Articles, the jonestown report, 2012

The “Articles” section for this year’s edition of the jonestown report is dedicated to the memory of Rev. Dr. Karen Stroup, who died on January 21, 2012 at the age of 54. Karen was a minister in the Disciples of Christ, a professor in religion and psychology, and a regular contributor to the jonestown report. This page of the report was where she found her home with us, and where her voice will be missed both this year and in the future. Her past writings are located here; the list of articles that she expressed an interest in writing is now part of our collection of story ideas that have yet to be explored.

  1. Drinking the Kool-Aid, 2012
    1. Drinking the Kool-Aid: An Introduction
    2. Drinking the Kool-Aid: A (Partial) 2012 Directory
    3. Coming to Terms with “Drinking the Kool-Aid”, by Kathy (Tropp) Barbour
    4. Hook, line and Kool-Aid, by John Pierce
  2. Excavating Usefulness and Truth: Jim Jones’ Treatment of the Bible and the News, by Kristian Klippenstein
  3. Music as an Expression of Freedom in the Political Theology of Jim Jones and Peoples Temple, by John Brackett
  4. A Piece of Driftwood and the High Seas: Speculations on the Mind of a Madman, by E. Alex Howe
  5. Expenditures by Peoples Temple in Guyana, by Don Beck
  6. Green Berets and the Black Hole: Examining John Judge’s Jonestown Conspiracy, by Chris Knight-Griffin
  7. Laying Down the Burden, by James L. Knoll, IV, MD
  8. Coerced Suicide: The Jonestown Deaths, Suicide Bombings, and Beyond, by Adam Lankford, Ph.D.
  9. Revolutionary Suicide – Romantic Myth or Modern Reality?, by Michael Haag, Ph.D.
  10. Was death in Jonestown inevitable? What if Congressman Ryan had stayed at home?, by Shawn Sutherland
  11. The Courage of Dissent, by Bonnie Yates
  12. The Fine Line between Jim Jones and Colin Powell, by Cheryl Ann Seminara, Ph.D.
  13. Jim Jones and Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NDP), by Professor Gary Maynard
    1. Part II: Origins from Jim Jones’ early childhood and teen years
    2. Part III: Early stages of NPD, the hubris syndrome and narcissistic enablers
  14. Undue Influence, by Patrick O’Reilly, Ph.D.
  15. The Modus Operandi of Modern Religious Movements, by Rebecca-Jayne Virgen
  16. Sex, Gender and Female Empowerment: Recovering a Positive Perspective on Jonestown, by Caroline Capute
  17. Living Memory, by Edward Cromarty
  18. Jonestown’s Lessons for the 21st Century, by Tim Lisagor
  19. From Norway to Guyana: A Writer’s Journey, by Pernille Borud
  20. Articles by E. Black
    1. Laying The Body Down: Total Commitment and Sacrifice to The Cause in the Peace Mission and Peoples Temple
    2. Farming Utopia: The Promised Lands of the Peace Mission and Peoples Temple
  21. The “Other” Jim Jones: Rabbi David Hill, House of Israel, and Black American Religion in the Age of Peoples Temple, by Nishani Frazier
  22. Carlton B. Goodlett: Champion of the People?, by James Lance Taylor

This section was edited by Rikke Wettendorff.