Other Pending FOIA Requests

The CIA is not the only government agency which has been slow to respond to FOIA requests in recent years. Among those filed by the editors of the jonestown report which are still outstanding:

  • A request for numerous passport records of Peoples Temple members in Guyana. The State Department released 862 passport records in July 2003 pursuant to our request, but withheld 56. The reason for withholding the small portion of records is unclear, since the passports which were released include a cross-section of people living in Guyana at the time of the deaths in Jonestown, including survivors.
  • A request for copies of all documents removed from Jonestown by State Department officials following the deaths in Jonestown. There has been little response of substance since the request was filed almost six years ago, in January 2000.
  • Three requests with various departments within Justice for records relating to the prosecution of Larry Layton. While these requests have resulted in the release of numerous court documents, there is apparently a large volume of material – upwards of five boxes, according to one letter – which has not been fully examined.