Arts Section

pixelA number of artists, writers and filmmakers have, completed – or are still working on – many creative projects which consider the people of Peoples Temple and the events in Jonestown. The articles below describe those projects, introduce the creative forces behind them, and consider how they perceive their own work.

  1. The People’s Temple
    1. The People’s Temple Play Completes Bay Area, Alaska Runs; Moves to Minneapolis by Leigh Fondakowski, playwright/director
    2. Christine Miller: A Portrayal by Margo Hall
    3. People of Jonestown Find Voice on Stage by Tim Carter
    4. The People’s Temple: A Review by Laura Kohl
    5. What Does The People’s Temple Do For Our Understanding of the Real Thing? by Garrett Lambrev
    6. The People’s Temple: The Audience As Participants by Michael Bellefountaine
    7. Not What It Seemed from the Outside by Barbara Storms
    8. Jonestown docudrama yields no easy answers By Paul VanDeCarr

  3. Books and writing projects
    1. Dear People: Remembering Jonestown Reviewed
      1. Dear People Creates Bridge between Temple and Outside World by John Moore
      2. Voices of the Dead Haunt Pages of Dear People by Kimberly Winston
    2. Fade to White: Scott Saul Revisits Jonestown This article was originally published in the Oct/Nov 2005 edition of BookForum Magazine) and is reprinted with permission.
    3. Lavender Look Makes Final Call for Interviews by Michael Bellefountaine
    4. A Search for Post-Tragedy Experiences Begins by Kimberly Winston
    5. Fathom These Events: Jonestown, a Novel A writer’s journal, excerpts by Annie Dawid, Summer 2005
    6. Opera and Novel Describe Jonestown Visionary Dream by Susan Yankowitz
    7. Life Goes On by Jeff Brailey
    8. Book Proposes to Engage Black American Voices by Richard Lawrence

  5. Music, Film and Drama
    1. “Jonestown”: The Birth of A Song by Ken Risling
    2. PBS Documentary Issues Call for Additional Temple Interviews & Resources by Kristin Lesko
    3. Between the TV Screen and the Tragedy: A Memoir of Jonestown Research by Robert P. Helms
    4. Charles Garry Documentary Incorporates Jonestown Experience by Hrag Yedalian
    5. Drama of Fictional Jonestown Survivor Nears Completion by Anna Wisniewski
    6. After Jonestown Production Closes