www.jonestown.com Moves to Alternative Considerations Website

The newest addition to the Alternative Considerations website is the archiving of a larger body of work that predates the creation of our own.

In 1988, Laurie Efrein Kahalas launched www.jonestown.com as a means to present information which was not part of the general public’s knowledge and understanding of Peoples Temple and the events of 18 November 1978. As a member of the Temple who had never lived in Jonestown, Ms. Kahalas had access to hundreds of documents stateside which investigating agencies never included in any official findings. She also pursued her own ongoing and independent research.

After six years in operation and over six million hits, www.jonestown.com was discontinued as a separate entity on the Internet. In the interest of preserving the information from the site for future generations of Jonestown scholars and researchers, the managers of the Alternative Considerations site asked Ms. Kahalas for permission to archive her work in its entirety. The site of www.jonestown.com now appears here.