Jeffrey Hadden, professor of sociology and religious studies at the University of Virginia, died in January 2003. In the mid-1990s, Dr. Hadden developed a website for university-level courses on new religious movements, a site which maintained comprehensive information on more than 100 religious groups, including Peoples Temple.

Barbara Moore, the mother of Temple members Carolyn Layton and Annie Moore and grandmother of Kimo Prokes, died on June 21. A remembrance appears here.

The Rev. Andrew Morrison, who edited a Catholic newspaper in Georgetown, Guyana which published critical articles about Jonestown throughout 1978, died on January 26 at age 84. The Jesuit priest and editor of the Catholic Standard newspaper also criticized his country’s government for failing to do more to prevent the deaths in November 1978. His obituary is here.

David Richard Shular, a former member of Peoples Temple, died on May 7 in Yellow Springs, Ohio. He was born on February 20, 1940, in Twin Bridges, Montana. He was employed by Honeywell, Inc., in Urbana, Ohio. David was involved with Peoples Temple for seven years and was married there to Janet Ruth Louden Shular. He is survived by Janet, his wife of 35 years; four children (John David Shular, Anthony Valentine Shular, Jeima Louise Shular, and a daughter from a prior marriage, Maria Shular Clavedetcher Everhart); six grandchildren, four siblings, two special co-workers, and many other family members and friends. A remembrance appears here.

Margaret Singer, a Berkeley psychologist whose research on Peoples Temple turned her into a lightning rod of controversy both during the Temple’s years in San Francisco and in the months following the deaths in Jonestown, died November 23, 2003.