Special Section: 30 Years After Jonestown

  1. Introduction: Survivors Speak Thirty Years Later, by Rebecca Moore
  2. Standing at the Edge of the Precipice, by Kathy Barbour [Tropp]
  3. Continuing On, by Don Beck
  4. What 30 Years Has Done, by Greg Bower
  5. Healing the Internal Scars, by Mike Carter
  6. Thirty Years Later, by Tim Carter
  7. Life Worth Living, by Mike Cartmell
  8. Theologies of Oppression, by Arlander Ronnie Cole
  9. An Indianapolis Family Reflects on 30 Years, by June and Gene Cordell
  10. What Did November 18, 1978 Do To Me? by Donna Cordell Lawrence
  11. 30 Years of Silence, by Kim Dutra Arvold
  12. Saved by His Grace, by Prophet/Pastor Hue Fortson, Jr.
  13. The Memories That Sustain Me, by Dawn Gardfrey
  14. Living Through the Pain, by Silvia Harrill
  15. Still a Father, 30 Years Later, by Sherwin Harris
  16. State of Mind, by Claire Janaro
  17. Mourning the Dead, Cherishing the Living, by Laura Johnston Kohl
  18. Chasing Serenity, by Deborah Layton
  19. Relatives’ Lives Divided into Before & After Jonestown, by Dea McConnell
  20. Recovering the Simple Pleasures in Life, by Diana Mertle Mills
  21. From Baby Steps to Long Strides, by Linda Mertle
  22. Survival as a Shared Journey, by John V Moore
  23. Smiling Through the Tears, by Hattie Newell
  24. The Rip Tide, by Andy Silver
  25. Then, Now and In Between, by Nell Smart
  26. The Strength to Ask Questions, by Jordan Vilchez
  27. The Sweetest Summer, by Vera Washington
  28. A Continual Journey of Faith, by Leslie Wagner-Wilson Fortier-Cathey
    1. Slavery of Faith: An Excerpt