A Few Words And Booklist

More than 50 years waking each morning knowing a better place, a united people, no armies/war, and of course, no poverty. A dream. Traverse racism every single day in a melting pot long melted for the official updated version called diversity. Racism doesn’t exist except for a few bad apples of all colors. Okay, I have some cheap property on the Paris/China border, if you believe this.

That insatiable dream calling for unity among the everyday thirsty, scrambling for more money, goose-stepping to kill more terrorists, dehumanizing gays, and don’t forget about those “illegal aliens,” “four legs good two legs bad.”

For a short time some years ago, I knew a few people that questioned authority, refused to goose step and lived black and white together. They found each other (rounded up) to realize a dream (not really but we thought so), a united dream (poof), taken out with Dr. King, Malcolm X, the Kennedy brothers, (please read, An Act Of The State: The Execution of Martin Luther King by William F. Pepper.)

Some say we were radicals, left wing, maladjusted so and so. I do miss those people working and sharing that ever elusive dream, so many beautiful children. You remember their trusting smiles and jubilance? A thirsty Empire swallowed them and grows. I can’t lie to myself though I’m not the last word. America isn’t beautiful. But we are Globalized, Trans-Nationalized, “oooohh GATS”, strokes NAFTA. “It’s fun killing democracy, watching poor bastards struggle and decompose, as we take all this money and rule the world. Damn Chavez.”

It’s wonderful waking each morning to the sun rise, witnessing sunsets, experiencing my children and grandchildren grow. What kind of world have I brought them into? A place less hopeful, less democratic, more hostile now than ever.

It is my deepest hope that your heart and conscience are at ease. Peace shattered a bit by crackling Bush that talks to God. I hear only a tiny voice inside. I do follow what it says most of the time. What to do about it talking on and on about murder in Iraq, the Patriot Act, fascism, the lies? Go to work to get ahead, narrow the circle of concern and vote ChoicePoint’s DBT-Katherine Harris-Clayton Robert-Bushy Supreme Court. The winner despite the results is the opposite.

I hear that love is for the weak, that masculine bullets and bombs are needed in this dangerous world to subdue those that won’t conform, for those non-believers that sit on a lot of oil, a time for exploiting fear.

Last word… I’m maladjusted for sure, this IS a place for LOVE. Love is the Key to Life.

The following booklist is a suggestion. Which to read first? I suggest to read the first 20 in order while reading the two books of poetry by Jon Eckels (51 and 52). After that read whatever grabs ya.

1. Heart Of Whiteness by Robert Jensen

2. A People’s History Of The United States by Howard Zinn

3. The Best Democracy Money Can Buy by Greg Palast

4. Lockdown America by Christian Parenti

5. Limbo by Alfred Lurano

6. Seven Arrows by Hyemeyohsts Storm

7. Secrecy and Privilege by Robert Parry

8. Moyers On America by Bill Moyers

9. Spy Chips by Liz MacIntyre and Katherine Albrecht

10. Failed States by Noam Chomsky

11. American Theocracy by Kevin Phillips

12. Secrets by Daniel Ellsberg

13. Parables of the Sower by Octavia Butler

14. Parables of the Talents by Octavia Butler

15. Let’s Stop Beating Around the Bush by Jim Hightower

16. The Hidden Cost of Being African American by Prof. Thomas M. Shapiro

17. An Act of State by William F. Pepper

18. Oath Betrayed by Dr. Steven Mills

19. The One Percent Doctrine by Ron Suskind

20. War Is A Force That Gives Us Meaning by Chris Hedges

21. The Soul of Black Folk by W.E.B. Dubois

22. Point to Point Navigation by Gore Vidal

23. Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins

24. Teaching/Learning Anti-Racism by Louise Derman-Sparks and Carol Brunson Phillips

25. Armed Madhouse by Greg Palast

26. Conservatives Without Conscience by John Dean

27. Tragedy And Farce by John Nichols and Robert McChesney

28. Don’t Think Of An Elephant by George Lakoff

29. What’s The Matter With Kansas by Thomas Franks

30. Race Rules: Navigating The Color Line by Michael Eric Dyson

31. The Great War For Civilization by Robert Fisk

32. Dude, Where Is MY Country by Michael Moore

33. Stupid White Men by Michael Moore

34. Imperial America by Gore Vidal

35. In Search of Enemies by John Stockwell

36. Teaching For Social Justice by William Ayers, Jean Ann Hunt, and Therese Quinn

37. The Middle Mind by Curtis White

38. White Like ME by Tim Wise

39. Point to Point Navigation by Gore Vidal

40. Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace by Gore Vidal

41. State of War by James Risen

42. The Left Hand of God by Michael Lerner

43. Manifesto For A New World Order by George Monbiot

44. Go and Tell Pharaoh by Al Sharpton and Anthony Walton

45. Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire

46. Understanding Power by Noam Chomsky

47. I Write What I Like by Steve Biko

48. Collected Essays by James Baldwin

49. The Middle Mind by Curtis White

50. Mycelium Running by Paul Stamets

51. Sing When The Spirit Says Sing by Jon Eckels

52. Change, Changes, Changing by Jon Eckels

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(Jim Cobb would like to see what is on your booklist these days. He can be reached at through this website.)