Complete List of FBI Summaries of Jonestown Tapes Online

The FBI reviewed 971 audiotapes it recovered from Jonestown for their potential evidentiary use in the prosecution of Larry Layton. FBI agents wrote the summaries as they reviewed the tapes, and divided them into the following categories:

Jim Jones Speaking : 411

Identified Individuals Speaking : 55

Unidentified Individuals Speaking : 89

Radio Transmissions : 50

Miscellaneous : 56

Tapes Not Summarized : 65

Music : 223

Blank : 22

The only known compilation of all 971 summaries in numerical order may be found here.

While upwards of 50 tapes were initially withheld from the public pending Layton’s trial, all are currently available through the FBI’s Freedom of Information/Privacy Act Office. In addition, the editors of the jonestown report. have almost 300 tapes on hand, indicated in the summary compilation by the pound symbol (#). We have filed requests for the balance of the collection, except for those which are blank or which contain only music, and will make their availability known as we receive them.

Copies of tapes are available from the editors for the cost of duplication and postage.