November 18th Living Memorial Food Fund Report

by Tim Carter

It has been one year since I last reported on the November 18th Living Memorial Food Fund. At that time, a total of $1680 had been raised. The last year has seen an increase of $710, bringing the total funds raised to $2390. A modest amount, to be sure, but it is progress.

November 18th Living Memorial Food Fund, graphic

Thanks to all who have supported this effort. And thanks to those who have stated their intentions of doing so publicly. It is deeply appreciated. I hope next year’s report reflects a great leap in funds raised.

Checks can be mailed directly to:

San Francisco Food Bank
900 Pennsylvania Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94107

Please make the notation of “November 18th Living Memorial Food Fund” or “Jonestown” in the memo area of your donation.

All donations are tax deductible, and the San Francisco Food Bank keeps all donor information strictly confidential.

(Tim Carter is the organizer of the November 18th Living Memorial Food Fund. His other article in this issue of the jonestown report is Murder or Suicide: What I Saw.)

Originally posted on July 25th, 2013.

Last modified on January 21st, 2015.
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