Purple Haze Defines Jonestown as Turning Point in History

by Mary Anne Alton

“Purple Haze” is a feature documentary on the history of the Jonestown massacre. It chronicles the life of Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple.

The documentary shows the many faces of Reverend Jones. It also shows how he built his power base step-by-step enjoying the support of First Lady Rosalyn Carter and Governor Jerry Brown. Survivors of the events of November 18th, 1978 give incredible detail of what really happened that day deep in the Guyana jungle. Two survivors of the airstrip shooting describe the ambush which killed five people.

The documentary dispels the myth that over 900 Americans willingly committed suicide. The people who died in the Guyana jungle were not crazy people incapable of thinking for themselves. They were mostly middle-class Americans who for one reason or another were searching for something in their life.

The documentary has aired in Canada several times on History Television in a series called “Turning Points of History.”

“Purple Haze” was directed and written by Mary Anne Alton an independent producer living in Toronto, Canada. The series “Turning Points” is produced by Barna-Alper Productions in association with Alliance Atlantis. The documentary is available to purchase for broadcast. For more information, contact Alliance Atlantis through Mary Ann Alton at lemm@interlog.com


Originally posted on July 25th, 2013.

Last modified on March 16th, 2014.
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