

Most all .pdfs in Jonestown Research and Primary Sources online have the following:

(1) Page numbers contain the FBI FOIA CD source: CD#-Volume-pages, should you wish to look them up on the FOIA release (referencing location in the CDs).

(2) Bookmarks contain the RYMUR FBI HQ archive numbers referencing the pages’ location in FBI records.

(3) Bookmarks can also contain titles and dates pertaining to the materials in the pdf file.