Basketball as a Life-Saver and Inspiration

"Basketball as a Life-Saver and Inspiration" by Jon Fish(ed. note: In early October, ESPN aired a documentary piece about Rob Jones, the eldest son of Jim Jones Jr. and his wife Erin. Rob now attends the University of San Diego, where he has a basketball scholarship. Jon Fish is the producer of the ESPN piece.)

Sports are often overlooked as part of a story especially one of this magnitude. For ESPN it was very important to keep the story on sports and the role it played in Jonestown and now in Rob Jones’ life. For us the story became clear: basketball saved one generation and is making a star out of the next.

We were very lucky that Jim Jones Jr., Stephan Jones, and John Cobb opened up their stories for us. You can see now when Rob soars on the basketball court, it means so much to his family and friends.

As Rob goes forward in his collegiate basketball career, it is nice that Jim Jones Jr. can move forward in life as the father of Rob Jones.