Ryan and Jones under Media Influence

(Ed. note: Diego Harmon, a musician and artist, has composed a fourth piece of music based upon the events in Jonestown on November 18, 1978, and the two agonists from that day, Rev. Jim Jones and Congressman Leo Ryan. Mr. Harmon’s complete collection of compositions appears here.)

I composed my latest work to try to reflect the Jonestown vibe with the ending note and image of Congressman Ryan as seen in the NBC News video. Did Ryan really have no business going to Jonestown, as Jim Jones stated? Why did Ryan go? Would the killings have happened if Ryan had not gone to Jonestown?

Jones clearly states he told Ryan not to come, and says, as far as he is concerned, he killed the congressman! It’s an absolute sure thing that Ryan used the power of cameras to try to spook Jones and Jonestown. Congressman Ryan’s wretched meddling is the epitome of what happens in society all the time! The media can have a profound effect upon people and their decisions, generally causing them to react out of fear rather than love!

We see both Ryan and Jones under the media’s influence. Jones made his preemptive move because, as he states, the media was hell-bent on demonizing him and their community. The media’s power – built upon its evil and lies – is one it still has today!