Website Launches Jonestown PeopleFind

Throughout the year we receive numerous requests from people trying to locate friends and relatives who were in Jonestown in November 1978. Sometimes it is clear that the people they are asking about have died; other times, it is not as clear. In addition, some people would like information about what their family members were doing when they lived in Jonestown.

In an effort to address these issues, we are running a sort of “PeopleFind” which lists the names of those who are looking for information about Peoples Temple members, and the name of the person they are seeking. We will serve as the gatekeepers to protect the privacy of those who don’t want their e-mail or personal addresses published in the Internet. If you have any information about those listed below, please inform Rebecca Moore at:

Cathy Tropp : Sandra Linn (aka Sandy Flint) would like to get in touch.

Donald Robert Bower : His son, Greg Bower, would like any information anyone has on what kind of work his father performed in Jonestown. Donald Bower had been a marine biologist in the 1950s.

Sandy Bradshaw : A childhood friend of Sandy’s sister Pam, Deb Royle, would like to get in touch.

Charlotte Gerber (b. ca. 1954) : Her cousin, Holly G. Willett, would like to know if she is alive.

Karen Alexander wonders if her brother, who had lived in Puerto Rico, ever belonged to Peoples Temple, or if he was in Jonestown.

Several people would like to know how to contact the attorney Mark Lane, or at least know what he is doing these days.

Any word on Brian Csuk? Brian Csuk, an independent researcher who had posted numerous FOIA documents obtained from the State Department to his website at, has dropped out of site. Csuk had planned to upload tapes obtained from the Federal Communications Commission when his website went off net. Attempts to contact him by e-mail, telephone, and snail mail have been unsuccessful. If anyone knows where he is, or how he is doing, please let us know.